03 February 2009

Pink dont live here no more.

I dont blog here anymore. email me with your blog web address and i will reply wit my new blog info.


Trust me..its finna get juicy at my new spot any ur gonna miss it! lmao...


26 January 2009


Ok...so i know that a couple of you were askin about who i was gettin my groove back wit. But I cant tell you all that til I give yall the name to my new blog...which i have already. email me at: mizpinklady86 at yahoo dot com. You will have to send me your blog address for me to send you the new website.

Keepin shit G-14 classified 'round hea...ya digg??

Anyway, tell me why (you remember when gurls in DC was sayin that all the time?? lol) last Friday the Exec Support Team on my contract (they support the "top 16" of the Headquarters Air Force) got caught takin shots of Patron....by a customer. Yall, in case you dont understand...this is a GOVERNMENT site. The Pentagon. We are contractors....you dont just be doin shit all willy nilly like that here.

Whats even crazier is that they did not get removed from the contract!! our Program Director tombout some, "Theyre mission critical." Na, nigga they alchoholics is what they is. the thing that irritates everybody is that they think they like the cool kids on the contract. They have shirts and everything. Its a trip! They be walkin round gthe Pentagon like they the Untouchables or something. So this is what I need from yall (you like how i always need somethin from yall right? lol):

I need a really good prank to play on them...or not even a prank but somethin to really get under their skin and piss them off. Me and the Program Directors Admin was gonna print a whole bunch of AA flyers and put them on all their desks...but thats weak.

One time, she had a boss that we didnt like and I did a lil research and found a pic of him on myspace wit no shirt on...he had his nipples pierced, a porn 'stache and he was laid across a hotel bed...we printed them out and posted them all over the office. I. Do. Not. Lie. When i find the pic again i will post it on my new blog lol..its heelarious! By the way...he got in trouble for that.

gimme somethin good yall!


22 January 2009

I know i know...so just shut up already...

Look...dont start on me ok? i got reasons for not postin.

I have been really conflicted bc i have recently found out that alot of people that know me, know about my blog (i have written about this before) and it makes me kinda uneasy (not you Chauncey or Gigi...cuz you know i dont care what yall retarded asses think lol) Its not even that i really CARE what people think so much as im tired of people gettin in they feelins bc of of some shit that i wrote when they aint have no bizniz readin it in the first place. Blogs are like diaries and unless i invite yo ass to read it, i dont feel like they should. Thats how you get ya feelins hurt...snoopin and shit. Or the niggaz who think they know my bizniz bc they read about some shit that i wrote. you dont know me or what the hell im doin just bc i wrote HALF the damn story on the internet*extreme eyeroll*.

So i havent posted. Im really thinkin bout (read: i am going to) starting a new one. But i need a new cute name...so i am reachin out to my loyal readers for help!! i need suggestions!

Also, im thinkin that ima start writin a story (i wrote about this too previously...maybe i might take my blog to wordpress so i can password protect my shit...whatchoothink? *taps computer screen*

So thats all i have to say. If you want me to continue tell yall my damned bizniz about how i aint gettin none (i got alot over the break but thats neither here nor there, hehehe) or who im datin and if you enjoy the pictures i steal, of the random guys that i date, from facebook then youll help me out...now wont you?

im givin yall a week to make your suggestions...i may post in between then...but then again, maybe i wont. *sticks out tongue*

I love you all *blows kisses*!


06 January 2009

Is he really that triflin?!

Ok. So a couple weeks ago, I met a guy at Candy's girlfriends graduation party. he was cute and we exchanged numbers. So, the Tuesday before Christmas he asked me if i wanted to grab a bite to eat at Pentagon City for lunch. I agreed and we met there. Now, he didnt pay for my food (even tho HE invited ME to lunch) but i wasnt trippin. I figured that maybe he just wanted to get a good look at me to make sure i wasnt ugly, since we met in a dark party. We hit it off and decided that we would spend new years eve together.

Now, fast foward through christmas and onto the day before new years eve which i think was a Tuesday. He emails me at work and asks if i wanted to see a movie. I agreed, but by the end of the day i relaized that i hadnt had ANYTHING to eat, so i call him and ask if we can go to dinner. He says that he already made some salisbury steak but that we could go out anyway, I asked him if he was sure and he said yes. So i make my way out to Landover. On the way there we decided that we were going to get Outback. So I arrive at his house and this is where the triflinessocity begins:

Triflinessocity #1:

He opens the door and is still pullin his sweat er over his head, but he's not fast enough for me to NOT see the BIG ASS holes in his tank top. Yes, holes. Like he wrapped a baby tiger in his shirt and it was trying to get free, those kind of holes.

Triflinessocity #2:

I ignore the holes (because as long as they are under your shirt that has nothin to do with me gettin my grub on FOR FREE!!! We walk down the steps and get to the parking lot and he's walkin to my car....and im walkin to his. Im like, what the hell are you doin? I'm not drivin! So he comes over to his car (like i knew he would) adn we are on our way to Outback. Once we get there...

Triflinessocity #3:

He leans into me and says, "oh yeah, i was going to tell you that since i thought we were going to the movies...i only brought 25 dollars."

Ummmm...yeah. So i tell him that I hope he can eat for 25 dollars bc he is payin for his self. And I'm payin for mine. Yall...remember that I hadnt eaten all day so i was too hungry to get as pissed as I would if my stomach was full. We are seated (by this FOINE ass server) and then...

Triflinessocity #4:

He starts embarrassin the SHIT outta me. he proceeds to ask the FOINE ass server how much drinks are. and i dont mean drinks in general...i mean, like several DIFFERENT drinks. Yall, if i was white, i woulda been red. The server is visibly irritated but dude finally settled on a bud light. I order my food and dinner was ok. we talked a while and i almost forgot about how triflin he had been...almost.

We leave the restuarant and we are listenin to Sade' Cherish The Day. He tells me that he plays the bass guitar and that he can play me that song when we got to his house. I said ok, but that i wasnt stayin long bc i hadda work the next day.

when we got to his house, he played the song...but then he goes, "hold on, lemme slip into somethin more comfortable" (i lie to you not, he really said that) and when he pulls his pants down.....


I could see ALL his junk. omg. just omg.

I got up and left. and to make the rest of this long story short, I ignored his calls on New Years which prompted him to drunk call me and leave me a funny ass message cussin me out. then Saturday, he texte me and asked me why i wasnt speakin to him and when i responded that he had holes in his boxers his reply was:

Awww girl it was laundry day!



05 January 2009

My Week of Rejection

Ok...so ima try and make this short, but detailed. The romantical night I had planned for reMet...never happened. He cancelled at the last minute. Which, in my heart i KNEW would happen. I guess he's still bitter about me blowin him off but I just feel like that was real extra for him to wait a WHOLE year to do it. But whatever, i got the money back for the room so I'm not really trippin. I'm just disappointed bc I put so much effort into makin it a nice evening.

So instead of doing that, I ended up at LOVE nightclub Friday night partying in VIP. I had soooo mmuch fun!! I think the 2 drinks that i had helped keep my mind off of how i was supposed to be snuggled up next to a fine black man that evening. I looked sooo cute and it was mad dudes tryna get at me. Thats the first time that I have had a good time at the club since I was in Vegas.

So onto to the rest of my rejection weekend. there was another guy that I had met a couple of weeks ago through a co worker of mine. we'll call him Mr. Moneybags...I spent Christmas Eve over his house...OMG yall. His apartment....LAID OUT!! that joint was BAD ok?? I dont know how much money he makes but he lives in Downtown Silver Spring on the 12th Floor of some apartments called The Georgian. When I walked into his apartment the view was OBSCENE! there is like this huge ass window with a view of the city....he had artwork, niiiiiice furniture, a big ass flat panel tv, some kind of expensive ass guitar hangin on the wall, a ginormous, insanely high bed, and his bathroom smelled sooooo good. He cooked some porkchops which were to die for and we watched The Strangers. He had really good conversation and he was really down to earth. Well, I called him on Saturday to see what he was doing and he called me back...to tell me that him and his ex got back together...boooo on that. But he said that he wanted to be friends still which i guess isnt that bad. But still.

I feel like other things happened...but i cant really remember what it is. My homegirl FINALLY got engaged tho!! Im so excited for her!! Not to mention that I have already been notified of my bridesmaid status...the wedding is May 2010 so I have time to get in the gym to make sure i look EXTRA fly!! I cant wait to see all the single men...lmao!!

This holiday was a whirlwind. Im glad its over. New things for me in 09! Yall watch and see what i tell you.

Peace, Love and Souuuuuul!

*** Oh shit!!! i remember what it was i had to tell you...but itll be in a post all by itself tomorrow morning...PROMISE!!!


29 December 2008

Did you miss me?!

Ok...wait. Please dont cuss me out. I have been ding some internal reflecting. I couldnt blog...i just didnt have it in me. But alot has happened since my last post. Remember the dude that stood me up for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory? I think that we were callin him ReMet...but i have to think of another name bc i dont like that one....*thinkin*...oh bother...i dont know right now. Anyway, we have been talkin and *sigh* I really like him. Of course we had to discuss why he hadnt been callin me and why he had been blowin me off. He said that had lost his job and that he was embarrassed. He didnt know what to say to me so he just didnt call. Which i believe, but i dont agree with. I know that everyone goes through their hard times and im not even the type of girl to be on no shit like that. As long as he is lookin and trying then im ok. We talked about that and he have been speakin everyday for the most part. He says that he is still kinda cautious about me, bc I blew him off before (he also said that because of me, we arent in a relationship now). and I can understand that. Thats why I am planning a nice romantic evening for just me and him on Friday. I wanted to do it on NYE bc thats when we met last year (i thought that weould be cute, lol) but he already has plans and so do i...so Friday it is.

I'm soooo excited! I reserved a room at the Savoy Suites on Wisconsin Ave (for all my DC bloggers) and it has a view overlookin the city. Ima get some Champagne, maybe some strawberries...then im gonna bathe him...oooohwee!! lol...give him a nice loooong massage...you know, cater to my (almost) man and shit lmao! and let him know that i am serious and that i wouldnt try to break his heart. I am going to pick out my lingerie (par of this is for him..the other part is for me. Ive never done somethin like this for anyone and I reallllly reallly want to.)

I hope this goes well and my effort is not for nothing. I dont think it will be though..and i WILL give yall an update. By the way...pix from the xmas party...i will try to post those tonight...as soon as i find my USB cable.

I hope yall had a good Christmas!


10 December 2008

Dinner wit the Ex

Well well...whats there to tell?


Why? Bc he never called or texted or nothin. And after his actions and a good conversation with iCandy about it, Im not worried about a friendship with him. It's obvious that he has not changed. I dealt with this type of behavior in the relationship...but the beauty of being single is that i dont have to put up wit that shit anymore..ya dig?

-I just got a text from him saying that something came up...but you knew that something came up last night. you should have said that then. Sorry Charlie...but youre a day late and a dollar short.-
Now if he wants to be friends, great. But that means that he is going to have to put in extra work and i cant say whether i will meet him halfway; it all just depends on which way the wind blows =)

I am very happy with myself. I didnt get worked up or anything. He's not worth it. When i didnt hear from him by 5, I went and got a niiiiice loooong luxuriooooous pedicure. And then I got a phone call from a guy on match.com. We had some cool conversation. I checked out his pick...he aiiiight. The only thing is that he lives in Dumfries,VA. Ummm i know i wanna be in love and all, but ion know if love gon take me that far, right? lmao...plus,for real for real...what's love got to do with it? lol.

After I chatted with him for awhile, I decided to give this guy a call. DOnt ask me why...I just felt like I should. The last time we talked was when he stood me up and I just wanted to know what really happened.

He said that when we "re-met" that he was already involved with someone and he wanted to talk to me but he knew it wasnt fair. So he stopped callin (which is what i did to him earlier in the year). He said that they broke up a couple weeks ago but that he knew he couldnt just call me up and say, "hey! im back!" so he just didnt call.

Anyway, we are both single now. So we'll see what happens. He wants to see me tonight. I have a date with Island Breeze on Thursday and Mr. 20 wants me to come over on Friday. Then I have my party Saturday, so I'll be pretty occupied. Sunday Ima just relax...

I'll catch up wit yall!

Oh yeah! Amber...Red Robin is the bomb dot com...you need to go lol