29 December 2008

Did you miss me?!

Ok...wait. Please dont cuss me out. I have been ding some internal reflecting. I couldnt blog...i just didnt have it in me. But alot has happened since my last post. Remember the dude that stood me up for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory? I think that we were callin him ReMet...but i have to think of another name bc i dont like that one....*thinkin*...oh bother...i dont know right now. Anyway, we have been talkin and *sigh* I really like him. Of course we had to discuss why he hadnt been callin me and why he had been blowin me off. He said that had lost his job and that he was embarrassed. He didnt know what to say to me so he just didnt call. Which i believe, but i dont agree with. I know that everyone goes through their hard times and im not even the type of girl to be on no shit like that. As long as he is lookin and trying then im ok. We talked about that and he have been speakin everyday for the most part. He says that he is still kinda cautious about me, bc I blew him off before (he also said that because of me, we arent in a relationship now). and I can understand that. Thats why I am planning a nice romantic evening for just me and him on Friday. I wanted to do it on NYE bc thats when we met last year (i thought that weould be cute, lol) but he already has plans and so do i...so Friday it is.

I'm soooo excited! I reserved a room at the Savoy Suites on Wisconsin Ave (for all my DC bloggers) and it has a view overlookin the city. Ima get some Champagne, maybe some strawberries...then im gonna bathe him...oooohwee!! lol...give him a nice loooong massage...you know, cater to my (almost) man and shit lmao! and let him know that i am serious and that i wouldnt try to break his heart. I am going to pick out my lingerie (par of this is for him..the other part is for me. Ive never done somethin like this for anyone and I reallllly reallly want to.)

I hope this goes well and my effort is not for nothing. I dont think it will be though..and i WILL give yall an update. By the way...pix from the xmas party...i will try to post those tonight...as soon as i find my USB cable.

I hope yall had a good Christmas!



Amber-Alert said...

heyyyyy welcome back!! u must really like him girl cuz u goin allllll out! hope it all goes well and do NOT leave us hangin!!! lol!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun on ya special evening!

Therapeutic Musings said...

Girl you tryna make me look bad, I don't even do that for my husband. It sounds like y'all gonna have some fun!

And you know if I cursed I would be cussin you out right now!

Tom_Gurl said...

Sounds like a great evening you have planned! Hope it all goes well..I'll be waiting for the updates!

pink said...

Thx ladies! I am excited...im nervous tho!!

Anonymous said...

I know how u feel. The first time I cooked breakfast in bed for the FH I was so nervous!!!! Tima

Latoya said...



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