05 January 2009

My Week of Rejection

Ok...so ima try and make this short, but detailed. The romantical night I had planned for reMet...never happened. He cancelled at the last minute. Which, in my heart i KNEW would happen. I guess he's still bitter about me blowin him off but I just feel like that was real extra for him to wait a WHOLE year to do it. But whatever, i got the money back for the room so I'm not really trippin. I'm just disappointed bc I put so much effort into makin it a nice evening.

So instead of doing that, I ended up at LOVE nightclub Friday night partying in VIP. I had soooo mmuch fun!! I think the 2 drinks that i had helped keep my mind off of how i was supposed to be snuggled up next to a fine black man that evening. I looked sooo cute and it was mad dudes tryna get at me. Thats the first time that I have had a good time at the club since I was in Vegas.

So onto to the rest of my rejection weekend. there was another guy that I had met a couple of weeks ago through a co worker of mine. we'll call him Mr. Moneybags...I spent Christmas Eve over his house...OMG yall. His apartment....LAID OUT!! that joint was BAD ok?? I dont know how much money he makes but he lives in Downtown Silver Spring on the 12th Floor of some apartments called The Georgian. When I walked into his apartment the view was OBSCENE! there is like this huge ass window with a view of the city....he had artwork, niiiiiice furniture, a big ass flat panel tv, some kind of expensive ass guitar hangin on the wall, a ginormous, insanely high bed, and his bathroom smelled sooooo good. He cooked some porkchops which were to die for and we watched The Strangers. He had really good conversation and he was really down to earth. Well, I called him on Saturday to see what he was doing and he called me back...to tell me that him and his ex got back together...boooo on that. But he said that he wanted to be friends still which i guess isnt that bad. But still.

I feel like other things happened...but i cant really remember what it is. My homegirl FINALLY got engaged tho!! Im so excited for her!! Not to mention that I have already been notified of my bridesmaid status...the wedding is May 2010 so I have time to get in the gym to make sure i look EXTRA fly!! I cant wait to see all the single men...lmao!!

This holiday was a whirlwind. Im glad its over. New things for me in 09! Yall watch and see what i tell you.

Peace, Love and Souuuuuul!

*** Oh shit!!! i remember what it was i had to tell you...but itll be in a post all by itself tomorrow morning...PROMISE!!!



Anonymous said...

Awwh sorry about your weekend.

StarzGazR said...

the georgians are MADD nice!!! i had a cutie i use to date live there... uh oh.. LMAO but he wasn't on the 12th floor... but hey they are almost neighbors!! lol WATCHOUT NOW!!

and sorry about the "rejection" but honey.. it's their lost not yours =)

Amber-Alert said...

HIS LOSS!!!!! glad u had a good time at love...havent been in a while!!

(vixenchick) said...

hurry back! sounds like something exciting happened!



Super Dave Van Buren said...

WTH?? negros turning down free nights getting spoiled by beautiful women? DC MUST be turning gay.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Don't talk to that boy no more! Neither one of them. Sorry suckas.