26 January 2009


Ok...so i know that a couple of you were askin about who i was gettin my groove back wit. But I cant tell you all that til I give yall the name to my new blog...which i have already. email me at: mizpinklady86 at yahoo dot com. You will have to send me your blog address for me to send you the new website.

Keepin shit G-14 classified 'round hea...ya digg??

Anyway, tell me why (you remember when gurls in DC was sayin that all the time?? lol) last Friday the Exec Support Team on my contract (they support the "top 16" of the Headquarters Air Force) got caught takin shots of Patron....by a customer. Yall, in case you dont understand...this is a GOVERNMENT site. The Pentagon. We are contractors....you dont just be doin shit all willy nilly like that here.

Whats even crazier is that they did not get removed from the contract!! our Program Director tombout some, "Theyre mission critical." Na, nigga they alchoholics is what they is. the thing that irritates everybody is that they think they like the cool kids on the contract. They have shirts and everything. Its a trip! They be walkin round gthe Pentagon like they the Untouchables or something. So this is what I need from yall (you like how i always need somethin from yall right? lol):

I need a really good prank to play on them...or not even a prank but somethin to really get under their skin and piss them off. Me and the Program Directors Admin was gonna print a whole bunch of AA flyers and put them on all their desks...but thats weak.

One time, she had a boss that we didnt like and I did a lil research and found a pic of him on myspace wit no shirt on...he had his nipples pierced, a porn 'stache and he was laid across a hotel bed...we printed them out and posted them all over the office. I. Do. Not. Lie. When i find the pic again i will post it on my new blog lol..its heelarious! By the way...he got in trouble for that.

gimme somethin good yall!



Brothers Blog said...

Leave free bottles of liquor on they deks. But gone ahead and doctor the drink up with something. I don't know what but depends on you wild you want to get. lol. But if they some 4 real alchies they gone drink up no questions asked. lol

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lol.. I'm with brothers blog. A bunch of liquor bottles on their desk would work great.