24 September 2008

Ow! Ow!

just bc im sexxay!!

Have a good day!!


Planning the Company Christmas Party...and I NEED A DATE!!

Hello everybody!! Thank you for your questions. I had fun answering them and I'm sure alot of you didnt think I would be so honest but I dont know yall! lmao...also, it brought out one lurker...please everyone give a warm welcome to Jaycee!! *waits while everyone claps* Maybe I'll do another post like that in the future, what yall think?

Anyway...so I'm planning the company Christmas party. I love Company parties and dread them at the same time bc I always wait til the last minute to get my dress and stuff. I'll have an idea in my head about how i wanna look, and then all of a sudden its the week before the party and i end up wearing somehting else. But i plan to get started early this year...however I dont know what color to wear, what style dress to get or even where to get it from. I dont want to wear black bc all the women who think they are fat (which is majority of the company) are gonna be wearing black. I need to stand out in the sea of 300 people. My fave color is hot pink but is that appropriate? I also like green, turquoise, orange, gold, coral and brown...but are those t0o bright? Lawd please just give me a sign! I'm lost! lol.

And...I need a freakin date. I have a little more than 2 months to meet someone that I like enough to let accompany me to this here event. The only problem is, 2 months isnt a long time to get to know someone. I mean, what if he gets drunk and embarrasses the hell outta me?! I dont wanna have to beat no ones ass in front of my co workers yall. Where am i gonna meet this man thats tall dark and handsome and looks sexy in a suit?! oh god the pressure *holding my head*...idk yall. Ima have to put my DC Bloggin Homegirls (that means you..Candy, Tima, Nasha, and TM) on Operation: Find Pink a Christmas Party Date/Future Husband...otherwise known from here on as Operation: FPACPD/FH...well idk if thats simple enough but yall know what im talkin bout. Yeah, I'm serious. Yall need to get to work...I'll be asking for status every Friday until the party...someone please come through...cousins, uncles, brothers and friends of families are fine...but i would prefer someone without a criminal record...kay?

i need a drink. =/


22 September 2008

Ask Me Anything Answers!!!

Aight...because I cant wait...I am actually answering these on Friday lol. You all had good questions!! Some of them would probably make some people want to lie...bc they maybe uncomfortable but im gonna tell you the TRUTH!!! lol...

Here goes:

1. I live my life not having any regrets and treating all situations as learning experiences...but if i had to choose one thing to change from my past, it would have been to not hold on to my ex boyfriend for 7 years when I knew it was bullshit.

2. If I had to change one thing about myself it would be to not be such a bitch. I can really be a BIG bitch when i am pushed to that point...oh and not to hold grudges...thats two isnt it? lol

3. I dont dislike anyone enough to be able to think of a specific person...i just ignore them.

4. About goin to see mirrors with Super Dave...I got really busy with tryin to get my life in line for 09 lol that I really didnt think about it. And i heard that it wasnt that good. I thought i texted you that tho?

5. I went to college of southern maryland for a semester...didnt work out. I wasnt into it...but I'm going back in January.

6. I have 3 tattoos...I have my name on my shoulder, a butterfly on my hip and my exes name on my ankle.

7. My favorite food is Goat Roti...its a Trini thing.

8. Yes, Candy...I've had anal sex lmao! It's aight...I don't prefer it tho.

9. I would like to live somewhere dry and hot. Like Vegas or Arizona...wait i take that back...i like the beach too...maybe Cali.

10. 15 is my sex partner number. I think I did majority of them between 18 and 20. but whats weird is that only 3 of them were a regular thing. The rest of them were FUCKnCHUCKS...like I would do them and never call again lol.

11. I dont think I would kill someone even if i knew I would get away with it. I think I would be too scared. But then again maybe I could cuz I dont really have a conscience about SERIOUS stuff...lol thats weird hunh?

12. I've fantasized about one of my friends boyfriends. But i think they wanted to have a threesome, they just never asked (they were real kinky like that). He would walk around wit his shirt off all the time and he had a NICE body...and she would always talk about how he was in bed. But i would never do it...and yes, I've had the opportunity.

13. I dont have a favorite song. I have songs that apply to something that I am going through at the time and those songs are my fave for a while...this summer it was Take A Bow by Rihanna...it came out as soon as I found out my boyfriend had another girlfriend =/

14. The traits that I look for in a significant other are: honesty, loyalty and the ability to be affectionate. Those are the 3 biggest. I also want someone that is funny, outgoing and spontaneous. Also someone that I respect as a man...i cant do the weak dude thing. I am too strong willed and stubborn for that. I shouldnt be able to run all over you.

15. What do I do for fun? hmmmm...lol lets see here. I'm pretty chill but thats bc I work two jobs and I'm usually tired. I like to dance but im not really a club goer...i'll go every once in a while. I guess bc I'm single now, I do alot of girls nights wit my homegirls. I like the movies and I like to go out to eat. A perfect day with myself would be to buy like 4 books and read them all day lol...i know, im a nerd! I also like going to Sports Bars during football season...i LOVE football. Oh! and Strip clubs too!

16. I have never done anything sexually that I consider degrading. If I'm not comfortable doing it then I dont. But for me, letting a man cum in your face is NOT cool. Thats just me tho...i have friends who can get with that. I dont...and never have.

17. I have never slept with a friends boyfriend or ex. I have slept with a guy that I was datings friend. It got real ugly lol. Me and my boyfriend were on a break and I called the dude over...my ex ended up showing up at my apartment while the guy was still there...but he didnt get in. I was so scared! lol...eventually I told my guy friend and he was really mad at me but he got over it and we are friends now. I would NEVER do that again. It was very hurtful =(

18. Nope. Never been with a girl. I flirt with anyboy who flirts with me tho. Candy used to say I was Gay for play. I'm open to almost anything but I just never have. I could never be in a relationship with another girl tho. too emotional and messy.

And there you have it! I hope I'm not too boring lmao!!


Well I do know he a freak!!

Ok so first....can i get a round of applause for my DALLAS COWBOYS?! They had me nervous at first but they pulled through in the 2nd half and got shit crackin against them Packers. We 3-0 now, lookin to whip some Skins ass this Sunday!!

Oh and how bout the dude that took my virginity comes poppin up from outta no where on facebook. Then he calls....tombout he interested and what does he need to do to put his bid him *serious eyeroll*. He even had the nerve to say some shit like "you never forget your first." Yeah...ok. I just dont understand how come old flings keep poppin up and new ones never surface. Like, seriously. I'm baffled.

Moving on...yesterday, me and my homegirl decided to have a lil outing. We went to the matinee movie to see the Tyler Perry movie (this was my second time) and then we went to the mall to do some shopping ( i got two VERY nice sweaters and some slacks from Old Navy!) Then we went to MiMi's Cafe to have some lunch. This is wwhere it gets good...

I was wearing my TO jersey and as soon as we walk into the restuarant this skinny girl comes from outta nowhere loud as hell tombout: COWBOYS FANS!! YALL SITTIN IN MY SECTION! I was so bewildered i couldnt even say anything...i just sat down and she took our drink order. She was loud the whole time...not just when she was talkin to us. SO i see this cute guy who is a server there and I decide to ask the waitress about him...why?! She leans over the table and goes:

Well...I do know he a freak.

um what? me and Brandii are about to die. She continues..

Yeah you see that white girl over there wit the bun? thats his best friend and she a dyke. She taught him everything he know and he be braggin on it. As far as I know he aint been wit nobody in here but he workin on it. He got a baby and I think he went to Lackey...he got a car and his own apartment. He does a good job here and everybody likees him and he's real cool...very funny and a nice guy.

yeah...ima leave yall to think on that.

Oh! before I forget. Ive already started answering your questions! If you havent asked your 3 you better hurry up cuz i'm postin answers tomorrow!!

I DO know he a freak!! lmao.


18 September 2008

Bobby Brown...and ask me anything!!!

Ummm....Bobby Brown tried to holla at me this morning. YES. I said Bobby Brown. And if you've seen Two Can Play That Game then I'm talkin bout THAT Bobby Brown.

So I'm sittin at a light, mindin my own business when I hear a horn honk. I look at the light to see if it changed and I wasnt payin attention...but it hadnt. So i look to my right and thats when I see someone grinnin really hard at me but his window was up and there was a glare so I couldnt really tell if I knew him or not. The light changed and while I'm drivin this fool is lookin at me the whole time and I'm sayin to myself, "Why the hell dont he roll down the window so i can see who the hell this is?!" Well he did and I wish he didnt. He was so hideous. He had a wide gap and twig braids in his hair. Tombout, "you shole is pretty!" What?! So whole time i got that plastic ass smile on my face, wishin that I could get away from him. We get to the next light and he like, "you look like this girl Katrina that i know. Is yo name katrina?" What?! No. My name is Kisha...(my name aint Kisha yall). When that light finally changed I HAULED ASS!! He kept tryna catch up to me but I wasnt havin that shit, not this damned morning. But stuff like that happens all the time when I'm drivin...but the guys are never really cute tho. =/

Anyway, I had an idea...I'm going to give each of my readers 3 questions to ask me. Ask me anything (except my name and social, got it?), I wont lie, PROMISE! I figure itll give yall a chance to get to know me and maybe itll bring some of my lurkers out of hiding. If you already know me (ahem...candy, then ask something that you think others would want to know). You have until Monday to ask me in the comment section and I'll post the answers in a blog on Tuesday...sound good?

great! Happy Friday Yall!!


Tell Em Why You Mad Thursdays!!

Here it is...the second edition of tell em why you mad Thursdays...hopefully itll be more successful than last time...lol. Here goes:

I hate when you hold the door open for someone and they dont feel the need to hurry the hell up. Its like they think you're gonna stand there and hold the door forever! Ummmm...no, im not. I got so pissed off yesterday that I waited for the guy to get close enough to grab the door himself and then I let it go. yeah it was a bitchy thing to do but i dont care.

I hate when I'm driving and someone cuts me off and then waves thanks through the back window. BITCH! i aint LET you in...you cut me off! That really pisses me off.

If you work in an office environment then you can undestand this one: I hate when we have a conference call and two people in the office put it on speaker. so not only can I hear the lady on the other side of my partition talkin but i can hear you on my bosses phone also...would it hurt one of you to pick up the phone?

I hate that some guys dont start acting right until you start ignorin them. By the time I start ignorin you, I usually dont like you. Now you want to start callin and askin me out and I just get irritated.

I hate lurkers!! if you are reading my blog then comment!! that way i can come to your spot and have somethin to read when i am bored and my other blog buddies are too lazy to blog!! lol

Thats it for me right now...go head and tell em why you mad son!


17 September 2008

Bloggers Block

What it do shawdiiz?! I think I have bloggers block yall. I just cant get my self together to really blog about anything. Candy thinks I'm fuckstrated (good one Candy ima be usin that...mmmk? thx.) but i dont know if thats what it is. Maybe it is tho. If so, I need to just get the hell over it bc it wont be happenin anytime soon. YOu know, I havent actually decided if I was celibate or not. I mean, yeah, I'm not having sex right now...but thats not to say that I wont decide to next week or somethin. Maybe I should declare myself celibate, hell I probably already am by default lol...like is there a rule that says that if you haven't done it in x amount of months then you are? Well if its over 4 months then I joined the club without even knowing it!

Funny thing is...i dont really think I even care. I mean, I could relieve my fuckstration if I wanted to, thus prolly endin my bloggers block...but meh...i just dont really feel like it, ya know? What's weird about that is that sex has always been very important to me. I write about it (not here) and i like to talk about it and i used to do it all the time...but maybe that was back when i had a bf. OMG!! do you guys think I'm experiencing some kind of trauma as a result of the way me and my 7 year bf broke up?!

Nah....his sex wasnt that good to make me go off the deep end. *sigh*

I really dont think that dick deprivation is a rason for my bloggers block...i think my life has just been pretty mundane thats all. The randomness that usually plagues my mind has taken a vacation so I have nothin to offer you guys. Oh! I could blog about my Cowboys and how they are gonna BEAST!! this season but I have alot of chick readers, and that may not tickle yall's fancy like that. I think that I have a date comin up soon tho...maybe thatll make for good bloggin....idk.

whta do yall want from me?!?!?!?!


15 September 2008

Case of The Monday's...again.

Hola! Here it is Monday and I'm not feelin it. I was so busy this morning that I just now ate my breakfast...it's 130 pm. I had my last treatment on Thursday and I am so glad this is over with! Back to a normal life!! Although, I've recently decided that I am moving back in with my mom bc my medical bills are far too expensive for me to pay them and my rent. Plus, I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna need a new car within the next year and I cant afford all that on what chump change I am making now. The negative of that is that I feel like me and my mom get along way batter when we dont live together. The positives are that I can go back to school, I'll have more time to excercise and take better care of myself bc I wont be working all the time and I'll have the money to finally do some traveling every once and a while. So it's cool I guess. On the note of me movin can I just tell yall that I HATE packing. OMG....its the worst. My last day in my apartment is September 30th and I have packed....NOTHING. *sigh* I'm assuming that I'll start this weekend. maybe. Ugh, I dont wanna talk about this anymore yall...

On another note. I think that I have met someone *Cue BIG SMILE!!* I think. I've kinda known him for a while...well my mom and his aunt are best friends. We've met twice but I always heard about him every now and then. We talked on the phone last night and he actually had conversation, GOOD conversation *gasp!* I dont know how this is gonna work tho. With me being so busy trying to put my life back together and get things in line for '09 (thats my new motto: Getting my life in line for 09...DONT steal it you heathen Children!) I havent really had time for a new someone in my life. But maybe thats bc I'm makin it like that? idk, prolly. Anyway, he lives in VA Beach (I dont do long distance relationships...do you think thats long distance?) and he's in the Navy. Cool. but he's got a lil baggage...which I guess i can work with. I mean, nowadays, its hard to meet a young (hell, ANY) man with good credit, no baggage, and no kids...so you gotta pick what you can deal with. And I think I can handle what all he has to offer. I wont put his business out there, yet. lol...

I get my hurr did tomorrow yall!! Oooh I cant wait. I just feel better when my hair is done. Maybe i'll get a i-just-paid-my-last-month-of-thousand-dollar-rent outfit to celebrate...itll be from TJ MAXX of course.



10 September 2008

Repost: June 07 Weekend Wrap up

Hey Ya'll!

I know that its late...but dont be mad, I've actually been workin...imagine that =/.

I dont have anything new for you so I'm just going to repost an old weekend wrap-up. It's really Friday that is the funniest part (well, its funny now. It wasnt then) but I figured I'll just let you read the whole thing.

Final treatment is tomorrow!!!!!!!

Throwback Weekend Wrap-up

Goodnight Pretties!


08 September 2008

Case of the Mondays

Meh, I am not really feelin it today. I did a 4.5 mile walk with my mom yesterday and thank GOD for Ibuprofen bc I prolly would have been crawlin into work today. Ugh, my hair is a mess. I need to get it done. And i'm freeeeeeezin in my office. yuck, Yuck, YUCK!! But ummmmm....HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!? Yezzir...we beat that azz last night...we was lookin good out there...minus all the penalties but whatever.

*sigh* Ive been makin MAJOR moves....so ive been MAJORLY busy. I dont know if I'll be blogging that often =(, we'll see tho.

Oh! who saw the VMA's? Can i say that I LOVE Rihanna...but homegirl cannot sing. Lawd Jeezus its terrible. But i still like her. Ciara looked cute and that Russell Brand is too retarded, lol. I think its just his accent that makes me laugh. Katy Perry was kind of boring, which disappointed me. Oh! Lil wayne didnt sound or look high and he wasnt carrying around his 3 stack styrofoam cup of drank like normal...could the rumors of a rehabbed Weezy be true? I surely hope so. I hate it when he's all high and what not. you can't understand what the hell he be talkin bout. Have you heard his new song with T. Pain? Yeah, thats a perfect example. It sounds like he's rappin with marbles in his mouth. Anyway, what else? Oh! Britney got best Vieo or somethin like that and she looked good! I'm glad for Brit...she's had a rough year. Hopefully thingsll continue to get better for her. I couldnt watch the whole thing tho...i was too tired. I'll catch the rerun cuz you know MTV gon play that joint until next year...lol.

This is random...but i need to go shopping for new winter gear =/


03 September 2008

Dreams and such

Hello all! I'm feeling better today. Yesterday I was in such a grumpy mood...tsk tsk. I apologize, thats not usually like me. Anyway, I did NOT sleep well last night. Wanna know why? Because of my damned dream last night. I fell asleep watchin Devil Wears Prada and next thing i know, I'm dreaming that I'm at the airport on my way to Paris. Then I kept waking up and hitting the snooze button thinkin that i was jet lagged, lol. Idk what my problem was. I also missed my connection flight on the way home or something so i had to stay in some other city. To waste time I started shopping and almost missed my standby flight! When i woke up, I looked at my clock and was convinced that it wasnt the right time bc the time is different in Europe! I'm crazy, I know.

Nevertheless, I finally got up and made it to work by 730. Even though alot of details are fuzzy, I'm surprised that I remembered what I dreamt about. Usually, when I wake up my dream floats from my mind and I cant bring it back at all. It seemed so real that I'm pretty sure I was talking in my sleep. I know that I do it bc I can hear myself lol. Have you ever heard the phone ringin in your sleep and then put your hand to your ear and say "hello?", only to realize that you didnt actually pick it up? Or think that youre having a two way conversation with someone until you wake up and realize that it was a song on the radio? lol...oh. does that only happen to me? =/

Whats one of the strangest dreams youve had? Or somethings that happen when you're sleep?

I raelly wanna know!


02 September 2008

Tuesday's Thoughts

Ugh, Good Morning I guess. This is not a Weekend wrap-up bc there is nothing to wrap up. Although I did visit with iCandy21 at her crib on Friday for some inappropriate illegal fun. I have no idea what time i left nor do i remember the ride home. i DO however, know that i spent ALL DAY in bed on Saturday. I slept from the time i got home from Candy's to the time i had to get ready for work, which was 5 pm. When i got off at 10 pm, I went straight to my mom's where I spent the rest of my weekned on the couch with my stomach turning somersaults.

Sidenote: Can I just take a minute to extend my third finger to this fucking chemotherapy? Thanks, I knew you wouldnt mind.

It's really showing its ass now. It's so bad that I almost want to skip my last treatment. Seriously. But I wont. Ugh, I just hate feeling like this. I just have to go through this one more time...thats it.

Anyway, how bout the dumbass McCain picked for VP? Not to be rude,but if he got elected and then happened to kick the bucket during his term we'd have Sarah Palin as our new president?? She looks like his secretary!! Nothin about her says VP! (I should prolly link a pic...but i dont really feel like it =/) Plus she's got a 3 or 4 month old Down Syndrome baby and a 17 year old daughter with her OWN child on the way. *sigh* whatever. It irritates me so much i cant even speak on it.

I think that I'm gonna quit my pt job and go back to school.

My stomach still hurts =(