30 June 2008


Good Morning!

I took this title from a Martin Lawrence stand up of the same title. Last Sunday i happen to run into a guy that i went to school with. I hadnt seen him since the last day of sixth grade, so we exchanged numbers promised to call and all that. I was really excited that i rhad seen him, i thought maybe we could date and stuff. you know, nothin serious (im still really feelin island breeze). So he came by Thursday night and as soon as he opened his damned mouth i was ready for him to leave. He was just so negative. Everyone had wronged him, his father beat him. his mother was poor...yadda ya...blah blah. I just couldnt believe it. He even told me how he used to fight when he was younger and how he had almost killed someone (or somethin like that...do i believe that shit...hell no.) OMG...he even said he was like a black Robin Hood..stealin from white people to give to the black people in the hood [blank.stare]. no bullshit...he said that. WTF is wrong with you?!?!? That is what i was shouting in my head. Then he had the nerve to ask if i was feelin him. WHAT?!?! No. All i feel is drained. from you and your drama and baggage. I dont have that and i dont feel the need to bring that into my blessed life. I guess underneath that anger he is a sweet guy. He said that he was lonely. awwwww. but i can see why. no one in their sane mind would deal with that. So i avoided him all weekend and yesterday i finally called him (i would avoid him altogether but my pt job is in the same mall as his job and he knows where i work) and heeres how the conversation went:

him: hey, i thought you didnt wanna talk to me no more...you werent returnin my calls or nothin.
me: i told you that it was gonna be a busy weekend with Carnival and all.
him: yea well i aint know it was gonna be that busy.
me: *rollin my eyes* well it was.
him: well i really wished that i could have spent sometime there with you...you know a couple hours something.
me: i told you on thursday that you couldnt go. its a girl thing...you dont bring sand to the beach. you just dont.
him: i understand.
me: *breathing hard....rolling my eyes* ok.
him: *inaudible mumble* man people just doin me wrong man...broken promises...*i think i stopped listen at this point bc i dont really remember what he said*
me: right.
him: hold on...
he goes into some liquor store or gas station and brings a drink to the register...
cashier: 3.27 please.
him: THREE DOLLARS AND TWENTY SEVEN CENTS?! oh i aint know it was that much...na na ill put that joint back...just ring me up for this. *i have no idea what "this" is...im guess an ice tea or somethin*
cashier: *snatches drink i think* other drink is 2.07
*At this point im makin the "ooookaaaaay" face bc i dont know what else to do...
him: aight im back....sorry bout that.
me: ur good *this is said in the im not amused voice*
him: whats wrong wit you? you bein all short.
me: i told you i was tired. its been a long weekend.
him: yea you did. well i guess ill just talk to you tomorrow or somethin...i really wanna spend some time with you...
me: yea ok. ill let you know what my schedules lookin like...
him: aight...ill be thinkin bout you..
me: *chuckle* aight.

end conversation.

I called me homegurl and told her what had just happened and we both came to the conclusion that i need to just tell him upfront that i cant deal with him bein so negative. he brings my mood down everytime i talked to him *oh shit! he just called...lemme tell him how i feel and ill get at yall later*

pray for me...AND HIM!


26 June 2008

What Happens In Vegas...

Thursday!!!! Only a couple more hours to go til friday!! yessssss!

*sidenote* im not exactly sure what ive been counting down to lol.

Anyway...when my Sunshine gets back from ITALIA on august 2nd we are hittin the gym gettin our hurr did, nails did, toes did and erythang cuz we goin to Vegas BABEE!!! Im so excited! I wonder if itll be like it seems on tv. Like on the commercial when the person gets asked what they did while there and it flashes to them at some raunchy strip club and it comes back and there like "oh, i just went to a couple shows." i think ill be like a kid in a candy store! Douche bag ex boyfriend was supposed to go with me but since that didnt work out my girl is gonna go and well party like rockstars!!! I think that ill make up a fake name while im there lol...like an alias. This is my chance to act a damn fool and no one would ever know!! OMG how crazy would it be if I did somethin crazy like hooked up with someone while i was there and when i came home i found out they were my neighbor?! lmao! That wouldnt embarrass me tho. i would think it was funny, hilarious even!

*side note* I am on hold with the doctors office. They never do what they are supposed to do! oooh im so mad i could bite someone lmao...but seriously i am pissed. Theyd better get my damn chest xray results to Washington Hospital Center before my appointment at 3 pm or i WILL set it off.

Anyway off the subject Of Vegas and onto Va Beach. Im goin on the 18th of July with a couple of my home girls. That should be fun. I think i need a new bathin suit tho. I have 2. well really only one bc i think the zebra print one from ol.d navy is just a wee bit too tiny in the boob section. I get one from target sometime in March but i dont really know if i like it anymore.

*side note* I took a break from blogging for like an hour and now im on the phone with the damn doctors bc they still havent received or called about my damn xray!!

i guess thats it.



25 June 2008

The Dating Game

Hey Yall!

It is wednesday so that means that its almost friday....and THAT means that DC Carnival is upon us!!! How mad am i that i have to work tonight and cant go to Crossroads to "get on bad" with EVERY fine Trini man in the club *pokes out lip and crosses arms*? Oh well. Friday night ill be spending with the sexiness that is my Brandiiwine!! Thats my boo since like 7th grade. And then were gettin up Saturday...gettin sessy and meetin up with the rest of our girls (i think theres gonna be like 6 of us) and headin to Georgia Ave for the fine men and festivities!! Cant wait! Thats like the one day you can be scandalous (dont gimme that look TM...i wont be touchin random butts...i dont think lol) and no one cares. Simply put Carnival is the shit!!

anyway...where was i headed with this post? Oh yeah! Now that i am definitely single, I have been dating and stuff (which ive never really done) and it aint that bad! Now, although im not lookin for a bf, id rather just chill with one person. just be cool you know? we can go hang out and do stuff and talk. and when you have one person you already know who to call to bun up and watch a movie with when its stormin outside (thats buntime weather in case you didnt know). you dont have to scroll through the rolodex like hmmmm....alvin? na he work at night....andre...nope. dont really feel like bunnin wit him....brandon....maybe and blah blah so on and so forth. The one thing i DO like about dating is that you always have somethin to do. and ever since me and the douche bag that is my ex have broken up-like no bullshit, the VERY next day- i had 3 dates lined up. THREE! I went on one last night and i had soooooo much fun!! hes as silly as i am, easy to talk to, and nice to look at lol! sike but seriously hes really cool.

I am supposed to go on another one on sunday. i dont know what we are gonna do. all i know is that hes a pisces and so am i. that means there should never be a quiet moment cuz all the pisces i know will talk a hole in your head! i like to do fun stuff on dates tho like shooting ranges....strip clubs (we could save that for a date sometime after the first lol)...salsa dancin lessons and stuff like that. i hope this other guy isnt boring. cuz hell get cut outta the line up before he even really gets started! i really like the guy i went out with last night...well call him....
*thinkin sommore*
Island Breeze (doesnt that sound like an air freshner lol) Hes from Trnindad *melting as i think of the accent* and hes like a breath of fresh air....so i think that will be his name. but anyway...Island Breeze has a leg up on this other dude (no....he doesnt get a name yet) so, other dude better get his act together!

Mr. Chocolate Marine didnt make the cut =(...whatever. hes one of those wishy washy moody virgo types *read: just like douchebag ex* he was callin all the time and then all of a sudden he stopped. hit me wit the: oh im busy right now...wahwahhwahahawhah. negro plz. and no...we hadnt sexed yet so it wasnt a hit and run. hell, maybe i was takin too long to give up the panty drawz. His sister emailed me today tho. she likes me alot and be invitin me to random stuff with his family. im like helllllooooooo! i havent even met your family and in case you didnt know me and him are not talkin anymore.
shes like: well yall not beefin right?

what shes doin is tryna find out what the deal is between me and him. if we were still talkin, then i wouldnt have said anything. but since we arent i just said:

no we arent beefin. we just havent talked in a while. he said he was busy so i gave him space. but we arent mad at each other or nothin.

her: oh. well ill talk to my brother but youre always welcome to come out with the family yadda yadda.

ummmm how awkward would that be? so what if i do go to this party...and then what if he shows up with some random hoodrat/round-the-way-filet? what happens then. no thank you. ill just keep my black tail right were it is. anyway, i think im just rambling...so ill stop now.

Have a good wednesday!!!!


24 June 2008

All By My Lonesome

Its Tuesday!! And that means that since todays almost over...i get paid in one more day...and then again on Friday!! You like how i rationalized that one right? Anyway...todays post is about me being lonely...i dont like to be lonely. Although i love my apartment and being able to clean or not clean when i want...i want some company!!! So ive com to the conclusion that im getting a pet! Although i dont know which one i want. im tryna choose between a dog and some fish. lol i know they are at opposite sides of the spectrum...but heres my reasoning...

DOG...if i get a dog i want a puppy. Mature dogs come with their own issues. oike they only like to be bothered between 6-9 pm and i refuse to let a damn animal decide when i want to pay them attention. or they have been abused or somethin else crazy. i want a puppy that i can mold into what i want and name him the name that i want. (im thinkin Dolce, Bella or Honey...what do you think about those?) dogs can show you when they are happy and excited and sad and angry. they run up to you when you come home and snuggle up wit you at night. The down side to a puppy is that i dont really have time to train one. im usually at work between 8 am and 10 pm with the exception of like 2 days outta the week. puppys require LOTS of attention that i dont really have...although i have looked into the option of crate training her. so those are the pros and cons of a wittle doggie. and i do mean little. like a teacup yorkie. i even saw the coach collar to put around her neck...awwwwww =)

FISH...ummm there really isnt anything to say about them. they blow bubbles. thats about it. i guess they are pretty to look at. but they are boring. however they dont require the maintenance that my teacup yorkie would. thats all i have to say about fish. i sooooo want my doggie.

*Sidenote that has nothin to do with this post* I just got recognized at my job for bringin in 1 million dollars worth of invoices on the 5.2 million dollar quarterly closeout!!!!!!! i know that prolly doesnt mean anything or make sense to yall but thats a big deal!!

23 June 2008

Operation: Luxurious Weave...Mission Accomplished!!


Well honey's (well really just TM cuz shes the only one that i know that reads...lol) i got my LW!! and can i say that it is just faaaaabulous dahling! It happened so quickly tho...i said mid July and here it is like 3 days after i made the post about it and its already done!! i didnt get a perm tho *yess!* my hair is just pressed (like the press ya momma used to do on sunday mornin...dont act like you dont know what im talkin bout) and im glad that i didnt...i love my natural hair!!

Anyway...i didnt go to the queen of the LW either. i called her right after i posted and do you know that heifa aint call me back yet?! thats ok cuz i gots a new weaveologist and homegirl is the shiznit!! she only charged me 100 dollars and this joint is bangin! i know cuz i can see the chix walking by me tryna tell if its mine or not.

*sidenote* thats how you KNOW you got an official weave when chix be all in your scalp. i was ringin up on the cash register yesterday and i had bent down to pick up a pen and when i looked back up the gurl at the counter was "scalp gazin" lmao! CAUGHT!

anyway...seriously tho... you live in the area (im talkin ft wash...suitland...clinton and waldorf....cuz she in waldorf) and you want you a cute weave...i gotchu!

I got put onto her by one of my besties (seriously Ash...thx for puttin up wit my rant on friday night and congrats on your NCLEX!) we went out for drinks after a traumatic event in my life lol and when she stepped outta the whip i was like DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!! her hair was too cute! it was all blowin in the breeze and what not lol...i knew right then i needed to see her magic maker cuz i desperately needed a change. she gave me the number and saturday morning i called the lady and she said she could do me on Sunday at 7 am. that was all i needed to hear!! maybe i might post some pics or somethin....maybe.

Justin said he was bringin sexy back but yall can let him know that its already been brought'n!!


20 June 2008

Operation: Luxurious Weave

Hello and Good Friday to youz!

OLW is definitely in effect. My hair has been natural since 03/04ish and im ready for a chizange!! Im gonna get a perm *gasp!* To anyone who knows me, knows that i have been sooo pro nappturale and now i am crumbling at the pressure of the assimilationists around me *gag!* but i cant help it!! ive basically worn my hair the same way for like 4 years and mama needs a new look honeys! So sometime in July (i have too much goin on in June...plus theres only like 1 week left...so, yeah) im gonna get a perm. I already put a call into my "weavologist" (seriously, Fonda's weaves be outta control one day its long and blonde and beyonceish the next day its red and curly (from what my homegirl tells me...i havent been to her in a while, i was on strike)) and left a message for her to "hollaback youngin woot woot!" asap. i need to know what kinda price she talkin cuz im a baller on a tight strict and damn near imposeeblay budget okaaay?! I know i said i wanted a luxurious weave...but my wallets lookin a lil shabby so she needs to work wit a sistagurl. but im too excited!! ill have a new look by the time Pattyri comes home from ITALIA and weez gon hit the club to look for some sexy potential menfriendz.

now, stop wrappin me up. i gotta hit Nordstroms so i get cop some of that delicioso crab corn chowder they be servin up! Plus its a cutie at the counter who looks like Dwayne Wade...ow! i touched his butt the other day too! It was all nice and firm...*sigh*

happy friday and im out!


19 June 2008


Below is a posting from Craig’s List from a girl who is trying to find herself a husband, and then a guy actually responded to it…it’s too funny..!


The Original PostWhat am I doing wrong?

Okay, I’m tired of beating around the bush. I’m a beautiful(spectacularly beautiful) 25 year old girl. I’m articulate and classy.I’m not from New York. I’m looking to get married to a guy who makes at least half a million a year. I know how that sounds, but keep in mindthat a million a year is middle class in New York City, so I don’t thinkI’m overreaching at all.
Are there any guys who make 500K or more on this board? Any wives? Could you send me some tips? I dated a business man who makes average around 200 - 250. But that’s where I seem to hit a roadblock. 250,000 won’t get me to central park west. I know a woman in my yoga class who was married to an investment banker and lives in Tribeca, and she’s not as pretty as I am, nor is she a great genius. So what is she doing right? How do I get to her level?

Here are my questions specifically:

- Where do you single rich men hang out? Give me specifics- bars,restaurants, gyms

-What are you looking for in a mate? Be honest guys, you won’t hurt my feelings

-Is there an age range I should be targeting (I’m 25)?

- Why are some of the women living lavish lifestyles on the upper eastside so plain? I’ve seen really ‘plain jane’ boring types who havenothing to offer married to incredibly wealthy guys. I’ve seen drop dead gorgeous girls in singles bars in the east village. What’s the story there?

- Jobs I should look out for? Everyone knows - lawyer, investmentbanker, doctor. How much do those guys really make? And where do they hang out? Where do the hedge fund guys hang out?

- How you decide marriage vs. just a girlfriend? I am looking forMARRIAGE ONLY
Please hold your insults - I’m putting myself out there in an honestway. Most beautiful women are superficial; at least I’m being up frontabout it. I wouldn’t be searching for these kind of guys if I wasn’table to match them - in looks, culture, sophistication, and keeping anice home and hearth.

It’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercialinterestsPostingID: 432279810

THE ANSWERDear Pers-431649184:
I read your posting with great interest and have thought meaningfullyabout your dilemma. I offer the following analysis of your predicament.Firstly, I’m not wasting your time, I qualify as a guy who fits yourbill; that is I make more than $500K per year. That said here’s how Isee it.
Your offer, from the prospective of a guy like me, is plain and simple acrappy business deal. Here’s why. Cutting through all the B.S., what you suggest is a simple trade: you bring your looks to the party and I bring my money. Fine, simple. But here’s the rub, your looks will fade and my money will likely continue into perpetuity…in fact, it is very likely that my income increases but it is an absolute certainty that you won’t be getting any more beautiful!
So, in economic terms you are a depreciating asset and I am an earning asset. Not only are you a depreciating asset, your depreciation accelerates! Let me explain, you’re 25 now and will likely stay pretty hot for the next 5 years, but less so each year. Then the fade begins in earnest. By 35 stick a fork in you!
So in Wall Street terms, we would call you a trading position, not a buyand hold…hence the rub…marriage. It doesn’t make good business sense to ‘buy you’ (which is what you’re asking) so I’d rather lease. In case you think I’m being cruel, I would say the following. If my money were to go away, so would you, so when your beauty fades I need an out. It’s as simple as that. So a deal that makes sense is dating, not marriage.
Separately, I was taught early in my career about efficient markets. So, I wonder why a girl as ‘articulate, classy and spectacularly beautiful’ as you has been unable to find your sugar daddy. I find it hard to believe that if you are as gorgeous as you say you are that the $500 K hasn’t found you, if not only for a tryout.
By the way, you could always find a way to make your own money and then we wouldn’t need to have this difficult conversation.
With all that said, I must say you’re going about it the right way.Classic ‘pump and dump.’I hope this is helpful, and if you want to enter into some sort of lease, let me know.


Now...what tha fux this?! Who does this?! i got this from VSB.com...but please feel free to comment here...thx.

17 June 2008

Dear random people who piss me off

Dear Dumb-bitch-who-tosses-her-change-on-the-counter,

If it wasnt for me being at work and needing my part time job being that the cost of gas is now 4.11....i would have whipped your immigrant ass. what the fux wrong wit you and why are you tossin your change on the cash wrap like im homeless?! THEN you had the nerve to look at me like IM the crazy one when i say: Dont throw no more change on that counter. you better be glad thats what i SAID cuz i really wanted to throw that body butter at your damn forehead. I am not your servant and you are not better than me. if i catch you in my store again and you wanna act like you dont remember what the hell i told you: it WILL get ugly, bitch. trust.

Dear Pentagon workers,

9-11 did happen. you know, when that plane flew into the building and killed thousands of people? yeah that. so ima need yall to get some pep in your step when an unscheduled alarm goes off in the building. no, you shouldnt finish that spreadsheet, or continue buttering your toast. And im pretty sure your dear old gramma will understand if you abrubtly end the conversation (she prolly wont remember anyway) due to an evacuation of the building. i understand that since 9-11 nothin has happened but that doesnt mean that you need to congregate in the halls to talk about tiger woods winning the stanley cup or whatever the hell he won bc 1. he will not share the money with you and 2. id like to keep my life and if you are in my way...I will do the Heisman on that ho. this is just for future reference of course.

Dear boss of mine,

you heard the alarm like i did. dont ask me why im takin my purse. i take my purse everywhere, and you know that. thats your business that you dont at least bring your keys when we evac...when this shit is for real dont as me for a ride home*...yadigg?!

ya gurl.

* my boss lives 2 miles away from me. and i dont care.

12 June 2008

101 Things about me:

1. i hate when people speak in 3rd person. hate it.

2. i love watchin infomercials...especially the kind about the juicer or flat iron ones.

3. ive never jumped off of a diving board.

4. i wikipedia random things like serial killers and porn stars when im bored.

5. i wanted to be an actress when i grew up.

6. im scared of the people in the costumes at amusement parks.

7. i cant eat ketchup on my fries...it taste like v8 juice. i hate v8.

8. i dont really like to kiss. i used to.

9. i dont like sitting next to grown people in the back seat of a car. i hyperventilate.

10. i dont mind sitting next to kids in the back seat tho.

11. i read blogs and gossip sites on a time schedule, once in the morning and then i check for updates at noon.

12. im very sarcastic, but i hate sarcastic people.

13. im 16 years older than my sister and 20 years older than my brother.

14. i never babysit them.

15. my favorite cartoon character is Jessica Rabbit

16. ive been employed since i was 10.

17. my fave color is pink.

18. i hated pink when i was little.

19. ive never eatin chitlins.

20. ive had lima beans once.

21. licorice jelly beans are my fave.

22. i love banana anything

23. my longest relationship was 7 years.

24. i WILL NOT wear costume jewelery.

25. ive worn the same bamboo earrings, nefertiti necklace, and 2 rings everyday since christmas. EVERY DAY.

26. i always wear my rings on the same fingers. i never switch them.

27. i have 3 tattoos

28. i have 5 piercings.

29. i can fall asleep in the shower.

30. i hum when scary movie previews are on tv.

31. i dont have a most embarrassing moment.

32. thats bc nothin really embarrasses me.

33. i dont really care for chocolate.

34. i used to collect VIBE magazine.

35. i have the first ever issue and the issue with Tupac on the cover.

36. Tupac has been my favorite rapper since i was like 10 (is that appropriate?! lol)

37. i also used to collect holiday barbies.

38. my most expensive one was 600 dollars.

39. i dont know what i did with it :/

40. i have a wedding portfolio.

41. i started it in 9th grade.

42. yes, its been updated since then.

43. i havent cried at a funeral since i was 16.

44. when i look around and see everyone else crying i feel bad and i want to cry, but i cant.

45. i like rainstorms

46. i think that i broke my opinky toe in 8th grade.

47. i never told my parents.

48. ive been punched in the face by a girl i didnt really know for no reason.

49. everytime i think about that i crack up laughin.

50. everyone called the girl Nasty Cassie

51. ive only been drunk once.

52. i love sunflower seeds.

53. i eat them until they make my tongue raw.

54. i cant eat right after i brush my teeth.

55. i cant brush my teeth right after i eat.

56. i started writing a book in 9th grade.

57. i lost it and never started another one.

58. it makes me mad when people talk to me when im reading a book

59. i have more than 10 tickets.

60. none of them are speeding tickets.

61. all of them are parking tickets.

62. i dont claim a city or state.

63. Thats bc im not sure where im from...i spent half of my life in germany and the other half in DC, MD, or VA.

64. and none of my family is from here.

65. where am i from? can you tell me?

66. i should wear glasses.

67. i dont.

68. im a facebook junkie.

69. i randomly quote movies...even when it doesnt apply to the situation.

70. i got timbalands autograph on a dollar bill once.

71. my diabetic grandfather spent it on a krispy kreme donut.

72. i hate the automated service when you call banks and stuff

73. i love love love ihop breakfast

73. id rather be really hot that really cold

74. i never use the ac in my car

75. i only watch 3 shows on tv...greys anatomy, americas next best dance crew, and real world

76. my favorite fruit is kiwi.

77. i cant remember the last time i ate it.

78. i hate to try stuff on in dressing rooms.

79. i dont mind being naked in front of strangers.

80. i always take my shoes off at work

81. one time, my mom came home early when i had my boyfriend over and when she asked if i had anyone is the house i said no.

82. she kept grillin me and i got so nervous i passed out.

83. she didnt help me up...she walked away.

84. i work around 75 hours a week.

85. i frequently violate the dress code at work...

86. by wearing flip flops

87. it makes me feel rebellious.

88. i hate people who wear crocs

89. my cousin wears them lol

90. i cheat when i play memory with my little sister

91. i laugh when she gets spanked

92. one time, she was bein so bad my father pulled over on the beltway and beat her.

93. me and my little brother laughed.

94. i sing to random people at stoplights.

95. ive been caught haing sex by police more than 10 times.

96. public speaking doesnt make me nervous

97. i won tickets to the Back to School jam off the radio in 9th grade.

98. i didnt go.

99. my cars name is kisha

100. thats also my club name.

101. i told one of the janitors where i work that my name was kisha and now he always shouts it when he sees me.

Finally! finished...Diva was right...this was hard!

11 June 2008


I know i know. im a bipolar schizophrenic mess. ill be that. but at least im not sad anymore! its water under the bridge and im just gonna get over it :)! Plus i talked to MCM *sigh* he always makes me smile. speakin of him...i know in my last post addressing that situation i said that the magical night would go down on the 21st of this month...but ive come to the conclusion that i can wait longer than that. i really like him...and he likes me. he calls when he says hes going to...we email each other at work all day and his older sister LOVES me. it think itll be more special if i wait. lmao at me soundin like a virgin teen (we know thats far from the case!) but its amazin what good conversation with a sexy black man can do to you.

Meanwhile my ex is kinda sorta in the picture...but not really if that makes sense. i love him with all my heart but hes done some shit here recently that a romantic dinner and good sex just wont patch up. hes just not as mature as i need him to be. more on that later....maybe.

its soooo nice outside! this is the kinda of weather that you can have a picnic at a park in. ooh thats a nice idea! maybe ill do that for MCM...he gets out of the marines in august and hes really excited about it...that would be the perfect time.

why does the intern who sits next to me keep wearin the tacky cheap pumps?! it really is irkin my soul...i should leave a note on her desk about that.

The lady who comes and cleans our bathroom gave me soooo much TMI today. She told me she didnt clean the bathroom yesterday bc it was soo hot that she started not feel well and she didnt make it to the bathroom in time! Shes a special needs person so i didnt give her the stank face.

if gas is higher than 4.50 by 4th of July...one of yall might have to come get me from jail. no, seriously...i will kill someone.

thats it and thats all for now!


I'm sad today.

Today is not a good day. Today is one of those days when i cant "turn my frown upside down" or just put on a happy face and make everything seem ok. I do that alot. i'm the one thats always just supposed to be fun and outgoing...loud and crazy. imthe one that always has somethin funny to say when my friends are having a bad day. i cant today. im havin my own issues. today i cant front like im all tough and i dont care. like moving on from somethin that has been in your life for so long is easy. its not. tomorrow things will be back to normal. but today, im crying. and i cant stop. I'm sad today.

10 June 2008

It doesnt matter if you're black or white...or does it?

Hello moto! (i dont know why i felt like gretting you all like that...i just did ok?)

I just finished emailin Chocolate Marine. it was a rather deep convo for like 4 emails. I ask him if he would date or marry outside his race.

First lemme clear things up. I do NOT have a problem with black men/women who date outside their race. I DO have a problem with blac men/women who outright REFUSE to date within their race. To me, that there is an issue. I had a man tell me that he would never date a dark skinned woman bc he didnt want his kids to be ugly. HE was darkskinned. To that i rolled my eyes and had to walk away bc obviously he was too ignorant to continue a conversation with

Why is it that for a Black man, its acceptable to be dark skinned? The darker the better. From Morris Chestnut to Tyson Beckford women LOVE the chocolate ( i know i do!) But for women if you arent light, bright and damn near white or exotic in some kind of way...you get no play. Men looooove to talk about how they hate a woman who wears fake nails, eyelashes, hair and push up bras...but they have a poster of beyonce hangin on their ceiling. ummmmm, earth to dumbazz shes wearin and has access to more indian remi (weave) and fur eyelashes than i ever will!!

I also had a guy tell me that while he thinks that light skin/long haired women are more sexy, they are crazy so he would rather date a brownskinned girl like me. Why?! Im crazy too! I swear, the only person who gets approached by more ignorant men than me is Sister Toldja...smh.

I just dont understand it. i know this post is kinda all over the place but deal with it...thats how i like to do things...ummmm i may post again tonight bc a.) i have no life between my two jobs b.) im off tonight and c.) i have to keep my sunshine in italy posted on my life! HEY SUNSHINE!!

TILA! I LOVE YOUUUU! ::inside joke...she gets it::


09 June 2008



Its Monday *blah* but i am countin down the days to DC Caribbean Carnival!! 2 weeks and 5 days exactly!! i will try to take lots of pics since i will be a spectator this year =(. I hope i can play mas next year, but i digress *sigh*

Anyway, I have you ever waited a looooooong time for somethin and when it finally came it didnt live up to any of your expectations? No? well lemme give you an example:

Its sooo hot outside, so you decide that you are gonna go to Coldstone to get some tasty, delicious, creamy, delightful ice cream. Only, you get to the place and the line is outside the door. *boo on that* so you say...nah...its too hot to wait...so ill just head on over to Baskin Robbins which, of course, is pretty much empty. you buy your lil ice cream cone and prepare for the ice cold relief only to realize that: Damn. I should have just waited in line at Coldstone cuz this shit here is nasty...::BLOWNFACE::

This is what happened to me only my Coldstone and Baskin Robbins are men. Coldstone is that chocolate delight of a man that i think i name Chocolate Marine or somethin like that in my previous post. and Baskin Robbins is MGD (referenced in a post this time last year i believe). Ive been waitin to get my groove back and i decided that i liked this guy(chocolate marine) so i was gonna continue to wait until we decided to take our friendship to the next level. but i slipped up yesterday with MGD. and it definitely wasnt worth it. There were no sparks no sun, moon, mountains, or rivers and i didnt see heaven when we "made sweet love"*. Actually, while we were secksin** i continued to watch the movie office space. i glanced up at him a couple times and he was lookin right in my damn face! like starin at me. i had to shut my eyes or i might have rolled them right while he was lookin at me. It was pity pussy. thats exactly what it was. he had been goin on and on about how sexy i was and how he missed miss tina, and how good she was and how he has wet dreams about her. so i gave him some. but only a little bit bc i started to think about Coldstone (the man, not the ice cream) and i thought about him so hard i almost said his name. yep. had to end that right there. Cuz stuff like that just isnt ok.

Did you think the disappointment was over? oh no. it gets worse. Saturday night me and my home girl Jenjamin (no idiot thats not her real name.) went to Pleasure Place in Georgetown and i bought somethin called LoveKisses or somethin like that. Just a lil mini vibrator thing...i had said that i wouldnt use it for singular pleasure (its much better with a partner ;)) but after sundays fiasco i needed to finish the job myself. Long story short that joint was wack and i should never have doubted my trusty pocket rocket as it has never failed me before. Ill know better next time...

i guess thats what i get for not waiting...


* that was the song off the Nutty Professor Soundtrack!
** stolen courtesy of OpinionatedDiva @ http://www.divaliciousopinions.blogspot.com/

04 June 2008

So tired...so so tired

At first i couldnt think of what to blog to you guys about. But what better than how tired i am!! I feel so out of control right now. I am workin a 75 hour week between 2 jobs and i just cant fathom how im gonna do this. im only on day 3!! i have 5 more days to go. i woke up so late for work this mornin but i was too tired to even care...lol. i looked at the clock, saw that it was 903 and thought to myself....fuck it. shit happens. no matter how much i rushed, i was gonna be late. so i didnt. i turned on Daddys little girls and went on about my normal routine. it is what it is ya know?

If things were sailing smoothly at my pt job i think i would be fine. but its not. we have gotten a shipment of over 120 boxes in 2 days and we have the Summer Sale comin up (Come see us at The Body Shop Pentagon City!! we need to get some of this shit outta here!! lol) and we are tryna find a place to put all the stuff. Baisically Im in charge of the setup bc our full time assistant manager is off for sun and fun and a fashion design internship in ITALIA *lucky bitch! lol* and my store manager is off to Philly for a week to a much needed visit to her family. I know that once this sale is officially started thingsll be alot better but im feelin like i cant see the light at the end of the tunnel.

also...i dont know if yall know....BUT I HATE MY FULL TIME JOB!! someone get me outta here, seriously...i beg of you. my job in general is hell....workin in the pentagon is hell. I think that makes me feel even more tired than i am bc i hate comin in here every mornin. but instead of complainin i need to really just start lookin for a different job.

*sidenote* i know this is off topic but i only buy cd's when they are old or after ive heard them a couple times from someone else. but i heard ths song on the radio by a girl named Katy Perry called i kissed a girl...and i love that song lol...and *gasp!* im gonna buy the cd when it comes out June 17th.

now let me finish my coke so i can NOT fall asleep at my desk,


03 June 2008

Dear random people who piss me off

Dear Neighbor,

It never fails. Every morning, evening, or midnight (depending on my schedule) you are sitting on your front porch smokin weed. Now dont get me wrong...everyone has their DOC...and i can get down wit the green goblin sometimes too...but your balcony is attached to the FRONT of the apartment!! I guess you missed the memo that the new neighbor 2 floors up from you is PG police. Or do you not care? Im am gonna assume you do since last night when i got off from work you asked if i could smell it....excuse me? Can i smell it? I caught a contact as i got out the car! Then, i dont know if you dropped the blunt....but at 130 am i wake up to the sound of the fire dept outside!! Red lights and all!! This and you, my freind, are ridiculous.

Dear Intern that sits next to me,

You arent fooling anyone. i know that you are a nosy bitch. you are too quiet over there. and dont think that i didnt notice that whenever i get on the phone you stop typing. I NOTICED. I usually dont speak to people that dont speak to me, but im gonna give you this little gem: When your heels lean waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over to the left, its either 1. Time to retire them or 2. Stop buying your work shoes from Charlotte Russe. Im just sayin.

And last but not least:

Usher/neyo (no dear, this time)

Im sorry, ive held this in as loong as i could...but i just cant anymore. What is this garbage that you call Love in the Club/Bust it Baby? Now Neyo...ima get to you in a sEcond but Usher i got words for you right now brotha....what is that trash?! Are you really gonna try to get me to belive that you wanna make love to a stranger in the club? No, you wanna smash, dig in them guts or skeet skeet...but not make love. you dont even know her!! Im sorry maybe im takin this to literally...but after the masterpiece that was Confessions, you wait 7 years to put this crap out?! THEN you wanna follow it wit somethin that i guess you thought was real deep and meaningful like Movin Mountains? No. That was a hot ass mess of an idea...and thats all i have to say. Now neyo....WHAT THE HELL WAS YOU THINKIN?! bust it baby? really? so youre really just gonna sing the hook on that song like that? and here i was thinkin you were classy. you know, i stuck up for you when those pictures of you and ur backup dancer baby mama engagin in "oral activity" surfaced. i had ur back....and this is how you repay me?! you know these lil hoodrats bout to be runnin round wit this shit on their ringtone like its cute. ITS NOT! you oughta be slapped! RayJ could have done the hook and i wouldnt have been mad...i mean what else do you expect from him? But you, you disappoint me.

Thank you,


02 June 2008

No Sex in The Champagne Room...

Or any room for that matter!!! arrrgh! im am sooo frustrated its ridiculous. I try to tell myself that i can handle this. You see, ive kinda put myself on restriction. well not restriction, but i had surgery about 2 weeks ago and the doctor said no strenuous activity. Well honey if it aint strenuous then to me it aint sex ya digg?! lol...so i gave myself until June 14th. Thats a month since the last time i did it! am i gonna be able to last?! i know this sounds pitiful and i sound like i need to see a sex counselor but i dont. i am perfectly normal (aint that what all crazy people say?!) to make matters worse tho...i dont even have anyone in mind. well...i kinda lied. i DO have someone in mind. But the problem with him is that i really like him and just so that i dont run the risk of just makin him a booty call...i feel the need to hold off a lil longer than a month with him. im thinkin June 21st...lol. thats only a week after my original date. It just depends on were we are at in terms of our kinda sorta relationship.

it has gotten so bad that i dont even get jiggy wit myself. I CANT! that only makes it worse! I need a chocolate, sexy man wit a killer smile and a nice ass to hold onto. And the dude i was tellin you about up there ^...hes all that. I think ima call him Mr. Chocolate Marine (hes in the Marine Corp...duh.) Wen went to see the Universoul Circus. When we got back to his house i was so glad he didnt invite me up!! i might have jumped on him if he did. But seriously...i am gonna try to be good. but its hard!! *ahem* i mean difficult..lmao. I am such a horny ass mess. I hope i get some before DC Carnival tho. Wit all that grindin and winin in the streets wit sexy island men i may not be able to contain myself. to make matters worse, i have a toy party to go to this saturday. but the toys im buyin wont be for single sex...nope...MCM better watch out cuz ima put somethin on his ass he aint NEVER had before...

*sigh* 20 days and counting,