10 December 2008

Dinner wit the Ex

Well well...whats there to tell?


Why? Bc he never called or texted or nothin. And after his actions and a good conversation with iCandy about it, Im not worried about a friendship with him. It's obvious that he has not changed. I dealt with this type of behavior in the relationship...but the beauty of being single is that i dont have to put up wit that shit anymore..ya dig?

-I just got a text from him saying that something came up...but you knew that something came up last night. you should have said that then. Sorry Charlie...but youre a day late and a dollar short.-
Now if he wants to be friends, great. But that means that he is going to have to put in extra work and i cant say whether i will meet him halfway; it all just depends on which way the wind blows =)

I am very happy with myself. I didnt get worked up or anything. He's not worth it. When i didnt hear from him by 5, I went and got a niiiiice loooong luxuriooooous pedicure. And then I got a phone call from a guy on match.com. We had some cool conversation. I checked out his pick...he aiiiight. The only thing is that he lives in Dumfries,VA. Ummm i know i wanna be in love and all, but ion know if love gon take me that far, right? lmao...plus,for real for real...what's love got to do with it? lol.

After I chatted with him for awhile, I decided to give this guy a call. DOnt ask me why...I just felt like I should. The last time we talked was when he stood me up and I just wanted to know what really happened.

He said that when we "re-met" that he was already involved with someone and he wanted to talk to me but he knew it wasnt fair. So he stopped callin (which is what i did to him earlier in the year). He said that they broke up a couple weeks ago but that he knew he couldnt just call me up and say, "hey! im back!" so he just didnt call.

Anyway, we are both single now. So we'll see what happens. He wants to see me tonight. I have a date with Island Breeze on Thursday and Mr. 20 wants me to come over on Friday. Then I have my party Saturday, so I'll be pretty occupied. Sunday Ima just relax...

I'll catch up wit yall!

Oh yeah! Amber...Red Robin is the bomb dot com...you need to go lol



Anonymous said...

Dang about the dinner with the ex, why would you want to meet up with someone who has done you so wrong? and y be friends?
Now Mr. Match.com lives far but if he gotta car he can drive feel me?
And as far as Mr. Re-Met he sounds cool is it that born again virgin guy? Lol

pink said...

I don't hold grudges and im not bitter. He's the one that has to deal wit how he treated me...im over it. The best way to get back at him is for him to see me happy and livin my life. Like I said in my post...the ball is in his court. He can make a lot of effort or none at all...either way is fine wit me.

and even if the match dude drives...ill be drivin at some point. So dumfries don't really work for me but well see.

No I posted the link to who re met was...u have to read it. That's semi pro that u are talkin bout.

Anonymous said...

So wow your willing to be friends with him....wow!

I feel u about match dude.

Ok I read the repost who is mr.Re-Met u never went into detail about him like you said u were!
Tima and Nasha

Therapeutic Musings said...

The ex was wrong, bump that friend crap. Cordial yes. Let's meet up, nope nope.Too busy going on my millions of dates :)

Brothers Blog said...

sorry to hear about the ex standing you up. But you seem to be dealing with it just fine. I agree if he wants a friendship make him to the work to prove that's what he really wants.

But you got a full line up I can see so the ex should be the least of your concerns. lol.

StarzGazR said...

KUDOS to you for keeping it cool.. exes can be a douchebag sometimes.. especially if they are on some sort of ego trip.. his lost hun.. NOT yours!!!

and i'm LOVING your busy ass schedule!!
and don't be to hard to this "re-met" dude... its better that he cut u off if he was dealing with someone then if he woulda tried to dawg and play you both... so be greatful he did the right thing... cuz other dudes wouldn't have really cared =)

Amber-Alert said...

lol...ok ima have to make a point to check this place out now!!

girl yes the best revenge is for them to realize u moving on and could give a GD bout what they doin (or not doin in this case)...girl im jealous u got a serious line up lol maybe i need to get on match.com shit!

oh and dumfries aint no joke...i couldnt mess with it lol

Eb the Celeb said...

dating is the worst... I think I'v given up

not bitter just in a funk... gotta dust this ish off

love sprung said...

thats hard girl. Great you still keep contact with your exes. i dont. i have a hard time with that if i keep them around