13 March 2008

Triflin people tear up my nerves

If i could punch one of the people in my office in the face and not go to jail...i would. They are so triflin in here!!! I know it sounds like something little...but why the hell am i THE ONLY PERSON WHO CHANGES THE WATER COOLER when its empty?!?! I just dont understand it, if you are the last person to empty the tank then replace it!! its not hard people...DAMN! THen they look at me like im crazy when i make a big deal out f it. I swear man, i been workin here two and half weeks past two years and i have had it up to ^ <----- here with these damn people. I cant take it anymore. I think im boilin up to my big flick off....so if yall see me on the 6 oclock news....they pushed me to it.

im out!

05 March 2008

God is good ALL THE TIME...and all the time, GOD IS GOOD!!

Can I start of this post by praising God? Thank you Jesus!! Seriously...I know I have been missin in the blog world for quite sometime now. I was goin through some hardships...and i just was in a funk. But the weight has been lifted and I honestly feel like 1000 lbs has been lifted from my soul yall!

I never grew up in church....but for about the past year I kept feelin like The Lord was callin me to him. I dont know how to explain it. It was just a voice inside me tellin me that without Him I could do nothin. I kept on going...."doin me". I guess i wasnt tryna hear all that. Well, He really let me know who was runnin thangs. Because my financial well was runnin dry, new job oppurtunities werent coming my way, my relationship wasnt working out. But through all that, I just kept hearing this voice, that I needed to come to him. Around that time, an old friend contacted me on Facebook and we began to talk. He told me all about what had been goin on with him the last few years and how he changed his ways and dedicated his life to Christ. We began a bible study (Mr. Wright...you know you triflin cuz we aint hooked up in a while right?!?! lol) and immediately after our first session, I felt so much better! It was amazing...really it was. I know it sounds silly but I really could feel a change, and other people noticed it also. I made one of my new years resolutions was to stop cursing, which i started around Thanksgiving (If you're reading this on Facebook and you've seen my status from last night...you'll notice that ive fell off, lol.) But what I learned was instead of sayin what I wont do anymore of, I'll say what im GOING to do more of. I decided that i wanted to find a church home, so i visited my fathers church (Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton) a couple of Sundays ago, and the sermon was about learning to pray. And the Pastor was saying that you just talk to the Lord as you would a friend. Which makes sense because he is one...the best kind! and that night before I went to sleep, I prayed to God and i thanked him for everything that i did have inspite of what i didnt. it makes me feel so much better. I cant say that I do it all the time, but I am definitely getting better. You'd be surprised at the effect it has on you. I was having a REALLY terrible day and last night before i went to sleep I asked the Lord to give me the strength to handle everything that has been bothering me. Not only did he do that but he blessed me with somethin I had been askin for...which I wont go into detail wit cuz that aint yall bizniz!! lol...But I just needed to tell someone...that God is indeed good!!

Oh Oh! AND...If you've ever heard Reverend Tony Lee formerly of Ebenezer AME in Ft. Washington speak...he has his own church now!! visit www.thehopenation.org for more information...he is EXCELLENT!!

AND!!! One more thing yall...my friend Lionel is a Christian performer...and he also has a company called Street Savior that specializes in a variety of things...hit him up to see him perform or just to find out what he's about...

Facebook: Lionel Wright
Myspace: Myspace.com/streetsavior (i think...lol, ill find out for sure tho and ill update this post)

Love yall!