11 October 2007

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Okay...so in all the time that i havent posted, alot of things have happened...i have given up my apartment and i have a roommate. I moved from Ft. Washington to NE, DC, which doesnt sound that far (it's not) but now i dont have the privacy of my own apartment to cuddle wit my Pookie or even just fuck him when i want to. On top of that...he's been workin these 80 hour weeks...which doesnt leave time for much of a sex life anyway. Which Brings me to my point:


We havent been able to spend a decent weekend away since i dont know when. This summer was very mundane, with all the arguin that we were doin, so we didnt do anything. Now that we are good and gravy, he's been extra busy wit work and stuff. I know some of yall prolly think im trippin... i mean he is only 21, he's a foreman for a construction company that he works damn hard for....and he's about his money. And dont get me wrong...i DEFINITELY appreciate that. but when he's workin so much that we dont ever have a chance to just see each other, i wonder if all that is worth it. Youll hear women say: Oh! money isnt everything...blah blah blah...but for me it aint. If my man made 6 figz but i never saw him bc he was on business trips all the time i would not be happy. I need time, affection, attention...those kinds of things. We talk all the time while im at work...well text each other via sidekick and we send pics to each other...but after awhile that isnt an adequate substitute for some good ole bun time. I try not to complain to him too much...other than tellin him that i miss him all the time (to which he returns the sentiment). Plus i kno that it is likely that things will slow down since winter is fast approachin and he does construction work. Maybe well plan a weekend getaway to AC or somethin...once his hours slow down. I wanna go away for christmas or thanksgivin...but THAT he is NOT havin...he's a family man...gotta be wit the fam...

Anyway...hadda get that off my chest. If we do somethin anytime soon ill be sure to post about it. Now lemme do some work! lol...

21 August 2007

The Other Woman

Okay. So i have breifly mentioned this before. The fact that i have a male friend who is trying...no lemme rephrase that, was tryin...oh hell. who the fuck knows what hes tryna do. Anyways, the girl that he was talkin to has an issue wit me bein as close as i am to him. never mind the fact that ive known him for a little longer than a year and she just met him. She said she didnt have a problem with our friendship, but when he invites me to lunch and she just so happens to be in the same cafeteria, shes whisperin to him (while im sittin right in front of her, mind you) about why didnt he invite her. lets also nevermind the fact that she told him that when they were at work, to act like they werent talkin to each other. What in sam hell kinda bullshit is that?! Correct me if im wrong but we work in the Pentagon...we aint in High school. Who gives a fuck who you are talkin to? But then as soon as she sees him walkin down the hall wit me it's "Tra, why dont you walk wit me?" Leavin him in an awkward position cuz on one hand its like "well you dont wanna be seen wit me here, so im walkin wit Pink" then on the other hand he's just excited that he's gettin some kind of attention from her but in order to continue wit it, he'd have to ditch me and he knows that if it even looks like he's thinkin that, ima smack his lips off. The way i feel is like this: If she doesnt want you here, then she doesnt want you period. She's 20 fuckin 4 years old. She should know better. And he's 27! Get some fuckin balls and tell her ass that you aint goin for no bullshit!! It seriously baffles the shit outta me. i even asked him what-the-fuck-it was about her that kept him hangin around?! Was it the booty? He said no. well, between you and me (lol) his exact words were that it was wack as hell and he woulda hadda better time wit his hand. I hate to sound crude, but you and i both know its harder to get rid of someone when the dick/pussy is good. But thats not his situation. Honestly, in the last 2 months they been talkin i havent heard ONE good thing about her, he's always complainin. "She's always talkin bout herself, she dont pay attention to me-blah blah yakkity yack yack" Plus the chick aint all that cute (not hatin...i give props where they are due...THEY AINT...she aint fugly but lets just say she could use some nair on that serious ass sideburn/moustache/ cheek hair combo shes got goin on) okay, so lemme get this one right: She's a selfish, unattractive furry face bitch WIT a side of wack coota? Aw HELL NAW!! That wouldnt fly wit me.

AND shes insecure. Shes always comparin herself to me. ie: i know you like her tra, she dont have kids so she aint got stretch marks.... i know you like asses and hers is bigger than mine.... She's so flirtatious and all the guys are always talkin bout her....and the list goes on...

She knows how close we are...did she really think he wasnt gonna tell me the stuff she says? I would never say that shit to my nigga bout the next bitch...cuz if he wasnt thinkin none of that shit he prolly is now...and if he was, you definitely just confirmed that ima BAD BITCH. Im sorry but you shouldnt compare yourself to me babez....its not a good look for ur self esteem. Dont look at me like that!! i tried to be nice to her. I introduced myself...EVEN after she kept walkin past me in the halls muggin, i sent her a short lil email inviting her to lunch wit me. she accepted and acted like erything was cool, then as soon as she got back to her desk shes emailin him like, I didnt know she was 21 Tra, you like em young huh? Bitch, dont put me on yo nigga mind...cuz i WILL take him. POINT BLANK. Its not even that ima bitch, but i feel like she wants me to be. Its her fault yall not mine. Although i will say that when me and him walked up in L0VE together Friday night to see Keisha Cole...her AND her lil fat sidekick face was crunchy then a mafucka...lol. Guess he didnt tell her i was comin or that he was buyin my drinks all night...lmao.

I know this post was kinda long and i was rambling and venting...but im gettin tired of her ass and he needa gon and SUPERMAN DAT HO right on outta here....

11 July 2007

Random thoughts...

Okay. So i watched Baldwin Hills last night. And i just dont understand why BET is so corny and low budget! Baldwin Hills compared to The Hills and Laguna Beach is just dumb and has no point. But if im up next Tuesday ill watch it again...however...mtv needa get on they grind and put out another Hills...ya dig?

Ive decided to go to school...full time. Dont ask me where or when im goin...well i know when and where actually...Norfolk State and im movin in December. Wish me luck cuz the BF is comin too...

I wonder why girls who are talkin to guys are intimidated by the female friend....i dont get it. Ive invited her to lunch wit us (against his will) just so that she would know that i DEFINITELY do not want his ass...but instead of accepting the invitation or even speakin to me when she sees us together, she would rather give him a 100 question quiz on me. Just dont understand that.

I havent been in the mood to work lately...dont know why but i come in and surf the net all day. I get bored of jobs easily, ask anyone who knows me and im sure theyll tell that ive worked almost everywhere...lol. Guess you could say im a "Jane of all trades" ha ha!

Who knew that KRS-One's 23 yr old son committed suicide? Who knew he hadda son? not me. But my condolences go out to his family. He was goin on 24 this week...

02 July 2007

Back in Effect!!

It was short lived, but my single days have come to an end...i know i know! There are alot of you young men that had the potential to be pimped...but alas, I have been re-snatched up by the ex. And i must say that it feels pretty damn good! I never wanted to be single in the first place but after 6 years sometimes you start feelin like there's a possibility that you may have had enough of that person. And i have learned that i can never get enough of him. I had more fun with him this weekend, not doin a damn thing, than i have on the many dates that ive been on. This time its for good. I think we both needed that time apart to get our shit together. I think it also showed us what we appreciated about each other. The things that got on my nerves 6 months ago, i actually started missing once we broke up. Now i know that i can handle when he leaves the toilet seat up...or when he leaves the cords to his PS3 strewn across the living room floor. That doesnt bother me anymore because it means that he's here. That he's comin back home.

To have someone in your bed when you roll over is an amazing feelin...especially if its someone that you love and dont mind kissin even when their mornin breath smells like day old peas in a pot. To hear someone elses keys in the door, when your at home curled up wit a book and some sleepytime tea is the best. I have that now and i wouldnt trade it for all the mishaps and blind dates that i have written for you all to read. Im sure ill have other interesting things to write about but if not, i apologize and tell yall to kiss my ass in advance!!


26 June 2007

Learnin somethin new er'day

In my new found singleness, I am learnin new things about myself. I have learned that i enjoy dating, sex can be a recreational pastime (lol) and that i am selfish. I AM SELFISH. This i know. I was the only child for 16 years, so i never learned to share. MGD always tells me that i am selfish and i would deny it. I mean i didnt think it was that serious. True, when im wit him i always want to do what i want to do. But thats because he let me. When we are together its always about me. What does Pink wanna do? He would spend his last dime on makin me happy. Ok, ok. Ill admit that i eat that shit up. But what you dont understand is that in my last relationship there was none of that. I wasnt the Princess, or his Queen so to speak. So when me and MGD got semi-serious (i say semi cuz we aint exclusive...we have that understanding), and he started treatin me like that, i was like a kid in a candy store! I didnt know how to act to tell the truth. BUT...and this is a big BUT....i fucked it up.

In April i did somethin to him that i always told him i would never do (and no i wont tell yall nosy muthafuckaz what it was, lol). i decided to tell him yesterday because i felt like we were gettin serious and i couldnt get that deep wit him witout him knowin. He trusted me and i knew how he felt about me. However, i am human and i make mistakes. It really wasnt my intention to hurt him at all. I was bein selfish. Honestly when it happened i didnt think about him before it happened. and i think thats what hurt him the most. Since i have told him, i question myself whether i should have or not. part of me feels like it wasnt fair to break his heart bc of my selfishness. The other part of me feels like if i didnt tell him it would be bc i was scared and i didnt wanna face the music like a grown woman. Thats what made me tell him. I didnt wanna be a pussy about it...anyway, ive decided to say everything to him via this blog so here goes:

MGD (He knows who he is),

I have already apologized. I know that will not mend your broken heart or repair the friendship that i have damaged but i hope that its a start. I really never meant to hurt you, please believe that. You have been more of a friend to me than anyone else in my life. You treated me like i was your girl, even though we werent together, and you have shown me things i never could have seen by myself. With all that said, I was scared. I was scared to be with you, bc of the way that you treated me. I always wondered if i deserved you. I know it doesnt make sense but thats what it is. Even though i am learning not to be selfish and to think of others over myself, i still want to ask your forgiveness. i still need you to be my friend. i still need to be able to talk to you when im goin through somethin and i still want you to come to me with your problems. i know that request in itself is selfish. But i want to earn your trust back. It may never be the same between me and you but if i could just have a piece of what it used to be, that would be fine with me. You were my best friend and the almost-potential love of my life (lol) if i ever got my shit together. What ever i need to do i will...ive already apologized to your mom but if i need to apologize to KiShel, Isha, your dad, your aunts and Adrian i will. Without hesitation. I never said that i loved you because i couldnt. But i did. i do. Nothin will ever change that. Even if we never talk again, i will miss you. we had good times. Just know that everything that i said was the truth. I am changing and i hope you can find it in your heart to wanna get to know the "new" me. im sorry.


25 June 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

I had a reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllly unusually busy weekend. But i had fun tho! Aight lemme break it down:

Friday: We had a company bar-b-que on Andrews and that was nice. There are more sexy ass dudes workin wit me than i thought! lol...KT was there...lookin all scrumptious, but again wit the embarassment, so whatever, i digress. I left there at about 2 and went home. Ahhhh! Nothin like bein home early on a Friday!! I took off my clothes and laid my lazy ass on the couch. Got a phone call from a guy that i met at the Crossroads on Wednesday night, and after about 3 hours of good conversation he said he wanted to see me. No problem. I started gettin ready and by 930 I was at his crib. He came out to the car and the first thing that came to my mind when he opened the door was..."Who the fuck are you?!" Ok. no. He was hideous, abso-fuckin-lutely hideous. There is no other way to describe what was goin on wit his face! And of course he's lookin at me like im the Rooty Tooty Fresh n Fruity platter from IHOP. Oh hell no! I seriously think that he played "Shy Brotha" at the club. Because this definitely aint who asked for my number! He looked like an acne infested face T-Pain. Im sorry, its the truth. And i passed up on a guaranteed-make-ur-toes-curl-sweat-ur-perm-out sex session for this?! How am i gonna get outta this? If i was as rude as people say i am, i would have pulled off. And i didnt, but i sho was tryna figure out how to rush this date along...he wanted to go to the movies...i said no. he wanted to chill and talk at a park....i said no. he asked me if i wanted to chill at his house...i said hell no! Finally, after about 20 minutes, i decided that i was hungry and if i hadda look at his ass he betta be payin for my food while im doin it. So we go to the BLVD and went to Uno's. Why did we run into his friends? So of course he wanted to sit wit them, and i obliged. Anything to not have to look at just him!! His friends were cool, but the restaurant was ghetto as all get out!! Long story short we sat there for like 2 hours and after less than mediocre service we walked out on the check. I know that was uncool, but i hadda bring some excitement to this evening! After that, we headed back to his house, and when i stopped the car for him to get out, he didnt. he just sat there, kinda awkward like. Yall, if he woulda leaned in for the kiss, i woulda slapped him!! But luckily i didnt have to. After about 30 seconds of just sittin there, i told him that he needed to unbuckle his seatbelt and get out the car. I think that hurt his feelins but oh the fuck well! I had a phone call to make... Mr. Good Dick was waiting.

Saturday- I spent the night over MGD's house got up and er'body started gettin ready for Carnival!! His mom made some Bake and Roti and by like 1130 we were off to Georgia Ave. When we got there we walked up from the end of the Road til we met up wit the mud band. We jumped in and had a good ole time! Just partyin, blazin and freakin. At about 4 we had made it to the end and walked back to the car where the food was. I laid my flag and MGD's tshirt on the concrete, laid on my back wit my legs on his lap and in less than 2 seconds i was knocked out! Forgot all about the food and shit lol! He woke me up when it was time to go and i fell asleep in the car. I was sooooo tired! When we got to his crib, I stripped outta er'thing and laid on his bed. I guess that turned him on cuz he jumped on me like he was king of the jungle!! Needless to say i had a rush of energy and we definitely "got on bad" lol (thats island jargon for those of yall who aint know). Then we ate...inhaled a fat one and passed out. I spent the night.

Sunday- Got up from his house around 545 am and went home took a shower and got dressed for Church. It was men's day and my Daddy was in the choir. Of course i rode wit my stepmom, brother and sister and we were late. But the sermon was good...my brother was bad and my sister was gettin on my LAST nerve! We got outta there by like 915 and i went home and changed...went back to MGD's house. No nookie. We watched a movie til he hadda go to work. I went home. He called when he got off around 915. I took a shower and got my work clothes together...i was feenin for the good dick! Oh but dont sleep...i put on his ass! Trust. How do i know? Cuz my West-Indian-Homie-Lover-Friend is washin my clothes as we speak! lol...no bullshit babez.

Anyway...how was yalls weekend?

22 June 2007

Im in luv wit a stripper

mmmmhm mmmmhm mmmmhm yall!

I went to the Classics last night...woooooooo weeee! Them boys was sexxy! This was my first time at a strip club. Me and my coworker went. I used to think that i wouldnt enjoy male strippers. Somethin about them turned me off. Im not sure it was the way they gyrated in the womens faces on tv or what...but i had sworn off ever goin to a male strip club.

Baby! If i woulda knew what i was missin, I woulda been up in there a looooooong time ago! lol. Now there are four men in there that had my ass makin it rain on they asses...

Foreplay- He was walkin around the club about an hour before the show fully dressed. He was maybe 5" 11', Chocolate, with a short cut and precise facial hair and he looks maybe about 27. When he came on stage, he had on a suit and his set was like a old skool joint...he was smooth...not raunchy at all (which was kind of a disappointment, lol) he danced around and finally came outta all his clothes...he has an ass that you'd like to smack...lol.

Playboy- Oooh child! This boy lived up to his name! He is light skinned (which i dont usually go for..but *sighs and stares dreamily* theres just somethin about him) curly hair and a body that should never be covered! When he came out, he started walkin towards me...Gurl! i put that dollar between my teeth and you woulda thought i was a nasty ass 50 yr old woman the way i sorta kinda molested his sexy ass! When he walked over to me, i put my hands on his babyoiled chest and squatted lettin my fingers trail over his red leather pants (they werent tight cuz that woulda been corny) and fall right on his dick. My face was right at penis level and i gave it a good squeeze wit my right hand and stuck the dollar in the waistband of his pants and grabbed a handful of juicy ass in my left. He continued on his way....sexxxy ass!

Devine- Have you seen the dick on him?! BIG. Thats all im gonna say bout that. He was the only one that took off er'thing...although you couldnt see anything cuz he wrapped a towel around his waist...but its just the idea that i could actually walk over to him and snatch it off!! I dreamed about him last night lol...now he wasnt all that fine...he is light too but he has dreads...oh how i live to run my fingers through a mans head wit nice dreads!! I threw some ones at him too. Once, he got finished wit his set he got dressed and came back out. When he walked past me and grabbed me by my waist. "Did you enjoy my set baby?" *panties wet* "Mmmmhm! you sexy as shit!" He said thank you and smiled at me...i cheesed right back at his ass. He continued to mingle wit the other ladies. When he came back through, I was dancin and shakin my ass to the music that was bumpin through the speakers. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it "Gurl! I would fuck the shit outta yo lil sexy ass!" i looked him dead in his face and replied "i fuck back." and i was serious, lol.

I dont know what got into me! Somethin about bein in there had me charged up wit this raw energy. There were other dancers. But those were the ones that were blogworthy..at least in my opinion anyway. When the night was over, me and my coworker started to walk out the door and who stood before me?

Perfect Gentleman
Ladies...when i say this man is beautiful...i mean it. He's like 6'2", smooth chocolate skin, long locs, and that body! He had on jeans and a t-shirt but you could tell what was under there. I asked him his name he told me it was Perfect Gentleman, and then he handed me a Flyer titled Sexy First Sundays. Before i could look at the whole flyer he grabbed my waist, pulled me close and whispered in my ear "Make sure you come...it's a butt-naked affair." Mmmmhm! I inhaled his Jean Paul Gaultier cologne (my fave!) and tried to control myself. He kissed my cheek and i kissed his back...i wanted to squeeze his butt but i didnt...i'll save that for next sunday, lol.
I made it home and right before i got outta my car i took one long look at his ass on my flyer and stuck it in the dashboard display of my car....WHAT?! i need somethin nice to look at when im stuck in traffic!

20 June 2007

Workplace Nookie

In the spirit of my last post, I decided that i would share some other sexual experiences wit you all...I haven't decided if this would be the regular theme of my blog or not...we'll see. Anyway what was i typing? Oh yes! Another sex post. This one wasnt recent...it happened a while ago. I wanna say in like December or something.

So ive always had a fantasy about gettin it on in the workplace. Alot of people have that fantasy, but few actually go through with it. Well i did! So lemme set this up for you...the dude that it happened wit (lets call him KT) i have known for a while. and i always had the BIGGEST crush on him. So one day im at my desk and we are emailin each other back and forth and the conversation turns freaky...i cant remember exactly what was said but i was enough to get me all excited. After a while KT says that no one is in his office and that he wanted me to come over there. So im like "why you want me to come over there...what we gon do?" He comes back wit the normal..."whatever you want....we can just talk" OH HELL NO!! I dont just "talk" not wit you mister! i been wantin to get me some of your tall, brown skin, chinky eyed, long hair havin ass for a while, so theres no way im comin over to an empty ass office to talk to you. i can do that over the phone. i didnt tell him that i just said i would be on my way after my 130 boring ass meetin.

Can i say that the whole time i was at that meetin i was lookin at the clock?! I swear them corny, corporate ass white dudes was soundin like Charlie Browns teacher "Wah-Wah wah wah." I dont even think i said one thing the entire time. i was feelin like Buckwheat when he got his dollar. Just happy! I was thinkin bout him givin it to me all over somebody's desk, in the ergonomic chair, on the window sill...EVERYWHERE!! lol...finally the meeting was over...i hauled my horny ass outta there so quick! I get to his office and we make small talk for a second. but i hadda cut that shit out cuz my coochie was threatnin to jump out my Vickies and throw a major tantrum on the floor (kinda like the bad ass kid in Wal-mart) if i didnt get her some. So i walked over to him and did the first thing i thought of...i grabbed his dick. lol...now before you get all shocked, lemme just say that im not usually that aggresive...but i hadda get the party started somehow, right? Guuuuuurl (or boy, i guess) as soon as i did that his ass lit up...he snatched open my button down (he didnt break no button tho...i kinda wish he would have...that makes it more raw...lol) and was lickin me all over!! He picked me up and put me on his desk, while my legs were wrapped around him and i started to suck on his ears (guys cant resist that...well, most of them). His dick got rock hard. He musta wanted it bad cuz he stopped what he was doin and started reachin in his coat that was hangin on the back of his chair.

-Okay ladies...when the dude is gettin ready to pull out the condom, its like the moment of truth...i prefer Gold Label Men myself. When they pull those out, 9/10 its gonna be a good night. If they pull out a durex or some lame ass Health Clinic condom, you gotta deal wit 1 of 2 things...either his dick is gon be little...or the rubber will be too small...therefore risking the condom poppin which aint the least bit comfortable...so yeah, anyway-

I kinda look away, hopin that when i look back i should see the shiny gold wrapper of a Magnum.
BINGO MUTHAFUCKA!!!! So it was definitely on! I was gon make him work my ass like a 9 to 5 ya dig?! I decide ima get all sexy and bend over his desk so that he has a PRIMO view of the booty. He let out that moan of approval that guys do when they see somethin they like...it sounds like "mmh". Anyway he did that and i was wet, ready and waiting!!

He guided it in and i swear to Starbucks that shit fit like a glove!! He started the slow stroke...
in and out, in and- "Aw damn." That was him. So in my head im like, "Yeaaaaah! I know its good." but then i dont get the "out" that was supposed to follow the last "in". "Whats wrong?" Thats me. "Did it pop?" "Na," he said. "Im done." Whoa whoa WHOA! Did i hear him right? okay wait...dont freak out...this might just be the first one..ima stay cool, this just means he gone have to put in extra work in the second round.

"Okay...so get another one."

Then he kinda gets an attitude...

"I dont have another one...its not like i expect to get some at work eryday!"

*Scrrrrrreeeeeeech!!* First of all muthafucka...watch ya tone before i smack you in the mouth wit this stapler! I couldnt believe he was gettin stank wit me! Embarassed? Yeah...stank? hell no! It aint my fault you a 2 and a half stroke joke! Then i think he came to his senses cuz he apologized. I said it wasnt a big deal and i started puttin my clothes on. You see, in my mind the only thing that fucked him up is the fact that he didnt get a chance to redeem himself...sometimes the first nut shoots quick ya know? Shit happens.

Ive seen him around a couple times and i still think that hes embarassed cuz he doesnt really say anymore than hi and bye to me. But if he asked...i'd give him another chance...and if he screws that up, THEN its a problem.

But can i ask yall somethin....WHY THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!

07 June 2007

Mr. Ghana...long post yall

Okay, so i know i havent posted in a while...been busy. and its not like a have millions of people reading this anyway so to my occasional 2 readers: I love you and im sorry.


Friday (June 1) I went out on a date with this fine chocolate tall chocolate sexy chocolate man. He was born here and rasied in Ghana so he had that slight accent which i find sooo sexy. Now ive never dated an african man but i dont descriminate against sexy, okaaay? I had heard that some of them can be kinda clingy and possessive but i wasnt gonna lump him into that category so we decided to go out after work.

I drove up to Silver Spring and parked at his complex. We walked over to where city place mall is. It was such a beautiful night yall...all romantical and shit. We talked about the usual first date stuff (ya know....what kinda music, movies and extracurricular activities you like...yadda yadda yadda). Once we got downtown-

Wait wait! im forgettin stuff...first of all when i parked and got out we hugged...no compliment or nothin. NOT ONE! Not even after i told him he looked nice. But i didnt let that spoil my mood. Maybe he was nervous right? Right, thats what i thought.

Okay so back to when we got downtown. We were tryna figure out which restuarant to go to. We decided on the Rockfish Grill (i think thats what its called). The wait was long ( a lil too long cuz i was hungry as hell!) But once we were seated, service was EXCELLENT!! I ordered the Crabcakes and an amaretto sour...he had some salmon dish and a miller light. We continued to talk and flirt, i batted my eyelashes and whathaveyou...you know. He told me how "very attractive" he thought i was (which baffled me as to why i didnt get a compliment...lol) after another amaretto sour for me...we finish our delicious meal (the bill was 63 dollars which he acted like that was alot. i didnt think so. is it?) we left and began the walk back to his crib.

Now to the good part...or bad...or funny depending on how you look at it...

So we decide to watch a movie. By this time i had already decided i was gon get some cuz i was horny and i wanted it. But of course i didnt jump his bones as soon as we got inside. I maybe a fastass but i didnt wanna give him that impression right off the bat, lol. We laid on the couch and he was rubbin me all over. Not aggressively but kinda like you would rub your girlfriend or boyfriend...kinda lazy like. then he started movin up towards my breasts but he seemed nervous like he thought i was gon ask him to stop. I really think that he thought those 2 drinks had me done, lol. He started playin wit my nipples and that made my pussy almost jump out my panties! so you know im in my head like "Yeah gurl! im bout to get me some!" I continued to play a lil hard to get. so he continues on and before i know it he has unsnapped my jeans, and pushed my panties to the side (im pretty sure he did it wit one hand!) Now im really ready! Coochie region was definitely smokin hot and throbbin (ladies yall know the feelin, lol) cuz thats the player move...kinda like in that movie wit Nick Cannon and C. Milian when the dad was teachin him how to open the condom in a smooth, cool manner. lol!

He gets on wit the finger action (da bomb!!) and my stuff was so wet you could wring it out! I couldnt take it anymore and i insisted that we get to the main event. Boy was i ready!! I couldnt wait to get that chocolate mandingo you -know-what inside me (wrapped in plastic of course). He started peelin the clothes off of himself to reveal the body of an ancient god! It was smooth and muscular...and slim just how i like em! He was cut like a college basketball player and i couldnt wait to slam dunk his ass!!

THEN...he took off his pants. Ummmmmm...yeah, about that. Im pretty sure i had the look of confusion. Where is it?! Where is the big juicy chocolate stick i was sure i was gonna get? Okay dont get me wrong. It wasnt minute...it was about 7 inches but it was slim...just like the rest of him. And when your expectin Long, Strong, Donkey Kong...a ding-a-ling just doesnt cut it. But i had hope (or i was just desperate) and i wasnt gonna give up witout so much as a sample.

We missionaried...doggystyled...cowgirled...reverse cowgirled and one leg on the shouldered for about a good hour...and even though my shit was like a faucet...when you got rubber, spermicide, and a nigga wit a mediocre stroke rubbin against your woman fruit, it gets a lil dry. I was done. too through and disappointed wit the situation. He wasnt terrible but i had built up the dick in my mind and he just didnt live up to it...to cap the night off, i gave him some head cuz he was still all over me and i wasnt bout to continue fuckin him cuz i was sure my walls were scuffed. He was justa shiverin and shakin as i licked the tip (wrapped in grape plastic now) and deepthroated (it wasnt that hard to do...lol) but he still didnt cum! Alright Buddy! Im definitely done now...i wasnt gonna waste my time...it was close to 2 o clock and my pocket rockets' (a lil pink vibrator...ask about it!) bedtime was 3...had to hurry home! So he walked me to my car...kissed my cheek and watch me peel off...

Do i have to tell yall that we will not be seein each other again?

15 March 2007


Okay, i said that to myself that i would refrain from postin while at work...but DAMN! I have to get this off my chest.

Can somebody please tell me why the old, overweight and ugly men that work in my office are sooooooooo interested in my biz? Everytime i come in or sit down or say somethin or say nothin or sneeze or cough or fart, they just gotta make a comment. There are 2 in particular: Booty-do (i know this name is usually reserved for females, however, this name fits him) and Mr. Howard ( no, that is not his last name...he went there once upon a time and still be sweatin it). They always have somethin to say. And its always about my personal life...key word in that statement is personal...as in..."THAT DONT HAVE SHIT TO DO WIT YOUR ASS". Today it was Booty-do that pissed me off (Mr. Howard aint here today). I walk in at like 8.15 (Im usually there by like 8) and this fool gon say, "Mmmmhm. Why you late? You was out gettin your freak on last night huh?" What the fuck about what time i come in is your bizniz? Can you tell me that? Huh? Cuz last time i checked, I didnt work for you? and secondly when and who i get my freak on wit should be of no damn interest of yours bein that your stupid ass daughter (she really is yall...she thought her engine was actin up cuz her car was makin noise...turns out her speakers were busted...LMAO!) graduated from high school the same year I did! Would you like it if some grown ass man was all up in her sex life? Hell to the naw! So stay ya fat monkey ass outta mine. Anyway, I rolled my eyes, told him to mind his fuckin bizniz (yes i said 'fuckin'), swiveled my ergonomic chair around and logged into my computer. But do you think he stopped there? Oh no. He continues on about how when he was in the navy (do i look or act like i give a fuck?), they used to have wild nights out on the town so he knows how 'you 21 year olds' get down. All the while he is lookin at me over his glasses (you know the look) and lickin his lips in what i assume was supposed to be a suggestive manner. I made the 'eww' face and decided it was time for me to go get breakfast before i threw up on an empty stomach.

Mr. Howard is just as bad, commentin on who im supposedly 'shackin up' (those are his exact words) with. Just like i got nasty wit Booty-Do, i have told MH that for his inforDAMNmation, I aint shackin up wit nobody and that i pay my own damn bills, however when he took that responsibilty off of my hands, i would have no problem with him bein concerned about the amount of people residing with me. Until then...stay the fuck out my shit!

Im sorry for the rant...but i feel better and i think ill go get 3 sugar cookies and a vanilla milkshake now....

14 March 2007

big big disappoinment

I know that i havent informed you all on the current standing of my on/off relationship...but i really need to express my disappointment for another situation...

I met a guy a couple of weeks ago that is soooooooooooo very sexy and he can sing (im talkin make the panites melt off your cooch)...I gave him my number, not knowin if he would actually call. He did. So we talked a couple of times and i really like him. He makes me smile and laugh. I cant think of the last time that i thought about anyone this much...I talked to my best friend about it and she said that I should continue talkin to him and that people with good conversation are hard to come by. I agreed and decided that i would continue talkin to him. We havent seen each other since i gave him my number (i will divulge why in another post). Anyway...as i was thinkin bout him last night my phone rings...sure nuff its him *i will name him...i just gotta think of one that fits him* I'm all smiles when i hear his voice and we begin to talk. I finally get around to askin him why he doesnt have a girlfriend and he hems and haws and then drops the bomb...

I do have a girlfriend...and a son.

Man...talk about blown! Its not the son that i cant deal with. I love kids...i would rather a man have a kid bc i love them, but im 21 and not ready for that responsibility myself. As long as him and the mother of his child are on the same page, im cool. Cuz there is nothin more ridiculous than a man wit babymama drama. TRUST. I have witnessed kinda sorta first hand wit my best friend and her man. Anyway...so i asked if his girlfriend was the mother of his child...and yes she is. BLOWN AGAIN!! I knew then that there was no way that i would be able to seriously get to know this man. Well, maybe as a friend. but we have so much in common and even though I dont know him that well, i get the feelin that he is sincere in everything that he says and i wanted to really learn more. Whatever...he could sense the disappointment in my voice and explains that he really didnt want to tell me until we had time to chill bc he didnt want me to shut him out. How fair is that to me?! I mean hello! you wanted to wait to tell me that you had a whole lil family til after I got to know you? yeah, ok.
He kept askin me if i was upset and if i never wanted to talk to him again. I said no, bc i really like him...but im just not sure if thats right. Im just really disappointed. I really hoped this would be a good start to the summer wit a new bun....guess not. *sigh* Oh well....

13 March 2007

A lil somethin about me

Alright...as i sit here devourin my BK #7 value meal, i am thinkin about what it is that you all wanna know about me. On one hand im like "they dont need to know erything bout me!" but then if i wasnt ready to be open and honest why the hell did i sign up to write a blog...hmm? Plus...yall dont know me...so who in sam hell cares what yall think...no offense. Anyway here goes....
  1. I am 21 yrs old(3.10.86)
  2. I have had the same boyfriend since i was in 10th grade (thats about 6 yrs for those of yall too tired to do the math). I will name him "Pookie" for you guys. Pookie and I are goin through some things right now...so im sure that i will have lots to write about him...you all are more than welcome to comment.
  3. I have a fulltime job as a contractor at the Pentagon...most of my coworkers get on my nerves...im sure i will be writin about them too...dont worry, I will fill you in on their nicknames, as i am sure to have interesting ones for them.
  4. I have NO idea what i want to do with my life yet.
  5. I am sooooooooooooooo addicted to celeb-gossip. I mean ridiculously addicted. I read http://www.concreteloop.com everyday...sometimes hourly just to check on updates...i should go to rehab or somethin...
  6. I have a mean/bitchy side....hopefully you guys won't see that side of me...
  7. Oh yeah...and they call me PiNK cuz it describes me...fun, sexy, sassy, cute and its my favorite color...DUH!!

I cannot think of anything else to tell...I'm sure it will all come out eventually.


Hey...I'm new to this. Just thought blogging would be a good way to let out some of the quirky...odd and extremely random thoughts that pollute my head. I'll tell you more about myself a little later...