27 May 2008

Suburban Sex Chronicles....maybe?

Look damnit. I am tired of apologizin for postin sporadically. I know there are only 3.5 people who read this, so to you guys...please understand that i just dont freakin feel like blogging all the time!!!

Well, i thought about it and *drumroll please.....* now that im single (you like how i snuck that in on yall hunh, lol) and dating again, i may blog more frequently. When i had a bf i didnt like to blog about our business cuz like a dumbass i linked my blog to facebook and muthfauckaz be mad nosy *note to self: remove your blog link from facebook lol*. Plus I always get more feedback on my horrible date stories or the ones that include raunchy sex stories. i guess those are more interesting ;)

Unfortunatley, until i unlink my blog...ull have to deal with a random post...bwahahahah!