29 December 2008

Did you miss me?!

Ok...wait. Please dont cuss me out. I have been ding some internal reflecting. I couldnt blog...i just didnt have it in me. But alot has happened since my last post. Remember the dude that stood me up for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory? I think that we were callin him ReMet...but i have to think of another name bc i dont like that one....*thinkin*...oh bother...i dont know right now. Anyway, we have been talkin and *sigh* I really like him. Of course we had to discuss why he hadnt been callin me and why he had been blowin me off. He said that had lost his job and that he was embarrassed. He didnt know what to say to me so he just didnt call. Which i believe, but i dont agree with. I know that everyone goes through their hard times and im not even the type of girl to be on no shit like that. As long as he is lookin and trying then im ok. We talked about that and he have been speakin everyday for the most part. He says that he is still kinda cautious about me, bc I blew him off before (he also said that because of me, we arent in a relationship now). and I can understand that. Thats why I am planning a nice romantic evening for just me and him on Friday. I wanted to do it on NYE bc thats when we met last year (i thought that weould be cute, lol) but he already has plans and so do i...so Friday it is.

I'm soooo excited! I reserved a room at the Savoy Suites on Wisconsin Ave (for all my DC bloggers) and it has a view overlookin the city. Ima get some Champagne, maybe some strawberries...then im gonna bathe him...oooohwee!! lol...give him a nice loooong massage...you know, cater to my (almost) man and shit lmao! and let him know that i am serious and that i wouldnt try to break his heart. I am going to pick out my lingerie (par of this is for him..the other part is for me. Ive never done somethin like this for anyone and I reallllly reallly want to.)

I hope this goes well and my effort is not for nothing. I dont think it will be though..and i WILL give yall an update. By the way...pix from the xmas party...i will try to post those tonight...as soon as i find my USB cable.

I hope yall had a good Christmas!


10 December 2008

Dinner wit the Ex

Well well...whats there to tell?


Why? Bc he never called or texted or nothin. And after his actions and a good conversation with iCandy about it, Im not worried about a friendship with him. It's obvious that he has not changed. I dealt with this type of behavior in the relationship...but the beauty of being single is that i dont have to put up wit that shit anymore..ya dig?

-I just got a text from him saying that something came up...but you knew that something came up last night. you should have said that then. Sorry Charlie...but youre a day late and a dollar short.-
Now if he wants to be friends, great. But that means that he is going to have to put in extra work and i cant say whether i will meet him halfway; it all just depends on which way the wind blows =)

I am very happy with myself. I didnt get worked up or anything. He's not worth it. When i didnt hear from him by 5, I went and got a niiiiice loooong luxuriooooous pedicure. And then I got a phone call from a guy on match.com. We had some cool conversation. I checked out his pick...he aiiiight. The only thing is that he lives in Dumfries,VA. Ummm i know i wanna be in love and all, but ion know if love gon take me that far, right? lmao...plus,for real for real...what's love got to do with it? lol.

After I chatted with him for awhile, I decided to give this guy a call. DOnt ask me why...I just felt like I should. The last time we talked was when he stood me up and I just wanted to know what really happened.

He said that when we "re-met" that he was already involved with someone and he wanted to talk to me but he knew it wasnt fair. So he stopped callin (which is what i did to him earlier in the year). He said that they broke up a couple weeks ago but that he knew he couldnt just call me up and say, "hey! im back!" so he just didnt call.

Anyway, we are both single now. So we'll see what happens. He wants to see me tonight. I have a date with Island Breeze on Thursday and Mr. 20 wants me to come over on Friday. Then I have my party Saturday, so I'll be pretty occupied. Sunday Ima just relax...

I'll catch up wit yall!

Oh yeah! Amber...Red Robin is the bomb dot com...you need to go lol


09 December 2008

yeah so...

My ex texted me sometime last week. He wants to have dinner. Yes, im going. No, there will be no gettin back together. Point blank. Period. Its tonight. I'll post about it tomorrow.



08 December 2008


Ok..so I had somethin else to write about, but someone I know asked that I blog about this topic and see what yall thought. Well I know what yall gon think, but ima ask yall anyway.

Now...say ur having sex with a guy and yall real into it. He gets to the point where he just can't hold it in any more and he lets it out on ur breasts.

-now...for most women that have been sexually active, you've had a man come on some part of ur body...methinks my breasts are a lil too close to my face...but whatever. Coming on a body part aint nothin that serious.-

But then this nigga....


Yeah you read that right. Ima pause for a second and let that seep into the crevices of ur brain....

Are you as disgusted as I was? I figured you were.

Now lets examine this. If it were a female who licked the d!ck afterwards, that's ok. Why? Bc its hers and if she's uncomfortable tastin herself then it prolly means she's not zestfully clean. So why isn't it ok for a man to do this?


That shit aint cute. Ion care how sexually open you are. I mean, when did he even discover that he liked the taste of his own jizz? Was he jackin off and got some on his hand and instead of wipin it on a sock or towel or white tee like any other nigga, did he just lick his hand??


Now...she says that since she hasn't experinced that much she just thought it was a lil freaky.

I told her that I don't care how freaky you are...that's some some real extra shit.

What do you think?


05 December 2008


Hey yall!

Cant blog long...im at work. But i will tell you the crazy shit that happened yesterday.

Ok. So, this gurl that works on the contract with me (well, she works for my mom) tried to get her dress from Bebe too yesterday. Now normally that wouldnt be a big deal....but ion like this bitch.

My mom was the one who told me and I told her that it didnt matter; the bitch could by the same dress as me and i will STILL be the baddest bitch there. So my mom goes to the mall and comes back and do you know what the first thing she said out her mouth was?

"Oh! I'm glad you're home! Look at what i found for kathleen in JCPenney's!"

Kathleen is the bitch.

I just looked at my mom...and then i walk away.

WTF is she buyin her a dress for?

Kathleen works for her...last time i checked that meant that she got paid every week like the rest of us. I was heated at first! But after I thought about it...i chilled out.

Thats ok. She can buy her a dress....but she better by her shoes and accessories and get her hair done. Because my shit WILL be on point...and that way when I look better than her, it wont be because she didnt have the right outfit.

I am SO ready for this party.



03 December 2008

The decision has been made!

Soooooo...I found the dress yesterday. its this one:

Shut up! I knooooow yall said that yall liked the purple one...but they didnt have one in my size. I went to try the dresses on last night. Bebe pisses me off too bc they dont never have a good range of sizes! Its always XXS, XS and M. Where the hell are the larges?! Its not my fault that im blessed wit a lil somethin extra. Shoot, im not even that big. Most people dont believe that i weigh 150. I'm what you call a "slim thicky". I'm kinda slim but i have enough thighs and ass for some people to say im a lil thick. Its confusing, i know...but just keep up with me.

So anyway, I find the purple dress that I posted up here yesterday and like i said, no large. They only had the large in the pink. So i tried that on and asked Felecia (the sales lady) to call Georgetown and ask them if they had it in a large. And you know they didnt. So after careful consideration (and a lot of hemming and hawing) i decided on the pink one since its my fave color and it super duper BAD on me (in a good way, duh!)

So thats done. I need to find my shoes and accesories tho. I dont really like open toes in the winter...but that seems to be the thing, so well see. maybe ill do a shoe post.

This is a lil off topic.. but if youre ever lookin for a cheap happy hour at a nice place, go to Jo Jo's on U st. They have 5 dollar Calamari (bomb!) 5 dollar drinks (get the Frooty Beznitch...its good too!), 6 dollar crabcake sandwhiches that come with seasoned fries (yum!)...if you cant tell i went there last night. And then me and Sunshine stopped by Love Cafe and I had their Strawberry shortcake (phenomenal!!) mmmmmm.....im thinkn bout it now!

anyway lemme go...im hungry =/


02 December 2008

Decisions...decisions. I need YOUR help!!

Hello there good people.

Ok...my christmas party is 11 days away and I have NOT bought a dress yet. I am going to give you 3 choices...i need you guys to tell me which ones you like the best.

I like this one bc its fitted and its also a turtle neck. I dont like to be all exposed during the winter time. I feel like it shows off alot of leg but its ok because the twinsll be covered so its not scandalous. Plus the blue is reaaaaalllly pretty, yes?

Isnt this color purty?! I love this color. The only thing that i am apprehensive about is that its strapless. I hate wearing strapless bras bc i cant ever find one that i dont have to pull up all the time. But its longer than the first one, so thats a plus.

Out of the three i think this one is my least fave. I dont really like the color red cuz everbody wears red to a christmas party. I like the style of the dress though. I picked it in red bc it only came in 2 other colors: Black and grey. And neither one of those are cute for a christmas party.

So dont you see my problem?? And i dont want to end up wearing somethng that i already have...so please HELP ME!!!! *im looking right at fashion guru*

30 November 2008

Post club conversation

What it do? Im on my way home from ohio right now (praise jesus...cuz can't nobody work ya nerves like family), so I thought I would blog.

I could tell yall how my gg told me that she had "special nostrils" and she could tell when someone had been sexin and hadn't washed themselves...and that's how she knew her 3rd husband was a whore. Or I could tell you how a fight almost broke out and my aunts house between her and the neighbor over a coat. I even thought about tellin yall how we took thxgvn pix in front of a scarface background...yep just like we was in the club.

But na, I don't think I will...at least not today. Today, im gonna tell yall about somethin my uncle told me when we were on our way back from the club. Now, he'd had a couple beers and a few puffs of the herb before we left but somethin tells me that he was dead serious about this lil gem he dropped on me. And before I tell u what he said im gonna ask that my men readers verify wether this is true or whether it even makes sense to a man ...plz and thx =)

Ok. So he told me that if a woman has 2 or 3 baby daddies that the pussy is prolly real good. He said that she's not someone you should wife but she's good for a lil fun. When I asked him where he came to this conclusion he said that if 4 different men get her pregnant, then that means that when they were havin sex it got so good that they hadda go raw and it was so good that they couldn't even pull out. And after some thought, I guess maybe he was right. Its a dumbass way to think but men are dumbasses when it comes to ass so it makes sense.

So I flipped it and asked him what it meant if a woman has 5 kids by the same man. He told me that either meant her pussy was real good because the man got 5 kids out of it or that maybe it was only good to him. What do yall think about these scenarios?

And before you womenz get all up in arms about this, we weren't talkin bout men who are married wit a buncha kids we were talkin bout hoodrat ass women who have a bunch of different babydaddies.

My uncle munchie also told me that a man is only as faithful as his options.

Plz chat amongst urselves...


26 November 2008

On the road again...

By the way u have to sing the title of the post like donkey in shrek. Thx.

Anyway. It is ass crack early. Like 430 early. Right now I am bloggin from the comfort of a heated seat. We just left for ohio.

Moving on...what did I wanna blog about today? Oh yea...family. My family would be funny to most of you. I have one aunt who is a tiptoe away from 50 years old tombout she's a biker bitch fa liiiife! And my other aunt is the drunk one. A 24 year old cousin who won't get his life together, a cousin who just came out the closet (but she was like queen latifah...u already knew) And my whole family with the exception of my grandmothers smoke weed. That's probably what will be goin on later tonight. That seems to be how they welcome us. Spark some green, play a lil music, crack open a bottle of hard liquor and shuffle the cards!

Don't get me wrong...there's nothin wrong with havin a goodtime...but this is EVERYNIGHT. I do not lie about this.

Back to where I was supposed to be goin wit this. My greatgrandma is in her 80's. I have no way of knowin which 80 bc she be switchin it up erytime u ask, lol. I decided that I was going to talk to her about the civil rights movement. You kno, see what she had to say about a black prez. My gg loooooves to tell a story honey. Especially when she has an audience!

The only thing is she's been halfway diagnosed wit alzheimers so her mind gets a lil outta order sometimes. And she's been gettn a lil violent. GG was fiesty (when I say fiesty I mean she used to fight niggaz...literally. My GG has shot someone yall) and they say that with alzheimer patients they tend to revert back to when they were young. Hell, just the other day she jumped in some sweet lil ol ladys face and told her to mind her muthafuckin bizniz. *givin GG the side eye*

Who's gg does that?? Lmao...I got a gangsta gg yall. So hopefully I can get some good stories out of her...

Yall be good...


24 November 2008

Updates!...with pix now!!

OK...so I know I have been slackin. I need to get back in the bloggin rythym (is that how you spell that? i always forget.)

The guy that I had mentioned that I was supposed to go on a date to the cheesecake factory (here)...we never went out. I had told yall that I "remet" him. Wel, to make a loooong story short:

I met him on new years last year on the train. I was comin back from adams morgan (drunk) and i just struck up a convo. He was cool. We started talkin...but i felt like everything was too perfect. He said all the right things and nothing was ever wrong. idk...somethin just seemed off to me so i stopped accepting his phone calls. Fast forward to the beginning of November. I ran into him in Pentagon City and we exchanged numbers. Just to see if things were the same i expressed an interest in him. After he stood me up, I called him a couple of times, he called me acouple of times but i just didnt really feel it and obviously neither did he bc we just stopped callin each other =/.


The triple date. Never happened. Which im not really mad about bc from his face book profile pic ...i thought he was ugly. But i was gonna take one for the team and still go so that my gurl could meet his cousin and New York could meet the other friend. Well I guess the cousin wasnt interested in Sunshine bc he never replied to the note she sent on facebook. And i never even knew who the friend was that New York was supposed to meet...so whatever on that.


I also met another guy on facebook...ill give him a name later, if it even gets that far. He's real cool and cute. So on Friday, he asked me would I come see him. Since I had already made up my mind on thursday that there would be no triple date, we made plans to meet up. I took my shower and get dressed and i called him around 830 to let him kno that I was on my way....phone is off. So i'm pissed. Well not really pissed, but agitated bc I had showered and made my face up and shit and his phone was off. So I decided to call up Island Breeze. He's someone I had to pull out the closet and dust off. But i had been lookin at his facebook page and damnit if he wasnt lookin good! lol...so i call him up, make him get outta bed and we head to a pool hall in Silver Spring. Wouldnt you know that a soon as I walked in the place, Ol-cant-answer-my-phone-lookin-boi sends me a text explainin how he was at the wizards game and his phone went dead and he was textin bc he got my message and didnt want me to think that he wasnt pullin no grimy shit. So i told him that I would call him when i left and that maybe i would stop by.

Island Breeze beat me 3 times! I was sooo mad. I'm very competitive. WE're gonna have another date at the bowlin alley when i come back from ohio for thxgvn. I better whip his ass!! lol.


So i went by facebook boy's (remember that im not naming him yet) His blog name is Mr. 20...Thx Tima lol house and we chilled. He is a cutie pie!!!!! Well...sexy is more like it. But guess what yall!!? He's 20! lol...i told him i felt like an older woman lol. He's very talkative (just like me) and hes mature for his age. I got over there at like 2 and we talked until 730 in the morning! But im not putting nothin into that bc so did me and Johnny Blaze =/

I think thats it as far as updates go. If i missed anything just remind me in my comments...oh! and pictures of each of these guys will be up this evening so check back tonight or tomorrow!

Ciao Bella! Tutti Fruitti!!


21 November 2008


So...I had a lurker come out from hiding!! Everybody wave hi to Amber_Alert....I said wave damnit! ok. Now that thats outta the way...she tagged me! So ima tell yall 7 things about me...which i thinkll be hard bc I already did a 100 things about me post...theres not much yall dont know about me but ill try *shrugs shoulders*

1. link to the person that tagged u and post the rules on ur blog
2. share 7 weird/random facts about urself
3. tag 7 random ppl at the end of ur post and include links to their blogs
4. let each person kno that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

1. I think that I have a mild case of OCD. I tend to do things in a routine. Like, when i get dressed in the morning. I take my shower, put my lotion on, put my underwear on, wash my face, put lotion on it, brush my teeth, unwrap my hair, put my clothes on and then my perfume. I cannot do it another way. Thats how it HAS to be done.

2. I dont spend as much time as I should with my brother and sister. I miss them and I want to see them but my akward relationship with my dad causes me to stay away.

3. I always say that I want a boyfriend but when guys start comin at me like they want to get serious, i get nervous. I start wondering if i really want a boyfriend. BC if i get one, what if someone cuter or more outgoing or just more compatible comes along?? I'm not free to date them! But then, I'm single now and I dont really date...I'm so retarded.

4. Even though I'm the single friend, I'm not jealous of my friends who are married or who are pregnant. I get really excited about babies and I like hearing stories from newlyweds...cuz they way i figure is itll be me sooner or later.

5. I fall in like way to quickly. I can meet a guy and have one conversation with him and start seein stars and shit. Im not gullible but I give guys the chance to fuck up before I start gettin all suspicious and shit. Which is weird bc you would think that i have trust issues bc of how my relationship ended a couple of months ago...but i dont.

6. I find things to eat that i think taste really good and then i eat them everyday for like a month. Right now its pineapple fruitcups and blueberry muffins. I ahve a blueberry muffin and a deer park every morning, and a pineapple cup every night when i get home. Last month it was a chicken and chz biscuit and hash brown from mickey d's.

7. I'm always attracted to musicians, artists or troubled guys. I have no idea why. Well its the creativity in musicians and atrists. I'm a picses, so i'm creative naturally and i want someone like that. As far as guys that get in trouble...i think its the Captn save a hoe in me. I think its that if i can get them to turn their life around ive done a good deed or some shit...idk.

Well, their you have it! 7 things about me you didnt know! Fell free to ask me question about any of them...itll give me somethin to write about and if you saw my ask me anything post then you know i dont shy away from any question!!



19 November 2008

Where the hell is everybody?!

OK...is it just me? Or are the majority of your blog friends MIA? I went to Candy's page...she's takin a break, Tima and Nasha just up and quit, Tom_gurl just named herself a part time blogger...it seems like the only person bloggin on the regular is TM!! And her comment section is lackin responses seriously! Whats goin on? I know that i hae been gone...partially due to not having anything to say and to the fact that i got a new position at my company and i cant blog while im here as much and i dont really get on the computer at home. But thats no excuse...i could blog from my sidekick...i just dont. =/

I think im back now tho. Annnnnnnnd....I have a triple date on Friday!! Me and Sunshine and her friend (i needa think of a name for her, cuz i think shell be mentioned here more frequently...for now shell be..oh wait! i got it!! New York...cuz well, shes from NY! duh!) are going out on a blind date with this guy who sent me a note on facebook. He's bringin his cousin (who is CUTE! yall!!) and some other dude. I almost wished the cousin would have tried to talk to me...he is sooooo fine!!

I know that i said that i wouldnt mention any guys on here til atleast after the first date but its hard! you guys are like fam...so i have to give you the juice!!

I promise to post on monday to tell you how it went. I may get motivated and add pix from the date...or at least just my outfit =/

Sidenote...im thinkn bout shuttin down this blog and startn a new one. There are some people who have made it known that they have read my blog and it makes me more concious about the things that i write here...and i dont like to be cendored damnit!!!

Dont worry...once i change it, comment on your blogs so that you know its me again. And GiGi (my friend who reads the blog but doesnt have one) i'll make sure to give youthe new one too! lol...

Happy Hump day!! (i hate when people say that)


14 November 2008

somethin I thought I would never do


As u can see I have taken a slight siesta from bloggin. Wanna kno why?

Because as I reread some old posts I've realized that im becomin the blogger I hate.

You kno the type: the whiny lonely blogger or the my-life-is-so-great blogger.

No one wants to read that shit! People want a happy medium and I can't give yall that. My posts used to have variety...but lately its been the same shit about wantin to date or have a boyfriend or whatever. Im just tired of writin bout the same thing...however since that's all that's goin on in my life....the only option is to not blog =/

I figured I would at least give yall an explanation for my absence...

Oh...and I joined match.com...times is hard.


08 November 2008

so much for keepin a secret =/

I rarely post on saturdays. But today, I had to.

As I sit in my car in line for the car wash, I got to thinkn bout my current dating situation...which is pretty much non existent. Ok ok so I get it. I may not get a boyfriend for a while. That is ultimately what I want...however im willin to crawl before I walk. So I've settled with just dating. But doesn't dating come with rules or an etiquette worksheet or something?! I mean, why do these niggaz be ackin like we don't expect nothin from them? Idk...maybe we shouldn't. Well shit lemme not speak for yall...

Previously I mentioned that I had a secret. Well the secret was that I had met someone...well technically REmet him but ill blog about that another time. I didn't mention it bc everytime and I do mean EVERYTIME I have blogged about a guy that shit do NOT work. Its like yall be jinxin me!

So I kept it to myself. I said I wasn't gonna mention it til at least after the first date. Well, our first date was SUPPOSED to be on wednesday. We were goin to the cheesecake factory. So as I was gettin my hair done, I sent him a text sayin that I kno that we agreed on 530 but that I thought I was gonna be a lil later than that. He sent back a text sayin that "somethin" came up and that he couldn't make it. Now, its not him cancellin that pissed me off. Well, kinda. But not all the way. It was that he waited til I text him to tell me. U know what rime I text him? 430. So he waited til an hour before to cancel. If I hadn't text him when was he plannin to tell me??

Then when I finally talked to him he suggested monday or tuesday for our makeup date. We'll see if he calls. Bc I can't. I deleted his number.

This sux bc I think that I liked him.


05 November 2008

History Was Made, This Day...11.o4.2oo8


We have a black president!!


Can you believe it? Did you think this day would come?! Did you see all the happy white faces in the crowds? White people, happy that a black man was elected president.

This is crazy. Absolutely insane!! I have no words to blog right now. Im just happy.

Black people that I have never ever noticed are smiling at me and wishing me a good morning.

Im proud. Sooooo very proud.

And I was a part of this.

Itsa brand new day yall!!


04 November 2008

Oooooh The Excitement!!

Hey! I know I promised part 2 of the WWU but I just cant. I'm too excited yall!! I voted this morning and I cant wait to find out the results!! I hope we find out tonight, cuz lord knows i wont be able to sleep unless we do!!

Plus this is my hundredth post! It took me a looooong time to get here, man!

Maybe I'll post again today, since I'm the only one in the office.


I have a secret...but I cant tell you just yet!!!

It's a celebration Bitchezzz!!!


03 November 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up: Part 1

G'day mate!

I feel the need to warn all of yous that this will be a loooooooooong weekend wrap up. I did so much (or maybe it just felt like it) that I have to write about it in 2 parts...part 2 will be up tomorrow, i reckon.

Friday: I had to work but I got off at 4 so I could rush to get my nails done and do my hair and all that. With having to wait for 2 other people to get dressed and stuff we didnt end up leavin the crib til like 12. We caught the metro to New York Ave...where we were SURE that there would be taxis waiting for people...ummm negative. THERE WERE NO TAXIS YALL!!! So we started walkin up New York Ave...and let me just tell you that I was a sexy race car driver, so I had on this black jumpshort thingy wit long sleeves and fishnets and black knee high boots, my friend was a sexy school teacher and her friend was a sexy geisha gurl. Niggaz was honkin horns and yellin out they windows and just plain actin like they aint never seen 3 chicks walkin up the street. Anyway, My friend spots an empty taxi on the other side of the street and we run and hop in. This is where the fuckery begins. After I catch my breath, I look around and notice that there are McCain stickers EVERYWHERE in the taxi. The taxi dude even had a cut out of McCains face by his steering wheel!! Taxi dude was Nigerian and he was blasting COUNTRY music!! Homeboy was really havin an identity crisis, smh. It was just ridiculous. I also noticed that he started the fare at 4.50. All he did was make a u turn at the light, drive up the road a lil bit and drop us off at the club. Do you know how much he charged us? 10.00!!! So i figure he doesnt need a tip bc he decided to add it in himself. This African country fool gon say, "Ooh, so ii gees i doont geet a teep today, hunh?" My friend handed him a dollar...she better than me...smh.

So we get out of the car and get in the line for the club. Honey. Some of the outfits were plain retarded. I aint never seen so many big bishes in outfits that too damned small in my life!! A mess! There we also alot of cute gurls in cute outfits too tho so it balanced out i guess. One question tho. Why the hell would you come to the club on stilts? I mean, really. And why the hell would the people at the door let this fool in? I just think that was stupid, but whatever. Oh yeah! Jerome was in the club yall!! You know Jerome....from Martin!

I said Jerome in da house! Whatcha mouf!!!!

He was so funny! He was walkin around wit a big ass house phone for a cell phone and had on some tight assed pants wit socks in his crotch area...a mess! lol. There was also a VERY cute Harlem Globetrotter...I pinched his butt. What? TM dont look at me like that! It just looked so tight and nice...i couldnt help myself! Yall know it was mad chicks dressed up like cops and when they played lil wayne "mrs. officer" they went wild.

Finally, it was time for the club to close. We go outside adnd my friend calls the sober ride taxi people who take you home for free...up to the first $50. So we're waiting on the corner of New York and Kendall and more cat calls and hollerin as niggaz was leavin the club! I must admit, I kida like the attention cuz we was stoppin traffic...literally! One guy even jumped the curb on accident while he was breakin his neck to look at me (and I say me cuz i was the onky one showin skin...it was dark so they couldnt see our faces...so it had the be the thigh action i was givin em...lol.) The light would be green and they would still be starin and askin where we were goin. After a while tho, it got cold...and the taxi STILL wasnt there! I think we were outside waiting for like a good 45 minutes and this guy walks up and he's like who are yall waiting fo? So we say a taxi. He offered to take us to Union Station which is a much easier place to catch a cab and even though we were all a lil skeptical, it was damn near 4 am and i was cold and tired. So we agreed to let him take us (but not before i copied that license plate number and posted it on my facebook status).

We got in the car and he was talkin a whole bunch of shit about how his hands are registered weapons and that his cousin is Taz (the one who owns love...yeah right) and some other shit (idk i wasnt listenting). We get to union station and finally catch a cab. Idk what happened on the ride back home bc I fell asleep. All i know is, is that I didnt come strollin back into the house until around 530 am...im surprised I wrapped my hair and took off my makeup...then i went to sleep honey!

pics comin as soon as my friend sends them to me.


Oh yeah! and part 2 tomorrow...

29 October 2008

Am I Your Girlfriend?

OK...this post aint about me. Why? Because I have nothin to tell...except that Jhony's been callin but for some reason I dont feel like talkin to him..maybe I'll call back today. Who knows? I'm real finnicky like that. Anyways...

So my homegirl has been dating this guy since April. Thats 6 months, in case you couldnt do the math. Now, the are just dating. There is no title or anything. But they have been dating exclusively for these 6 months. Are you with me? Ok, good.

So after 6 months of dating...exclusively...she sends him a text asking the question..."am I your girlfriend." No response. That was Sunday night. Monday, at around 6 pm he calls her and says that he had left his phone over his mans house and that he just got it back...whats up? she asked him if he got her text and he says no. So they finally get into the conversation of wether they are actually together and he says," well, i dont want a girlfriend right now. I'm still broken up over my last two relationships."


what?! What do you mean that you are still broken up over your last two relationships?! What the hell did you think this six months was?!

Those were her thoughts and I totally agree. How do you date someone EXCLUSIVELY for six months and not want a girlfriend? Isnt that like having one just without the title? I dont get it. I think that exgirlfriend thing was a cop out. I dont think that's what it is at all. I just think that he wants to do whatever he wants to do and he wants to keep kcufing her.

So she calls me crying and all upset. Shes confused as to why he would string her along and she feels like shes wasted her time on him. But the thing is, is that she REALLY likes him. My advice to her was to do what she thought was best. because there is no compromise in this situation. Either she sticks around until he's ready for a relationship or she leaves him alone. either way shes not getting what she wants right now.

What do you think? Is he ridiculous? Is she trippin? Is 6 months too long or not long enough? What would you do?

Tell me!


28 October 2008

Question of the day...

Hey Yall...

*clears throat* I'm sick. My throat is closing in on itself and my nose feels like it wants to follow. Last night I took some TheraFlu warming liquid, 3000 mg of vitamin C, drank some orange juice, drank some sleepytime tea and went to sleep in socks, a tshirt, pajama pants a hoody and 2 comforters. I.WAS.NOT.PLAYIN. I feel better now tho, than I did yesterday. I will be repeating that remedy tonight.

So the Question of the Day:

Have you ever said Candyman/BloodyMary 5 times in the mirror? I haven't. I'm scared to and I'm a grown woman!! I dont really think anything will happen, but im not really tryna find out either. So, have you? If so, what happened? Who made you do it? Are you scared to do it now?

Someone go in the bathroom now and do it...if you dont post anything after, we all know whats up...lol


27 October 2008

Monday Mash Up...Big Time Disappointment

I am not in the mood for pleasantries this morning. Have you heard about this ish that Jennifer Hudson's family has goin on? Im sure you have. WTH?! People are so sick and twisted. And even though I refuse to comment on it (for now) i am most definitely givin her sister a serious side eye. Somethin aint right, im tellin yall.

And thats all I have to say about that.

I watched Forrest Gump over the weekend. That is a funny ass movie. I never realized how funny it was before. It's like The Color Purple...that's a funny ass movie too.

Hmmmm...what else did I do this weekend? I went to Bob Evans, got some sex, had the no rules pasta from Outback, yum!


Why are you lookin at me like that?

Oh! The sex part? Yeah, I did it. Boooooooo. Waste of time. You see, while lil miss Eb the Celeb was gettin her jollies off, I was not. It started after I baby sat some bad ass kids. All that day I had been thinkin bout gettin some. I couldnt help it! i was lonely :(
So, after me and Jhony Blaze talked for awhile, I decided to give him a call and tell him I wanted some. I had already pretty much figured out that it wasnt going anywhere romantical betweenst me and him (you like the word betweenst, right?) plus, I had never did the do with anyone outside my race....sue me for wantin to know how the booty work!! (thats one of my fave lines from tupac in poetic justice lol).

So we made plans and I headed out to Hyattsville later Friday night. I had some Vodka and Cherry Coke and after about a glass and a half, honey, I was on my HEAD!! ok?! We started off by kissin (which i dont really do...so the liquor was definitely talkin!) I dont really remember what happened in between...but i know we started kcufing and that part was good, I guess. Sike, na it was...He NASTYYYYYYYY!!! lol...he was all chokin me and talkin some spanish mess lol. But then I guess he came, bc I remember him sayin somethin like, "Gimme like 5 minutes (breathin extra hard)." Honey, I took my lil ass to sleep! I didnt wake up til like 1030! I got dressed and he wanted me to lay with him and cuddle, so I did for a lil second..but then I had to bounce. The whole way home I couldnt shake the feeling of disappointment. I wasnt expectin magic unicorn fairy dust to sprinkle over us while we were sleeping and make us fall in love but i just felt....empty. I cant explain it. I havent really decided yet, but i think that i'm still gonna chill on gettin busy. There's no point in doing it if i'm not getting anything out of it. i had fun with Mr. Jhony Blaze but....still...idk. =/

Still lookin for that warm and tingly feeling...


24 October 2008

Death of a Salesman Player

What the hell is wrong witchall?! Yall had the nerve to halfway cuss me out bout not bloggin and then yall raggely asses couldnt even comment on a sistas post?! Yall know yall wrong right? *givin the side eye to Tima, Nasha, Candy, Vixen, Dave, and whoever else I cant remember that usually comments on here*

It's OBVIOUS that my only REAL blog friends are TM and Toya, thanks ladies.

LOL...now that I'm done with that, I say we get to todays post. Yesterday, I mentioned that technology would be the end of the player and I'm right. Think about it. As technology advances, there are less ways to lie, and more ways to get caught up.

Back in the day, there were no cell phones so you couldnt really keep tabs on anyone. Pagers worked to the advantage of players bc they could assign codes to their different chix. Plus, with a pager they could call you at their convenience. Now we have the ability to IM, Text, Call, Voicemail, Snailmail lol...there are all different kinds of ways to catch a player. Not to mention Facebook...oh lord, Facebook could be the destruction of a whole damned relationship! Everybody knows somebody on Facebook. They know when you break up, make up, they know when your relationship is complicated or totally nonexistent....to a player, facebook is prolly the devil. Just the pictures alone will catch a player up on Facebook. Once people start taggin the pix, its a wrap.

Technology is how I caught my douchebag of an ex boyfriend creep creepin. I logged into his Tmobile account and accessed his tmail email account and BAM! information overload...I got the screen name and password to Blackplanet, SinglesMeet, AdultFriendFinder, and...wait for it.... HORNY MATCHES.COM!!! lmao...Yes, this ho has a hornymatches profile. AInt that just nasty? He sexin random chix off the innernets? Which aint make me do difference bc we broke up in June but I stopped kcufing him in February (which has nothin to do with why he cheated bc I found out (via his calendar on his sidekick) that he had been messin wit his new girlfriend since November of last year...anyway, back to waht i was sayin...) plus i BEEN tested and screen for STD's when all the Cancer ish happened, but maybe i should send him a lil text suggestin that he do that, no? On top of all the screen names to his lil nasty pages, i saw the emails that him and his new chick had been sendin back and forth about how they loved each other and missed each other, woo woo whatever *stickin my finger down my throat*. So upon further inspection, I got her work/home address, work/home/cell number, work/personal email and last but not least, her facebook account*. Yes, all that...

So you see how technology can get a nagga found out? Mhmmmm. And I dont play either, cuz just like Anthony Anderson said in Two Can Play That Game, "The CIA...aint got SHIT on a woman wit a plan..."

Remember dat,


- *Not that I would do anything with it, cuz my name aint Jasmine Sullivan, I'm too grown and classy for mess like that. But I'm sure that him knowin that I have all that info made it a lil hard to sleep the first couple weeks after we broke up...


23 October 2008

Reappearing Acts

Well Well. Look who decided to call. Mr. Johnny-on-the-spot. *eyeroll*...mmmmhm. He called last night with his excuse...and askin me could we still get together that night. Now, while I can understand his reason for basically falling off of the face of the earth for 24 hours on Tuesday...there was no way that I was gonna still go out with him. Unt-uh...not gon happen. I told him that I had already made plans (plans to get in my bed, but that aint his bidness). So when I said that, he had the nerve to act all disappointed! But thats his fault bc even tho he was busy taking care of some personal things it takes all of about 15 seconds to compose and send a text (I think that technology will soon be the death of the player). So no matter how busy you were, you're never too busy to send a text saying "Hey Im really super busy 2day but i saw that u called n i cant w8 2 c u 2maro" or some texty shit like that. But he didnt, so bc he didnt...he's been pushed to the back of my (very short) list, lol.

I have to admit tho that I was glad that he called, which makes me mad tho bc, I had just made up my mind that Iwas never calling him again. I even deleted my call log and his number and all of his texts so that it would be impossible to call. Why do guys do that. Its like they have some internal alarm that goes off whenever they think that we are getting over them or on a date or something. Thats when they want to start callin and pullin that "Baby Baby please!" crap.

Anyway, I played it cool. It was a short conversation, he asked when we could get together, I told him that I was off the entire weekend and that we could get together then. He started talkin some shit I aint wanna hear about how he's supposed to get together with his cousins this weekend. So I just told him to let me know once he figured everything out. But he bet not wait til the last minute to call me askin me out the same day cuz that doesnt work for me. You need to call at least 2 days in advance.

He almost had me with the 6 hour sweet talk bullshit but he screwed up so I'm bout to play the effin game.

It's on like Donky Kong bitch!


22 October 2008

The Common Denominator

Okay. So why havent I heard from Johnny Blaze?! Yeah. No phone call no text no nothing. So im sorry Tima...or Nasha, there will be no date post. Why? BC there will be no date. Even if he did call today, that would be a no. You cant not call for 2 days and then magically reappear on date day like you never got missin.

I think that I may have given up TMI. I always do this. I think guys lose interest after i overtly stress the fact that I am NOT havin sex wit just any ol random nigga. I think they figure that they dont have a chance in hell with me so they just stop callin.

Now dont get me wrong...I am not sayin that i think that i should change my mind about makin sexy time...bc that just aint gon happen. I refuse to lower my standards or ignore my wants bc these raggely naggaz cant get with the program. But maybe i need to just chill out on the way that i let them know about it.

I may be wrong (and if there are dude readers here, please feel free to correct me) but i believe that chix who dont give up the goods right away are at a disadvantage to the chickenheads that are passin out the pussy like 10 cent lemonade on a summers day. I mean, think about it. You have two options...someone whose makin you put in work, by this I mean, goin out on dates, talkin on the phone and generally just makin a dmaned effort...then you have someone who does not require any of that. Its just like the old saying goes...why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?!

*sigh* I think my blog name should be Cant Get Right. I mean...i seem to somehow screw up any possible dating situation. And while I know that there is definitely nothin wrong with me...i AM the common denominator in each of these situations. I mean, as much as we would like to think so...it cant be that somethin is wrong wit everyone else, can it?

*sigh again* It's gone be a loooong cold winter...


21 October 2008

A lil bit of this n that

I really apologize for gettin missin like this. I feel so bad. I just havent had anything to write about tho. I sat down at my pc like 4 times to blog and i just couldnt. I had stuff to write about but I couldnt figure out what to say about it. Vixen, Tima and Nasha and TM were askin bout me...Candy emailed me last week to make sure i was ok. Idk what my problem was. But i am here now and I apologize.

First off lemme say a big CONGRATS!! to the newly named MRS. Count!! TM got murried yall!!! The pix are on her page and they are soooo cute!! We want the pix from mexico!!

Saturday night I went to Lucky Strikes wit my girls from my part time job and we had a good time!! It was so cuties up in there!! I met one...his blog name will be Johnny Blaze bc well...thats what he said his name was lol. Thats not his real name but thats what everyone has called him since he was like 11 so thats what he goes by I guess. He's Philipino and El Salvadorean...and let me not forget to mention SEXXAY!! On Sunday night we stayed on the phone for like 6 hours (remember that from High School...You hang up...NO YOU hang up!! lol) tellin each other about ourselves. So far, I like him. He's a sweet guy. We are supposed to chill on Wednesday...we'll see how that goes.

Ya'll. I saw Whiteboy from ILNY on Sunday!! Can I say that is a sexy white man?!*Stares dreamily into space* Oh yeah and LaVar Arrington...I saw him too. His dreads were NAPTY (nappy+nasty=napty). He was not cute...now, back to Whiteboy...ohhh he just had this swag that was outta this world. That is a sexy white man.

I'm officially done with the Cancer bullshit!! I just got my medi-port removed (the thing they were usin to administer my chemo therapy) on Thursday. No more visits to Washington Hospital Center until March!! Thats when my doctor will give me the go ahead to get preggers!! And then me and Johnny Blaze can have beautiful Blipinodorean (black+philipino+el salvadorean=blipinodorean) kids....i kid i kid!! lmao!!

Lemme go do some work now *sigh*...anyway, I wont leave you guys hangin anymore.


09 October 2008

What's My Name?!

Ok...bc I really don't have anything to blog about today, but I;ve left yall hangin since like Monday...I'm gonna do a meme...here goes...

1.Your rock star name (first pet, current car):
Star Neon

2.Your gangsta name (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe):
Vanilla Boots

3.Your Native American name (favorite color, favorite animal):
Pink Dog

4.Your soap opera name (your middle name, city where you were born):
Lynnette Grand Forks

5.Your Star Wars name (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of your first name):

6.Superhero name (2nd favorite color, favorite drink):
Orange Malibu

7.NASCAR name (the first names of your grandfathers):
Bobbie Enid

8.Dancer name (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy):
CanCan Caramello

9.TV weather anchor name (your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter):
Rosenstock Raleigh

10.Spy name (your favorite season/holiday, flower):
Summer Hibiscus

11.Cartoon name (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now):
Pineapple Loafers

12.Hippie name (what you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree):
Chicken Bamboo

13.Movie star name (first pet, first street where you lived):
Star Colorado

06 October 2008

I almost made Sexy Time!!

Hey Yall!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know youre wondering what this title is all about bc if youve been reading and paying attention then you know that i havent made sexy time (every time you read that you have to say it like borat.)with anyone in 6 months. But this weekend it almost happened. Saturday night I got an invitation for some late night movies and such over my friend *thinkin of blog name...* SEMIPRO's house. We'll call him that cuz he plays semipro football for two leagues in the DMV. Now me and semipro have had a lil somethin somethin goin on before but it never went anywhere bc he was kinda sorta talkin to some gurl and he was so busy between his night work schedule, football, and recording his CD. I felt like i didnt fit in with all his extra curricular activities and i dont play second to any chick. so needless to say we stopped hangin out altogether. About 2 weeks ago, he hit me on fac.ebook just to say hey and then here we are at Saturday night. Now at first, i wasnt gonna go. I had been workin my part time job and i was just tired. But my mom was all like "its Saturday night and you're 22, there's no reason why you need to be in the house!" So i showered and went over there. Let me just say now that this man is the CHOCOLATENESS!!! he is so sexy! he has one deep dimple in his right cheek and his smile is sooooo pretty!! Anyway *my apologies to the dudes that read* we were chillin on the couch watchin TV all cuddled up and stuff. At about 2 am I am no longer able to hold my eyes open and there was no way that I was going home at that time (he lives in laurel and i live in waldorf) so he asked if i wanted to lay down. *sidenote: he has the most comfortable bed! its one of those joints that conform to your body *sigh** so we get in the bed and i fall RIGHT to sleep. I mean knocked out kinda sleep. In the midle of the morning i feel this nagga tryin it! like, he is seriously tryna get some while im sleep!! lmao so im like...semipro! what the hell are you doin?? and he says..."shhhh." what?! did this fool just "shhh" me while he's tryna get some while IM SLEEP?! Mind you this happens EVERYTIME i spend the night...but we always end up havin sex. This time i was just like, "nah, im not havin sex right now....and you arent supposed to be either (he's tryin to maintain his celibacy since he's been saved) and he's like "you're right" so he just snuggles up behind me and we go back to sleep. i didnt wake up til about 1030. We talked football and he wanted to make me breakfast but i couldnt chill like that without my teeth bein brushed so i bounced lol. On the way home i replayed everything in my head and it occured to me that i havent been missing sex...ive been missing BUN TIME. I dont know if this is going to continue between me and him but i hope so...i really like him and i think that he likes me too. idk...i guess that well see. yall know ima keep yall posted!

Hey wait before you go...does anybody read Renaissance Black Woman?! She made her page private and i would like to read...i guess thats if she invites me too =/



03 October 2008

I guess I will be elaborating...

Can i just tell yall that i think i seen the sexiest dude on blogger today...well idk how sexy he REALLY was bc it was just a side shot of his face but damnit if his sideburns didnt look delicious!

After rereading my post and then reading your comments i feel the need to go into more detail about my past relationship. I sounded like I was in one of those Baby Boy ghetto ass relationships and it really wasn't like that. The situations that were mentioned in my last post sounded a lil hoodrattish i guess. I think the reason that I was so in love with him is because I saw how he treated his family. He has a very big family and i dont and i always wanted to be a part of somethin like that. He worked very hard. He was always workin. He does road construction o he works long hours and he also hustled on the side (hence the arrests)...to help his grandmother pay the mortgage and both of their car notes. He was the reason that i started wrkin two jobs. He made me want to be better...somewhere along the line i guess he found what he as lookin for in someone else. I dont really think that i am mad at him...i am mad at how he handled it. I know that but every once in a while i get in my feelings about the situation thats all.

Tima and Nasha asked how come I was still lonely even though we were together. He just wasnt affectionate. I need affection and compliments bc thats the way that I am. I need someone to want to cuddle and chill. That wasnt him...it was always about everyone else. His friends and his family and obviously this other chick were more important. But he was first on my list. But whatever, while my heart is broken, im glad that its over. It was a long time comin and a damned valuable life lesson. Now i know to never make someone a priortiy when you are only an option.

So after i reread that post i decided to delete Jamie Ashtonn Barksdale from my life completely. No phone calls...no plans to hang out. nothing. I am completely washing my hands of him. Also, please dont mistake my rant yesterday for angry black woman syndrome/niggaz aint shit speak. You'll never hear that come from my mouth. There is nothin sexier to me than a black man. I'm just waiting for the right one to come along.

I'm feeling alot better today!


02 October 2008

Why me?! Why not him?

Yeah...i know...its late and I'm just now blogging. I had work to do. Anyway, I wouldnt say that I'm in a foul mood, i guess im just confused but this will be a Tell Em Why You Mad THursdays of sorts. You see, in June of this year, i found out that my boyfriend of 7 years had another girlfriend. No, he wasnt man enough to tell me...i found out...by checkin his email. He had been sending her emails talking about how much he loved her and all this other crap. After 7 years of me thinkin it was so hard to let him go, it was the easiest thing to do that Friday night for me. I didnt cry, i just called him up, told him I knew, and hung up the phone. I called my homegirl and we went to Fridays that night. It just seemed so easy to walk away and I have no idea why. After talking to this person everyday for 7 years you'd think there would be some kind of drama involved. But there wasnt. This was the man that i KNEW that I would marry. I had picked out our kids names and everything. If you would have told me that he would have another girlfriend I would have laughed bc it wasnt possible and he would never do that. Boy was I wrong. See, I never put it past him to cheat on me. And i'm pretty sure that he did during the course of our relationship. But if you knew him you would just never imagine him having another girlfriend. i dont know if you understand what im saying but its just that way. I had always been there for him whenever he needed me. I was the one that drove in the snow at 2 am to get him from the club bc he was too drunk to drive...i was the one who went to pick him up from the police station every time he was arrested. And just recently before we broke up i was the one that paid his 350 dollar phone bill...the bill that he had been talkin to his other lil girlfriend on. If thats supposed to be his girl then why didnt she pay it?!

I guess what I'm getting at is that I dont understand why this motherfucker gets to be happy in his new relationship and im the one thats lonely. Why the fuck am i getting the short end of the stick when he cheated on me?! I'm doin shit for him when I'm goin through all this shit with that whole cancer thing and his bitch ass was spending time with her?! Why am i not in a happy, sappy , cute, cuddly, holdin hands in public kind of relationship? Why cant he be lonely? how come i couldnt have got the hint long before he had a chance to break my damn heart? Believe me, if i did, I would have snatched his out his chest and stomped that bitch wit my favorite steve madden pumps. and then smushed it in the ground like I was puttin out a cigarette. Do i sound angry? good...fuck it i am pissed.

And dont give me that shit about how he'll get his bc i dont wanna hear it. I want him to feel it now. I want some shit so fucked up to happen in his relationship that he thinks back to how good he had it. And when it does, i do NOT want to him to come whinin to me bc he chose where he wanted to be. Let that girl (i wanted to type bitch, just so you know) deal with it bc im finally free from a relationship that i shouldve let go of a long time ago.

I know i prolly sound bitter...but this is the result of holding all of this inside. I try not to talk about it to my friends bc they only rehash feelings that i wish would just go away. I just want to be happy with someone yall. Its hard to explain the way that I am bc you dont know me. I am happy with myself but i was lonely before we broke up. I was always lonely with him. I just want someone that appreciates me...and i can appreciate them.

maybe ill elaborate another time. maybe not.


01 October 2008

Just a lil randomness...

OMG i havent posted in 6 days?! WTH is wrong with me? I'm sorry hunnies *kisses everyone on the forehead...2 for Vixen to make her feel special*

Now, where should i begin? Oh...well I'm out of my apartment!! I finally finished movin *ugh! hated it!*....so now im back with my moms...*sigh* but its for the better.

Oh! who is goin to the DC bloggers thing this saturday? Dave, plz leave details in my comments...thx hunnie.

Who watched Man and Wife on MTV last night. Are Scoop and Shonda not the cutest? They are my fave celeb couple...then Dawn and Q....*sigh* when am i gonna find my Q-Scoop? Speakin of that, I had a convo with a girlfriend of mine and we both wonder is guys think that a gurl who approaches them comes off as thirsty (read: deperate). I dont have a problem approaching a guy, but does it send the wrong message? Guys, i seriously need your input on this...plz n thx.

Who heard about that triflin assed woman who adopted 3 lil girls and then chopped up two of them and put their bodies in the freezer? And the dude in KY that has been arrested 1,000 times...literally? Yall know these mafuckaz black right? When the hell did we start doin dumb shit like this?! Shit aint right yall...shit aint right.

Who knows what time wendy williams comes on tv...i wanna DVR it.

To my chicks that read...i need some good books cuz its lookin like its gonna be a long cold lonely einter *cue the violin...lol* i need some books to read!!

We just started doing this thing in my office called Question of the week...I want to include yall!!

This weeks Question: If you could choose another name for yourself, what would it be?

My name would be Natalia.

Answer me Damnit!!!!


24 September 2008

Ow! Ow!

just bc im sexxay!!

Have a good day!!


Planning the Company Christmas Party...and I NEED A DATE!!

Hello everybody!! Thank you for your questions. I had fun answering them and I'm sure alot of you didnt think I would be so honest but I dont know yall! lmao...also, it brought out one lurker...please everyone give a warm welcome to Jaycee!! *waits while everyone claps* Maybe I'll do another post like that in the future, what yall think?

Anyway...so I'm planning the company Christmas party. I love Company parties and dread them at the same time bc I always wait til the last minute to get my dress and stuff. I'll have an idea in my head about how i wanna look, and then all of a sudden its the week before the party and i end up wearing somehting else. But i plan to get started early this year...however I dont know what color to wear, what style dress to get or even where to get it from. I dont want to wear black bc all the women who think they are fat (which is majority of the company) are gonna be wearing black. I need to stand out in the sea of 300 people. My fave color is hot pink but is that appropriate? I also like green, turquoise, orange, gold, coral and brown...but are those t0o bright? Lawd please just give me a sign! I'm lost! lol.

And...I need a freakin date. I have a little more than 2 months to meet someone that I like enough to let accompany me to this here event. The only problem is, 2 months isnt a long time to get to know someone. I mean, what if he gets drunk and embarrasses the hell outta me?! I dont wanna have to beat no ones ass in front of my co workers yall. Where am i gonna meet this man thats tall dark and handsome and looks sexy in a suit?! oh god the pressure *holding my head*...idk yall. Ima have to put my DC Bloggin Homegirls (that means you..Candy, Tima, Nasha, and TM) on Operation: Find Pink a Christmas Party Date/Future Husband...otherwise known from here on as Operation: FPACPD/FH...well idk if thats simple enough but yall know what im talkin bout. Yeah, I'm serious. Yall need to get to work...I'll be asking for status every Friday until the party...someone please come through...cousins, uncles, brothers and friends of families are fine...but i would prefer someone without a criminal record...kay?

i need a drink. =/


22 September 2008

Ask Me Anything Answers!!!

Aight...because I cant wait...I am actually answering these on Friday lol. You all had good questions!! Some of them would probably make some people want to lie...bc they maybe uncomfortable but im gonna tell you the TRUTH!!! lol...

Here goes:

1. I live my life not having any regrets and treating all situations as learning experiences...but if i had to choose one thing to change from my past, it would have been to not hold on to my ex boyfriend for 7 years when I knew it was bullshit.

2. If I had to change one thing about myself it would be to not be such a bitch. I can really be a BIG bitch when i am pushed to that point...oh and not to hold grudges...thats two isnt it? lol

3. I dont dislike anyone enough to be able to think of a specific person...i just ignore them.

4. About goin to see mirrors with Super Dave...I got really busy with tryin to get my life in line for 09 lol that I really didnt think about it. And i heard that it wasnt that good. I thought i texted you that tho?

5. I went to college of southern maryland for a semester...didnt work out. I wasnt into it...but I'm going back in January.

6. I have 3 tattoos...I have my name on my shoulder, a butterfly on my hip and my exes name on my ankle.

7. My favorite food is Goat Roti...its a Trini thing.

8. Yes, Candy...I've had anal sex lmao! It's aight...I don't prefer it tho.

9. I would like to live somewhere dry and hot. Like Vegas or Arizona...wait i take that back...i like the beach too...maybe Cali.

10. 15 is my sex partner number. I think I did majority of them between 18 and 20. but whats weird is that only 3 of them were a regular thing. The rest of them were FUCKnCHUCKS...like I would do them and never call again lol.

11. I dont think I would kill someone even if i knew I would get away with it. I think I would be too scared. But then again maybe I could cuz I dont really have a conscience about SERIOUS stuff...lol thats weird hunh?

12. I've fantasized about one of my friends boyfriends. But i think they wanted to have a threesome, they just never asked (they were real kinky like that). He would walk around wit his shirt off all the time and he had a NICE body...and she would always talk about how he was in bed. But i would never do it...and yes, I've had the opportunity.

13. I dont have a favorite song. I have songs that apply to something that I am going through at the time and those songs are my fave for a while...this summer it was Take A Bow by Rihanna...it came out as soon as I found out my boyfriend had another girlfriend =/

14. The traits that I look for in a significant other are: honesty, loyalty and the ability to be affectionate. Those are the 3 biggest. I also want someone that is funny, outgoing and spontaneous. Also someone that I respect as a man...i cant do the weak dude thing. I am too strong willed and stubborn for that. I shouldnt be able to run all over you.

15. What do I do for fun? hmmmm...lol lets see here. I'm pretty chill but thats bc I work two jobs and I'm usually tired. I like to dance but im not really a club goer...i'll go every once in a while. I guess bc I'm single now, I do alot of girls nights wit my homegirls. I like the movies and I like to go out to eat. A perfect day with myself would be to buy like 4 books and read them all day lol...i know, im a nerd! I also like going to Sports Bars during football season...i LOVE football. Oh! and Strip clubs too!

16. I have never done anything sexually that I consider degrading. If I'm not comfortable doing it then I dont. But for me, letting a man cum in your face is NOT cool. Thats just me tho...i have friends who can get with that. I dont...and never have.

17. I have never slept with a friends boyfriend or ex. I have slept with a guy that I was datings friend. It got real ugly lol. Me and my boyfriend were on a break and I called the dude over...my ex ended up showing up at my apartment while the guy was still there...but he didnt get in. I was so scared! lol...eventually I told my guy friend and he was really mad at me but he got over it and we are friends now. I would NEVER do that again. It was very hurtful =(

18. Nope. Never been with a girl. I flirt with anyboy who flirts with me tho. Candy used to say I was Gay for play. I'm open to almost anything but I just never have. I could never be in a relationship with another girl tho. too emotional and messy.

And there you have it! I hope I'm not too boring lmao!!


Well I do know he a freak!!

Ok so first....can i get a round of applause for my DALLAS COWBOYS?! They had me nervous at first but they pulled through in the 2nd half and got shit crackin against them Packers. We 3-0 now, lookin to whip some Skins ass this Sunday!!

Oh and how bout the dude that took my virginity comes poppin up from outta no where on facebook. Then he calls....tombout he interested and what does he need to do to put his bid him *serious eyeroll*. He even had the nerve to say some shit like "you never forget your first." Yeah...ok. I just dont understand how come old flings keep poppin up and new ones never surface. Like, seriously. I'm baffled.

Moving on...yesterday, me and my homegirl decided to have a lil outing. We went to the matinee movie to see the Tyler Perry movie (this was my second time) and then we went to the mall to do some shopping ( i got two VERY nice sweaters and some slacks from Old Navy!) Then we went to MiMi's Cafe to have some lunch. This is wwhere it gets good...

I was wearing my TO jersey and as soon as we walk into the restuarant this skinny girl comes from outta nowhere loud as hell tombout: COWBOYS FANS!! YALL SITTIN IN MY SECTION! I was so bewildered i couldnt even say anything...i just sat down and she took our drink order. She was loud the whole time...not just when she was talkin to us. SO i see this cute guy who is a server there and I decide to ask the waitress about him...why?! She leans over the table and goes:

Well...I do know he a freak.

um what? me and Brandii are about to die. She continues..

Yeah you see that white girl over there wit the bun? thats his best friend and she a dyke. She taught him everything he know and he be braggin on it. As far as I know he aint been wit nobody in here but he workin on it. He got a baby and I think he went to Lackey...he got a car and his own apartment. He does a good job here and everybody likees him and he's real cool...very funny and a nice guy.

yeah...ima leave yall to think on that.

Oh! before I forget. Ive already started answering your questions! If you havent asked your 3 you better hurry up cuz i'm postin answers tomorrow!!

I DO know he a freak!! lmao.


18 September 2008

Bobby Brown...and ask me anything!!!

Ummm....Bobby Brown tried to holla at me this morning. YES. I said Bobby Brown. And if you've seen Two Can Play That Game then I'm talkin bout THAT Bobby Brown.

So I'm sittin at a light, mindin my own business when I hear a horn honk. I look at the light to see if it changed and I wasnt payin attention...but it hadnt. So i look to my right and thats when I see someone grinnin really hard at me but his window was up and there was a glare so I couldnt really tell if I knew him or not. The light changed and while I'm drivin this fool is lookin at me the whole time and I'm sayin to myself, "Why the hell dont he roll down the window so i can see who the hell this is?!" Well he did and I wish he didnt. He was so hideous. He had a wide gap and twig braids in his hair. Tombout, "you shole is pretty!" What?! So whole time i got that plastic ass smile on my face, wishin that I could get away from him. We get to the next light and he like, "you look like this girl Katrina that i know. Is yo name katrina?" What?! No. My name is Kisha...(my name aint Kisha yall). When that light finally changed I HAULED ASS!! He kept tryna catch up to me but I wasnt havin that shit, not this damned morning. But stuff like that happens all the time when I'm drivin...but the guys are never really cute tho. =/

Anyway, I had an idea...I'm going to give each of my readers 3 questions to ask me. Ask me anything (except my name and social, got it?), I wont lie, PROMISE! I figure itll give yall a chance to get to know me and maybe itll bring some of my lurkers out of hiding. If you already know me (ahem...candy, then ask something that you think others would want to know). You have until Monday to ask me in the comment section and I'll post the answers in a blog on Tuesday...sound good?

great! Happy Friday Yall!!


Tell Em Why You Mad Thursdays!!

Here it is...the second edition of tell em why you mad Thursdays...hopefully itll be more successful than last time...lol. Here goes:

I hate when you hold the door open for someone and they dont feel the need to hurry the hell up. Its like they think you're gonna stand there and hold the door forever! Ummmm...no, im not. I got so pissed off yesterday that I waited for the guy to get close enough to grab the door himself and then I let it go. yeah it was a bitchy thing to do but i dont care.

I hate when I'm driving and someone cuts me off and then waves thanks through the back window. BITCH! i aint LET you in...you cut me off! That really pisses me off.

If you work in an office environment then you can undestand this one: I hate when we have a conference call and two people in the office put it on speaker. so not only can I hear the lady on the other side of my partition talkin but i can hear you on my bosses phone also...would it hurt one of you to pick up the phone?

I hate that some guys dont start acting right until you start ignorin them. By the time I start ignorin you, I usually dont like you. Now you want to start callin and askin me out and I just get irritated.

I hate lurkers!! if you are reading my blog then comment!! that way i can come to your spot and have somethin to read when i am bored and my other blog buddies are too lazy to blog!! lol

Thats it for me right now...go head and tell em why you mad son!


17 September 2008

Bloggers Block

What it do shawdiiz?! I think I have bloggers block yall. I just cant get my self together to really blog about anything. Candy thinks I'm fuckstrated (good one Candy ima be usin that...mmmk? thx.) but i dont know if thats what it is. Maybe it is tho. If so, I need to just get the hell over it bc it wont be happenin anytime soon. YOu know, I havent actually decided if I was celibate or not. I mean, yeah, I'm not having sex right now...but thats not to say that I wont decide to next week or somethin. Maybe I should declare myself celibate, hell I probably already am by default lol...like is there a rule that says that if you haven't done it in x amount of months then you are? Well if its over 4 months then I joined the club without even knowing it!

Funny thing is...i dont really think I even care. I mean, I could relieve my fuckstration if I wanted to, thus prolly endin my bloggers block...but meh...i just dont really feel like it, ya know? What's weird about that is that sex has always been very important to me. I write about it (not here) and i like to talk about it and i used to do it all the time...but maybe that was back when i had a bf. OMG!! do you guys think I'm experiencing some kind of trauma as a result of the way me and my 7 year bf broke up?!

Nah....his sex wasnt that good to make me go off the deep end. *sigh*

I really dont think that dick deprivation is a rason for my bloggers block...i think my life has just been pretty mundane thats all. The randomness that usually plagues my mind has taken a vacation so I have nothin to offer you guys. Oh! I could blog about my Cowboys and how they are gonna BEAST!! this season but I have alot of chick readers, and that may not tickle yall's fancy like that. I think that I have a date comin up soon tho...maybe thatll make for good bloggin....idk.

whta do yall want from me?!?!?!?!


15 September 2008

Case of The Monday's...again.

Hola! Here it is Monday and I'm not feelin it. I was so busy this morning that I just now ate my breakfast...it's 130 pm. I had my last treatment on Thursday and I am so glad this is over with! Back to a normal life!! Although, I've recently decided that I am moving back in with my mom bc my medical bills are far too expensive for me to pay them and my rent. Plus, I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna need a new car within the next year and I cant afford all that on what chump change I am making now. The negative of that is that I feel like me and my mom get along way batter when we dont live together. The positives are that I can go back to school, I'll have more time to excercise and take better care of myself bc I wont be working all the time and I'll have the money to finally do some traveling every once and a while. So it's cool I guess. On the note of me movin can I just tell yall that I HATE packing. OMG....its the worst. My last day in my apartment is September 30th and I have packed....NOTHING. *sigh* I'm assuming that I'll start this weekend. maybe. Ugh, I dont wanna talk about this anymore yall...

On another note. I think that I have met someone *Cue BIG SMILE!!* I think. I've kinda known him for a while...well my mom and his aunt are best friends. We've met twice but I always heard about him every now and then. We talked on the phone last night and he actually had conversation, GOOD conversation *gasp!* I dont know how this is gonna work tho. With me being so busy trying to put my life back together and get things in line for '09 (thats my new motto: Getting my life in line for 09...DONT steal it you heathen Children!) I havent really had time for a new someone in my life. But maybe thats bc I'm makin it like that? idk, prolly. Anyway, he lives in VA Beach (I dont do long distance relationships...do you think thats long distance?) and he's in the Navy. Cool. but he's got a lil baggage...which I guess i can work with. I mean, nowadays, its hard to meet a young (hell, ANY) man with good credit, no baggage, and no kids...so you gotta pick what you can deal with. And I think I can handle what all he has to offer. I wont put his business out there, yet. lol...

I get my hurr did tomorrow yall!! Oooh I cant wait. I just feel better when my hair is done. Maybe i'll get a i-just-paid-my-last-month-of-thousand-dollar-rent outfit to celebrate...itll be from TJ MAXX of course.



10 September 2008

Repost: June 07 Weekend Wrap up

Hey Ya'll!

I know that its late...but dont be mad, I've actually been workin...imagine that =/.

I dont have anything new for you so I'm just going to repost an old weekend wrap-up. It's really Friday that is the funniest part (well, its funny now. It wasnt then) but I figured I'll just let you read the whole thing.

Final treatment is tomorrow!!!!!!!

Throwback Weekend Wrap-up

Goodnight Pretties!


08 September 2008

Case of the Mondays

Meh, I am not really feelin it today. I did a 4.5 mile walk with my mom yesterday and thank GOD for Ibuprofen bc I prolly would have been crawlin into work today. Ugh, my hair is a mess. I need to get it done. And i'm freeeeeeezin in my office. yuck, Yuck, YUCK!! But ummmmm....HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!? Yezzir...we beat that azz last night...we was lookin good out there...minus all the penalties but whatever.

*sigh* Ive been makin MAJOR moves....so ive been MAJORLY busy. I dont know if I'll be blogging that often =(, we'll see tho.

Oh! who saw the VMA's? Can i say that I LOVE Rihanna...but homegirl cannot sing. Lawd Jeezus its terrible. But i still like her. Ciara looked cute and that Russell Brand is too retarded, lol. I think its just his accent that makes me laugh. Katy Perry was kind of boring, which disappointed me. Oh! Lil wayne didnt sound or look high and he wasnt carrying around his 3 stack styrofoam cup of drank like normal...could the rumors of a rehabbed Weezy be true? I surely hope so. I hate it when he's all high and what not. you can't understand what the hell he be talkin bout. Have you heard his new song with T. Pain? Yeah, thats a perfect example. It sounds like he's rappin with marbles in his mouth. Anyway, what else? Oh! Britney got best Vieo or somethin like that and she looked good! I'm glad for Brit...she's had a rough year. Hopefully thingsll continue to get better for her. I couldnt watch the whole thing tho...i was too tired. I'll catch the rerun cuz you know MTV gon play that joint until next year...lol.

This is random...but i need to go shopping for new winter gear =/


03 September 2008

Dreams and such

Hello all! I'm feeling better today. Yesterday I was in such a grumpy mood...tsk tsk. I apologize, thats not usually like me. Anyway, I did NOT sleep well last night. Wanna know why? Because of my damned dream last night. I fell asleep watchin Devil Wears Prada and next thing i know, I'm dreaming that I'm at the airport on my way to Paris. Then I kept waking up and hitting the snooze button thinkin that i was jet lagged, lol. Idk what my problem was. I also missed my connection flight on the way home or something so i had to stay in some other city. To waste time I started shopping and almost missed my standby flight! When i woke up, I looked at my clock and was convinced that it wasnt the right time bc the time is different in Europe! I'm crazy, I know.

Nevertheless, I finally got up and made it to work by 730. Even though alot of details are fuzzy, I'm surprised that I remembered what I dreamt about. Usually, when I wake up my dream floats from my mind and I cant bring it back at all. It seemed so real that I'm pretty sure I was talking in my sleep. I know that I do it bc I can hear myself lol. Have you ever heard the phone ringin in your sleep and then put your hand to your ear and say "hello?", only to realize that you didnt actually pick it up? Or think that youre having a two way conversation with someone until you wake up and realize that it was a song on the radio? lol...oh. does that only happen to me? =/

Whats one of the strangest dreams youve had? Or somethings that happen when you're sleep?

I raelly wanna know!


02 September 2008

Tuesday's Thoughts

Ugh, Good Morning I guess. This is not a Weekend wrap-up bc there is nothing to wrap up. Although I did visit with iCandy21 at her crib on Friday for some inappropriate illegal fun. I have no idea what time i left nor do i remember the ride home. i DO however, know that i spent ALL DAY in bed on Saturday. I slept from the time i got home from Candy's to the time i had to get ready for work, which was 5 pm. When i got off at 10 pm, I went straight to my mom's where I spent the rest of my weekned on the couch with my stomach turning somersaults.

Sidenote: Can I just take a minute to extend my third finger to this fucking chemotherapy? Thanks, I knew you wouldnt mind.

It's really showing its ass now. It's so bad that I almost want to skip my last treatment. Seriously. But I wont. Ugh, I just hate feeling like this. I just have to go through this one more time...thats it.

Anyway, how bout the dumbass McCain picked for VP? Not to be rude,but if he got elected and then happened to kick the bucket during his term we'd have Sarah Palin as our new president?? She looks like his secretary!! Nothin about her says VP! (I should prolly link a pic...but i dont really feel like it =/) Plus she's got a 3 or 4 month old Down Syndrome baby and a 17 year old daughter with her OWN child on the way. *sigh* whatever. It irritates me so much i cant even speak on it.

I think that I'm gonna quit my pt job and go back to school.

My stomach still hurts =(



29 August 2008

Friday Randomness

Excuse me while I cabbage patch *elevator music plays softly in the background*....ok im back and with GRRRRRREAT news!! My numbers are normal!! I just got my results yesterday and my HcG level is at 2.4...anywhere between 0 and 5 is good. I have ONE MORE treatment and then im done, ya dig?!

hmmmm.....what else? Let's see. *thinkin thinkin*

Fuck it. I cant think of anything. I'll prolly be back tho because...

"It's Friday, you aint got no job, and yeen got shit to do!"

Name this movie:

Yeah, thats right. Brush that weak ass fade. Nigga dick cant stay hard 5 minutes...what the fuck you do? Take steroids?!



28 August 2008

I dont like it...not one bit!

Yall know what bothers me sometimes? Its a relatively small thing, i guess. But it irks me just the same...I HATE when old white men wear thin ass button up shirts and have the NERVE not to wear a wife beater or t-shirt underneath. You know yo mama taught you better than that! I was walkin down the hall at work yesterday and this old white Steve Martin lookin boi turns the corner and all i see is flabbly skin and hairy nipples. It was so nasty i wanted to punch MYSELF in the face. And the thing is, is that i KNOW he knows better. And if he doesnt then his wife aint doin her damn job bc i'd kick my husbands ass twice if he even thought about walkin out the house like that.

The other thing i cant stand is when men (or women cuz it happens to them too)sweat through their shirts. I mean, i know that its over active sweat glands but damn! I know the doctor can prescribe somethin to keep that in check!

Oh! and another thing. If you sit in a small office please dont bring the plate that your Antie LooLoo made you from the fish fry on Sunday for lunch. After you warm it up, that shit STANKS. And then when i go to warm up my poppy seed muffin 20 minutes later, it tastes like Catfish and hot sauce. You better hope im not that hungry cuz i WILL punch you in the back of your head.

Let's see....what else? Cuz im havin fun, lol. Or maybe I'll leave it up to yall...this might be a regular thing if yall act right! Tell 'Em Why You Mad Thursdays!! I want Anger! Pissedoffedness! Hilarity! Shit I really just want some entertainment bc im bored as hell...

Annnnnnd action!


27 August 2008

Why Can't There Be A Happy Medium?!

Hello Lovelies! It's Wednesday!! We have two more days to go before the holiday weekend. I love holiday weekends by the way! I even have a calender in my cubicle of all of the up coming holidays, lol. Do yall realize that we havent had a 3 day weekend since the beginning of July?! Im definitely tryna do this one up.

Anyway, todays post is about the random men in my life. These men are so crazy. i know that you are prolly thinkin that if i have a bunch (mmmmm...somewhere around 7 or 8) of men tryna talk to me then why dont i have a damned boyfriend? Well, bc they are crazy i tell you! They fit into like 3 categories: The ones who wanna wife me...tomorrow, the ones who dont know what they want, and the ones who are grown assed men but have no intention on really settling down anytime soon but still wanna talk to me when they know i'm not for that "playin second to another chick" shit (that last one was long lol, but accurate).

The ones who wanna wife me...tomorrow: These are the ones who really blow me. I mean they have all the qualities that i would like in a husband but they want to do shit like move in together, make babies, and have joint bank accounts and shit. And they want it NOW! One dude hung up on me yesterday bc he said that after he told me how he felt about me, i havent made a decision or i havent said anything about the way i feel. Well, maybe thats bc i dont feel a special way right now. We havent been anywhere or spent any time together other than me stoppin by his house and sittin on the steps with him for a couple hours. DUDE! you havent put in any work!! Plus, he always wants me to come see him....he's never been to my house...NOT ONCE! Besides, hangin up on me just got you a one way ticket to lose-my-fuckin-number-ville...i dont play that shit. There is another guy that i met on new years and we talked for like 2 months....everything was perfect. I mean almost too good to be true. And thats exactly how i started feelin. i just felt like somethin wasnt right. After the first week he was tryna get me to meet his daughter, which i was not comfortable wit bc i dont think that its a good idea to introduce children to random people in your life. Then he started askin me if i had thought about movin in with him...WHAT?! At that point i just cut him off. he called me EVERYDAY, more than several times a day, then he started leavin weird creepy messages, so i just never answered another one of his calls again.

The ones who dont know what they want: These are the ones that are all over you one minute and then get missin for like 4 days out of no where. Now ill admit, that when i like someone i like them alot. but once you piss me off one too many times, i get bored with them and its damn near impossible to get me to feel the way i did in the beginning...Island Breeze fell into this category a long time ago. Check my blog...he hasnt been mentioned in a while lol. He's just too wishy washy for me. I dont even really remember when he stopped mattering to me, prolly when he told me that i was girlfriend material and that he wanted to be with me...but he didnt wanna make it officail until October...yea ok...bc i'm really gonna wait [ S A R C A S T I C F A C E ]

The ones who are grown assed men but have no intention on really settling down anytime soon but still wanna talk to me when they know i'm not for that "playin second to another chick" shit: Omigod i hate them. and they prolly hate me too. You know why? Bc I wont give up the panty drawz. That's all they want. None of these fools in the category that i have listed get the panty drawz but this group definitely does not stand a chance. Im not interested in the wham-bam-thank-you-mam or the fuck'n'chuck thing. and if i was it would be on MY terms. These are the ones that are cool to chill wit but its guaranteed that they are gonna try and get-in-them-drawz-and-tear-dat-ass-up at some point during the hangout. they have random girls callin all the time with ringtones like lollipop by weezy or i was gettin some head by shauna

-(lmao...one time along time ago me and this dude where gettin it in and his phone rang with that Shauna ringtone and thats not what made me mad bc we had an FWB arrangement. What pissed me off was that he tried to tell me it was his mom...yea, bc im really gonna believe that =/)-

but dont understand why my goods are on CLANK CLANK! lockdown. I dont do second place honey, its either just me or not me at all...you WILL NOT straddle the fence, sorry =/

They drives me crazy i tell youz.


26 August 2008

Guess Who's Bizzack?!

It's me snitchezzzz!! Well actually i was back yesterday but with all the emails that were in my damned mailbox, i didnt get a chance to blog.

I had a GREAT, OFF THE CHAIN, FANTABULOUS weekend in Vegas!!!! My mom and her best friend went and so did my grandmother and her cousin. My coworker/friend came with me. But *sigh* there was no inappropriate behavior. I did however get drunk for the 2nd time in my life!! Ow! That was Friday night. Me and Sunshine got dressed (ill have to post that pic once my mom sends it to me cuz i was lookin too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts honey!) and headed across the street to the Palazzo hotel (which is beatiful) to get to the 40/40 club. It was kinda small but very swanky. I liked it. The music was poppin and the bartender was cute. I ended up havin 1 Long Island and 4 Malibu and Cokes...Sunshine had 1 Long Beach. THAT.WAS.IT. No I don;t do the peer pressure thing but she's really standoffish (low self esteem/lacks confidence...but thats another post for another day) and so im just thinkin that maybe another drink or 4 would have loosend her up...am i wrong for thinkin that?! So anyway, she sat in the corner by the bar the whole night while I danced until they turned the lights on and where sweepin the floor!! I wanna tell yall what I wore but i think I may just make you wait for the pics ;)

Oh Oh!! In my drunken stupor I managed to almost fight a crackhead. Yes, honey. Now he was the only crackhead on the strip and he was workin double time bc earlier that day we saw him harrassin some innocent white folk. He was wearin his pink Easter suit. Then when the club let out, we saw him in some jean shorts and no shirt harrassin two cutie pie white boys for their beer. So my dumb ass walks up to them and im like:

me: Clyde! If you dont get your ass from in front of Ceasers Palace ackin a damned fool!! And where the hell is your shirt?! I dun told you bout this shit!! *to the white boys* yall excuse him..he dont know no betta. *back to crakhead* Clyde! Get yo ass back where you belong!

I grab the arm of the cutest white boy and start walkin away.

Clyde the crackhead: What?! Oh so you like white boys? You just gon walk away wit them honkys girl?! You know they used to lynch us!

By now, Sunshines eyes are buggin outta her head and shes gettin all nervous tombout:

Sir, Im sorry! Just please. Ohmigod!

Clyde the crackhead: Bitch shutup!!

Cute white boy on my arm: Hey! You dont fuckin talk to a lady like that!! What the hells wrong wit you?!

We walk away from Clyde and start headin toward our hotel. I find out that ol boy is from Birmingham and he's a nurse and he likes black girls...lmao!! I also found out it was his birthday so I gave him a nice juicy kiss on the cheek and posed in a picture with him. He was so excited lol. Sunshine said his dick got hard. lmao!!!! They walked us to our room and that was that bc Sunshine wasnt havin no company in the room. Whatever, I was tired anyway.

There was nothin else that really happened. I did notice however, that there were alot of couples. ALOT. and there werent alot of black people. But i loooooved the weather. I wondered if i could live there...but by the time my plane was flyin over the Pentagon and the monument I was glad to be home. Nothin like good ol DC.

Im exhausted honey.


20 August 2008

Out of Office!!

Hey Guys....I'm gone to VEGAS BABY!!! Try not to miss me too much while im gone. I'll be back Monday with a recap and pix unless my weekend is TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE...which im hoping it will be ;)



The RE-Education...

Hey Hey Heeey!!!! It's almost Fridaaaaay! Ok. Im done rhyming...but good morning. I am tired but very excited about my vacay!! Anyway...this here post is something that I have been thinkin about for a while but i rarely share with anyone bc...well, just bc ok? Really there isnt a reason why, its just one of the few things i voice my opinion on. I have very specific feelings about how a relationship should be between a man and woman. Now I'm not talking about a lil rinky dink relationship. I'm talkin about marriage, or a relationship with the potential of marriage. I feel like the man should be the leader and the head of the household. Regardless of how much money he makes or whatever. Now, im not the least bit submissive, AT ALL lol. but I dont believe that I have to be to let my man take care of the things that a man should. Now I do believe that if he isnt taking care of his business as a man, then as the wife, fiance, whatever it is my job to take over...but only then. I dont know if i'm sounding right. and maybe this is why i dont express my views on this topic alot. I just know what i think. The man that i hopefully end up with one day would be a king and think of himself as such. I need someone thats strong and doesnt buckle at the sign of pressure from work or life in general. Someone that has dreams and makes me want to believe in him. Someone for my sons to want to be like. But a man who also understands that while i am here to support his endeavors that i am in no way his shadow and i have goals and dreams of my own that he should support as well. Damn, you know who i just described? Barack and Michelle. Now thats the kind of relationship i want. I would say that The Obama's should be the first family even if it were only to show the black community what a black family is. Obviously not every black man is gonna be a presidential nominee...but for some reason i just get the feeling that even if Barack were a janitor Michelle would be there holding him down. And if they aint really like that then they do a damn good job of frontin.

Anyway, i know yall wonderin why im gettin all Oprah on yall and shit. I was talkin to a co-worker and friend of mine, Dante Moore. His book, (yall like how im friends with Authors and shit hunh? Yeah, i know lol) The Re-Education of the Female just came out last month and I read it bc I'm always trying to get to know what men like and what goes on in that teeny weeny tiny brain of theirs lol. Dante says alot of things in his book that may piss some women off, but that i understand. This book isnt a step by step guide to how to get a man its just his thoughts about what women are doing wrong. He's very straight-foward...kinda like he's talkin to his boys...so it gets kinda harsh, but it is what it is. We want the truth but we are asking the wrong person. Which is something he discusses...

-Wait a minute...i dont even know why the hell I'm givin his ass all this damn exposure when he didnt even blog like i asked him too!! I reach millions...MILLIONS with my blog each day (ok...maybe im exaggerating) but he cant even give us somethin other than the stale crap he blogged about back in '78?! Oh yeah...check him out here-

But yeah, he discusses a wide range of topics in his book from why he thinks men cheat, to the break down of the black family, sex and even religion. It's a book that i think all black women who are interested in learning how men think should read as well as men...i wanna know if Dante is right in his assumptions lmao!

Sorry if i got all deep on yall...this just goes to show im not as retarded as you think ;)