08 November 2008

so much for keepin a secret =/

I rarely post on saturdays. But today, I had to.

As I sit in my car in line for the car wash, I got to thinkn bout my current dating situation...which is pretty much non existent. Ok ok so I get it. I may not get a boyfriend for a while. That is ultimately what I want...however im willin to crawl before I walk. So I've settled with just dating. But doesn't dating come with rules or an etiquette worksheet or something?! I mean, why do these niggaz be ackin like we don't expect nothin from them? Idk...maybe we shouldn't. Well shit lemme not speak for yall...

Previously I mentioned that I had a secret. Well the secret was that I had met someone...well technically REmet him but ill blog about that another time. I didn't mention it bc everytime and I do mean EVERYTIME I have blogged about a guy that shit do NOT work. Its like yall be jinxin me!

So I kept it to myself. I said I wasn't gonna mention it til at least after the first date. Well, our first date was SUPPOSED to be on wednesday. We were goin to the cheesecake factory. So as I was gettin my hair done, I sent him a text sayin that I kno that we agreed on 530 but that I thought I was gonna be a lil later than that. He sent back a text sayin that "somethin" came up and that he couldn't make it. Now, its not him cancellin that pissed me off. Well, kinda. But not all the way. It was that he waited til I text him to tell me. U know what rime I text him? 430. So he waited til an hour before to cancel. If I hadn't text him when was he plannin to tell me??

Then when I finally talked to him he suggested monday or tuesday for our makeup date. We'll see if he calls. Bc I can't. I deleted his number.

This sux bc I think that I liked him.



Anonymous said...

Awwh Pink who is the mystery Man!!! So yall re-met? Ok that's cool that means yall got some history to build off of. Did yall date before or were yall just friends? Ohh I can't wait for yall date! I wrote u back on blog please respond pink darling thanks!

(vixenchick) said...

i'm pissed at him for cancelling the date! you deserve way better than that.

love you.



Super Dave Van Buren said...

Awww, this is the exact reason I don't mention my dates on my blog. That jinx is no joke. well that and I have not been on a date in a min... lol

pink said...

Lmao at dave...so im not the only one that thinks there's some kinda bullshit goin on when I mention that I met someone!

Vixen...well see if we go out...he did call tho, I just talked to him.

Tima...like I told vixen...well see. =/

Anonymous said...

Umm pink I responded back to your comment on my hustlin blog!

iCandy21 said...

this royally sucks! smh...idiot ass boys, but I feel u on being mad b/c he waited for u to text him. that reminds me of b4 Inkie and I were together...she was supposed to pick me up from the station as usual, and I text her at like 4:30 (she was supposed to get me at 5) to be sure she was getting me, and she texts back saying that she wanted to take some time away from me, and blah blah blah...basically saying she didnt wanna pick me up...i was like well wtf...when were u plannin to tell me? people just dont fucking have no type of act right anymore!

StarzGazR said...

i truly hate that!!

I say if you do finalize plans.. call him at the TIME that you're suppose to already be there and tell him ur running late... I know it's immature.. but still.. a taste of his own medicine! He's lucky if you show up at all!!

Therapeutic Musings said...

Ohhhhh I must be in a spiteful mood because starzgazrs advice sounds sooo good right about now! I say give him ONE more chance. It's up to him what he does with it.