29 December 2008

Did you miss me?!

Ok...wait. Please dont cuss me out. I have been ding some internal reflecting. I couldnt blog...i just didnt have it in me. But alot has happened since my last post. Remember the dude that stood me up for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory? I think that we were callin him ReMet...but i have to think of another name bc i dont like that one....*thinkin*...oh bother...i dont know right now. Anyway, we have been talkin and *sigh* I really like him. Of course we had to discuss why he hadnt been callin me and why he had been blowin me off. He said that had lost his job and that he was embarrassed. He didnt know what to say to me so he just didnt call. Which i believe, but i dont agree with. I know that everyone goes through their hard times and im not even the type of girl to be on no shit like that. As long as he is lookin and trying then im ok. We talked about that and he have been speakin everyday for the most part. He says that he is still kinda cautious about me, bc I blew him off before (he also said that because of me, we arent in a relationship now). and I can understand that. Thats why I am planning a nice romantic evening for just me and him on Friday. I wanted to do it on NYE bc thats when we met last year (i thought that weould be cute, lol) but he already has plans and so do i...so Friday it is.

I'm soooo excited! I reserved a room at the Savoy Suites on Wisconsin Ave (for all my DC bloggers) and it has a view overlookin the city. Ima get some Champagne, maybe some strawberries...then im gonna bathe him...oooohwee!! lol...give him a nice loooong massage...you know, cater to my (almost) man and shit lmao! and let him know that i am serious and that i wouldnt try to break his heart. I am going to pick out my lingerie (par of this is for him..the other part is for me. Ive never done somethin like this for anyone and I reallllly reallly want to.)

I hope this goes well and my effort is not for nothing. I dont think it will be though..and i WILL give yall an update. By the way...pix from the xmas party...i will try to post those tonight...as soon as i find my USB cable.

I hope yall had a good Christmas!


10 December 2008

Dinner wit the Ex

Well well...whats there to tell?


Why? Bc he never called or texted or nothin. And after his actions and a good conversation with iCandy about it, Im not worried about a friendship with him. It's obvious that he has not changed. I dealt with this type of behavior in the relationship...but the beauty of being single is that i dont have to put up wit that shit anymore..ya dig?

-I just got a text from him saying that something came up...but you knew that something came up last night. you should have said that then. Sorry Charlie...but youre a day late and a dollar short.-
Now if he wants to be friends, great. But that means that he is going to have to put in extra work and i cant say whether i will meet him halfway; it all just depends on which way the wind blows =)

I am very happy with myself. I didnt get worked up or anything. He's not worth it. When i didnt hear from him by 5, I went and got a niiiiice loooong luxuriooooous pedicure. And then I got a phone call from a guy on match.com. We had some cool conversation. I checked out his pick...he aiiiight. The only thing is that he lives in Dumfries,VA. Ummm i know i wanna be in love and all, but ion know if love gon take me that far, right? lmao...plus,for real for real...what's love got to do with it? lol.

After I chatted with him for awhile, I decided to give this guy a call. DOnt ask me why...I just felt like I should. The last time we talked was when he stood me up and I just wanted to know what really happened.

He said that when we "re-met" that he was already involved with someone and he wanted to talk to me but he knew it wasnt fair. So he stopped callin (which is what i did to him earlier in the year). He said that they broke up a couple weeks ago but that he knew he couldnt just call me up and say, "hey! im back!" so he just didnt call.

Anyway, we are both single now. So we'll see what happens. He wants to see me tonight. I have a date with Island Breeze on Thursday and Mr. 20 wants me to come over on Friday. Then I have my party Saturday, so I'll be pretty occupied. Sunday Ima just relax...

I'll catch up wit yall!

Oh yeah! Amber...Red Robin is the bomb dot com...you need to go lol


09 December 2008

yeah so...

My ex texted me sometime last week. He wants to have dinner. Yes, im going. No, there will be no gettin back together. Point blank. Period. Its tonight. I'll post about it tomorrow.



08 December 2008


Ok..so I had somethin else to write about, but someone I know asked that I blog about this topic and see what yall thought. Well I know what yall gon think, but ima ask yall anyway.

Now...say ur having sex with a guy and yall real into it. He gets to the point where he just can't hold it in any more and he lets it out on ur breasts.

-now...for most women that have been sexually active, you've had a man come on some part of ur body...methinks my breasts are a lil too close to my face...but whatever. Coming on a body part aint nothin that serious.-

But then this nigga....


Yeah you read that right. Ima pause for a second and let that seep into the crevices of ur brain....

Are you as disgusted as I was? I figured you were.

Now lets examine this. If it were a female who licked the d!ck afterwards, that's ok. Why? Bc its hers and if she's uncomfortable tastin herself then it prolly means she's not zestfully clean. So why isn't it ok for a man to do this?


That shit aint cute. Ion care how sexually open you are. I mean, when did he even discover that he liked the taste of his own jizz? Was he jackin off and got some on his hand and instead of wipin it on a sock or towel or white tee like any other nigga, did he just lick his hand??


Now...she says that since she hasn't experinced that much she just thought it was a lil freaky.

I told her that I don't care how freaky you are...that's some some real extra shit.

What do you think?


05 December 2008


Hey yall!

Cant blog long...im at work. But i will tell you the crazy shit that happened yesterday.

Ok. So, this gurl that works on the contract with me (well, she works for my mom) tried to get her dress from Bebe too yesterday. Now normally that wouldnt be a big deal....but ion like this bitch.

My mom was the one who told me and I told her that it didnt matter; the bitch could by the same dress as me and i will STILL be the baddest bitch there. So my mom goes to the mall and comes back and do you know what the first thing she said out her mouth was?

"Oh! I'm glad you're home! Look at what i found for kathleen in JCPenney's!"

Kathleen is the bitch.

I just looked at my mom...and then i walk away.

WTF is she buyin her a dress for?

Kathleen works for her...last time i checked that meant that she got paid every week like the rest of us. I was heated at first! But after I thought about it...i chilled out.

Thats ok. She can buy her a dress....but she better by her shoes and accessories and get her hair done. Because my shit WILL be on point...and that way when I look better than her, it wont be because she didnt have the right outfit.

I am SO ready for this party.



03 December 2008

The decision has been made!

Soooooo...I found the dress yesterday. its this one:

Shut up! I knooooow yall said that yall liked the purple one...but they didnt have one in my size. I went to try the dresses on last night. Bebe pisses me off too bc they dont never have a good range of sizes! Its always XXS, XS and M. Where the hell are the larges?! Its not my fault that im blessed wit a lil somethin extra. Shoot, im not even that big. Most people dont believe that i weigh 150. I'm what you call a "slim thicky". I'm kinda slim but i have enough thighs and ass for some people to say im a lil thick. Its confusing, i know...but just keep up with me.

So anyway, I find the purple dress that I posted up here yesterday and like i said, no large. They only had the large in the pink. So i tried that on and asked Felecia (the sales lady) to call Georgetown and ask them if they had it in a large. And you know they didnt. So after careful consideration (and a lot of hemming and hawing) i decided on the pink one since its my fave color and it super duper BAD on me (in a good way, duh!)

So thats done. I need to find my shoes and accesories tho. I dont really like open toes in the winter...but that seems to be the thing, so well see. maybe ill do a shoe post.

This is a lil off topic.. but if youre ever lookin for a cheap happy hour at a nice place, go to Jo Jo's on U st. They have 5 dollar Calamari (bomb!) 5 dollar drinks (get the Frooty Beznitch...its good too!), 6 dollar crabcake sandwhiches that come with seasoned fries (yum!)...if you cant tell i went there last night. And then me and Sunshine stopped by Love Cafe and I had their Strawberry shortcake (phenomenal!!) mmmmmm.....im thinkn bout it now!

anyway lemme go...im hungry =/


02 December 2008

Decisions...decisions. I need YOUR help!!

Hello there good people.

Ok...my christmas party is 11 days away and I have NOT bought a dress yet. I am going to give you 3 choices...i need you guys to tell me which ones you like the best.

I like this one bc its fitted and its also a turtle neck. I dont like to be all exposed during the winter time. I feel like it shows off alot of leg but its ok because the twinsll be covered so its not scandalous. Plus the blue is reaaaaalllly pretty, yes?

Isnt this color purty?! I love this color. The only thing that i am apprehensive about is that its strapless. I hate wearing strapless bras bc i cant ever find one that i dont have to pull up all the time. But its longer than the first one, so thats a plus.

Out of the three i think this one is my least fave. I dont really like the color red cuz everbody wears red to a christmas party. I like the style of the dress though. I picked it in red bc it only came in 2 other colors: Black and grey. And neither one of those are cute for a christmas party.

So dont you see my problem?? And i dont want to end up wearing somethng that i already have...so please HELP ME!!!! *im looking right at fashion guru*