11 July 2007

Random thoughts...

Okay. So i watched Baldwin Hills last night. And i just dont understand why BET is so corny and low budget! Baldwin Hills compared to The Hills and Laguna Beach is just dumb and has no point. But if im up next Tuesday ill watch it again...however...mtv needa get on they grind and put out another Hills...ya dig?

Ive decided to go to school...full time. Dont ask me where or when im goin...well i know when and where actually...Norfolk State and im movin in December. Wish me luck cuz the BF is comin too...

I wonder why girls who are talkin to guys are intimidated by the female friend....i dont get it. Ive invited her to lunch wit us (against his will) just so that she would know that i DEFINITELY do not want his ass...but instead of accepting the invitation or even speakin to me when she sees us together, she would rather give him a 100 question quiz on me. Just dont understand that.

I havent been in the mood to work lately...dont know why but i come in and surf the net all day. I get bored of jobs easily, ask anyone who knows me and im sure theyll tell that ive worked almost everywhere...lol. Guess you could say im a "Jane of all trades" ha ha!

Who knew that KRS-One's 23 yr old son committed suicide? Who knew he hadda son? not me. But my condolences go out to his family. He was goin on 24 this week...

02 July 2007

Back in Effect!!

It was short lived, but my single days have come to an end...i know i know! There are alot of you young men that had the potential to be pimped...but alas, I have been re-snatched up by the ex. And i must say that it feels pretty damn good! I never wanted to be single in the first place but after 6 years sometimes you start feelin like there's a possibility that you may have had enough of that person. And i have learned that i can never get enough of him. I had more fun with him this weekend, not doin a damn thing, than i have on the many dates that ive been on. This time its for good. I think we both needed that time apart to get our shit together. I think it also showed us what we appreciated about each other. The things that got on my nerves 6 months ago, i actually started missing once we broke up. Now i know that i can handle when he leaves the toilet seat up...or when he leaves the cords to his PS3 strewn across the living room floor. That doesnt bother me anymore because it means that he's here. That he's comin back home.

To have someone in your bed when you roll over is an amazing feelin...especially if its someone that you love and dont mind kissin even when their mornin breath smells like day old peas in a pot. To hear someone elses keys in the door, when your at home curled up wit a book and some sleepytime tea is the best. I have that now and i wouldnt trade it for all the mishaps and blind dates that i have written for you all to read. Im sure ill have other interesting things to write about but if not, i apologize and tell yall to kiss my ass in advance!!